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Are people still reading each others blogs?

I'm genuinely curious. I haven't blogged anything game-related since my last post here, and it's eating at me. I have a couple of other blogs elsewhere but I don't use them for some reason or another.

... Still hating this GS format by the way.

People trying to compare my face

5 days of shoot so far, and I've been nothing but exhausted. 20 more days to go!

And lol, the interns working with us were like, "Did anyone tell you that you look fierce??" and I had to explain to them that my default facial expression makes me look like I'm gonna kick someone's face in. Although I'm pretty sure I snapped at each of them at least once, so hmm. Then my art team said I look like Naya Rivera, which at first was very flattering, but I'm also sure is very untrue. Have you seen that woman? She's ridiculously HOT. I mean, look at this... where do you even start the comparison?! Because sure I'm gonna be honest and say that I don't think I'm the ugliest person on the planet, but we don't even look anything alike.


I was also called a hipster. :|

People's judgement are weird.

ALSO! Everyone thought I'm like, 18 or at most, 20. Heh. I actually really think I'm gonna stop aging until I'm 50 and then bam, I'm grandma-looking. Because Asians.

Man, looking at that picture of Naya is making me want to go on Tumblr and be all creepy. Like for real, if it's not Jessica from SNSD I'm spazzing over, it's Naya Rivera. ... Yeh you're so gonna get some Naya gifs the next time I blog.

Got the rare, ultra special edition of GTAV!


... This isn't even a Grand Theft Auto title? Oh ok.

By the way, remember that one time I mentioned trying to stop working with film productions? Yeh I totally lied. I got booked to work on a 5-episode feature for TV, and this time I'm under the art department. Shooting starts next week, but I'm already swamped with things to take care of, as per usual when it's in the pre-production phase. I also need to familiarize myself with 300+ pages worth of script ASAP, because going out to buy materials without knowing the context of the scene sucked.

Aside from constantly doing freelance for films, I'm trying to stabilize my life and settle into a career. The only thing is that I'm not looking to go into any industries that I've studied for i.e. film, media and public relations. I want to go into teaching, and I've already applied for a Post-Graduate Diploma programme that'll have me training for 1 year before being posted to a school and being bonded with the government for 3 years. ... Only I need to wait a month to find out if I'm shortlisted for an interview first. Ugh. However, I've got a couple of people telling me that I can already teach at a Primary School because I have a Degree in communication, so I'll have to look up on that.

Yeh 10 minutes break over, and I need to get back to reading the scripts. No more lineart dumps for a while. ):

Lineart dump #2: BL2's Mad Moxxi and Tiny Tina

As per Huda's suggestion, I worked on Moxxi. Hooray bewbs. Based off Jessica Nigri's cosplay:



Thank god for Photoshop brushes, because lace bra? Thanks for making it more difficult. I was thinking of completing Moxxi's family, but I didn't feel like drawing -SPOILER-, so someone else had to fill the space. And it gotta be someone epic, so of course it has to be Tiny Tina, although she kinda evolved into something completely different. But I like it, because where's the fun if she looks exactly the same as the game, right? I gotta play around, and I'm trying to get into the comic book sty.le. Success?


K I'm done. Any suggestions for the next thing to draw?

Past dump:
Dump #1

Lineart dump #1: Emma Frost

I was BEYOND bored at home, so I decided to hook up my tablet and mess around with some digital drawings. It has been a while since I exercised any sort of artistic talent, so I chilled out and drew something random instead of making some epic masterpiece. I'm utterly horrible with colouring anyway, so I can either just sketch or do linearts. Honestly, I love linearts, which is obviously influenced by my love for comics so that was what I did.

Based off of my figure of Bishoujo Emma Frost because of the BA pose:



Obviously it's not accurate, because from where I was sitting, the bottom of her cloak was covered by another figurine so I didn't notice the actual flow of it. I'm actually a bit annoyed by it, but I'm too lazy to make changes right now. Drawing eyes suck and I'm a cheater, so it's shadowed. I might have made her boobs a bit too big but F it, it's Emma Frost so fanservice y'all. Otherwise, I think everything else is proportionate.

It was a fun couple of hours, and I miss drawing a lot. (Although omg boobs, y u so hard to draw?) I'm gonna try to make this a somewhat regular feature on my blog, especially since I don't want to let my blog stagnate for too long without any gaming or life updates.

Not sure what I'll draw next but I'm looking forward to it. I'm actually worried though, because I've barely drawn enough in my lifetime to create my own sty.le, and I don't want it to devolve into some generic anime-looking types. I've done enough of that in secondary school while I was crazy over manga.

Meh we'll see.


Gaming update time!

I've beaten all Borderlands 2 DLC except for the latest, Digistruct Peak Challenge. Currently have spent 141 hours to reach where I am, which is a level 61 Siren and a level 14/whatever Commando. Fun times.

I've also acquired a bunch of games thanks to Humble Bundles, in which most notable are FEZ, Mark of the Ninja, and Shadow Warrior Redux. I'm already stuck in FEZ very early in the game, and I'm ashamed of myself.

Other than that, I've been playing Katawa Shoujo, a free visual novel "game" set in a school for disabled kids. Apparently it's very good, and also morbid. Stellar combination right there. I'm pursuing Lilly because all the other girls annoy me. Hyper? No. Tsundere? No. Painfully shy? No. Sporty? No. Aloof? No. Give me the calmest, most sane girl, thanks. Of course me being female myself hampers my taste in girls, and I just really dislike those stereotypical high school anime girls. Granted Lilly is a stereotypical tea-drinking, class president who is also a foreigner with blonde hair, but she feels the most normal.

That is all!

Borderlands 2 triumph... kinda...


Finally after 107 hours of doing this, that, and everything in-between, I've completed all missions in the main game of Borderlands 2. I don't think I would have achieved this if not for having a great, consistent co-op partner in Huda. If I had gone solo all the way, I'd probably only just play through a bit of the side missions to keep my level up, and then gun through all the available DLCs for the story.

Although speaking of DLCs, we've only just beaten the first one which is Captain Scarlett and her Pirate's Booty. Uh when are we ever gonna start on Mr. Torgue's, not to mention the rest? Gearbox is also releasing an add-on pack on September 3 that increases the level cap to 72, along with a gauntlet mission for more killing fun. As you can see, I'm totally far from done with BL2. And when I'm finally done with all the current content, I'm going through all of it again with the Mechromancer because you just have to.

And while on the subject of character, I honestly didn't see myself using the Siren because I wasn't sold on the new Phaselock skill (and her design, because I'm a girl and extra superficial harhar). But because of certain circumstances, I chose her and gradually grew to like her a lot. I take back what I said about her Phaselock skill being weird because it's beyond awesome right now. Bounces after enemy kills, elemental damage, healing powers and revive? Yes please. And I also just realized in today's playthrough that I get fire wings when I activate my skill. While that's actually quite cool, it unfortunately blocks Huda's line of sight if she's behind me, oops.

The Siren didn't have a lot of cool skins and heads too, which was a bit of a bummer because I love customization and prettifying my characters. Then Gearbox released free codes for heads, and people bought my Skyrim trading cards off Steam which allowed me to buy a skin for practically nothing, so now I'm FINALLY satisfied with how "Hoochie" looks like.


Aside from BL2, I finally started playing Skyrim on PC. Before I even started playing, I spent half the day looking through Steam workshop for mods. Yeh I installed those that made my inventory items weightless, among other useful things. I didn't play much, just 6 hours or so, but it can get very addicting. I'm nearly at the point where I stopped the last time I played on the 360, which is good because then everything else will be new for me. I'm also trying to get used to the keyboard + mouse controls, and it's not all that bad since Skyrim's no frantic FPS.

Oh also Resident Evil Revelations. Dude, chapter 3? Why is there a crazy boss with endless respawning minions that's seemingly impossible to beat? I really want to drop kick the dodging mechanic in this game as well.


Hotels, stop being creepy!

What is this Gamespot changes I'm suddenly hearing about?

But anyway, I'M BACK FROM HK. Also, I'm sick. Like for real, the moment I set foot in the hotel, I got a major sore throat which then evolved into the evil runny nose and my face felt warm. I don't think I got an actual fever though, but still, IT SUCKED. Not the shopping, because that was great, but the fact that I was complaining like an old lady about body aches and stuff, that wasn't fun. First thing tomorrow morning is a visit to the doctor, because hi I just got back from Hong Kong and they've been having cases of the bird flu. Awesome stuff right there. :\

Also, you wanna know something creepy? The 2nd day there, I found finger smears on the glass in the bathroom when it wasn't there the day before. I don't think my sister noticed it because it was quite high up, and I just have a habit of scrutinizing each room and taking note of random things. The smears didn't look like those accidental types people leave when they graze surfaces; it looked very deliberate. Imagine the tip of your index fingers nearly touching each other but pointing at an angle forming the top of a triangle, and then moving your hands away from each other... that was how the smears looked like.

It couldn't have been housekeeping because like I said, it was really high up and they would have to climb the sink to reach it (uh why would they do that in the first place?). Neither could it be condensation from the heat of the water, because it didn't look like a trail, nor did it disappear at all. It just looked like a frickin' pair of hands that were deliberately touching the glass and moving downwards.

Even creepier? The part of the glass that had the smears, it was transparent and overlooked the part of the room that had our beds.

You want something more creepier than that? My bed was flushed right beside that glass.

So yeh, you just don't think about weird things. You just go to sleep. It also helped that my sister packed medication that caused drowsiness, so that pretty much knocked me out each night. Even though I really shouldn't consume someone else's personal prescription. Meh.

Life updates I suppose. It really can't get any more boring than this...


Sister gave me her desk and radio, which I'm happy about. The only downside is that I need to re-organize my junk because with the addition of "shelves", I lose my drawer and cabinet from the previous desk. I gave away a few of my figurines to my cousin as well because I simply don't have the space for too many of them. ):

I haven't been gaming much too, because like I mentioned previously, part-time job. I spoke with the boss and I'll be having proper part-time hours in September. Meh. I did manage to play a bit of Borderlands 2 and Shadowrun Returns, so that's good enough.

Ordered a couple of books off bookdepository because break time at work is an excellent time to catch up with my readings. I'm nearly done with the opening trilogy to the Horus Heresy series, which is part of the Warhammer 40k universe, so I need more books soon.

Anyway, Hong Kong this Wednesday! So excited. Hopefully my next blog post will be about something more exciting instead of boring life updates.

Little, big girls, and BL2 DLC yes!

Fasting month is over, hurrah! Time for celebrations, kinda. I'm never in the mood for visiting relatives, although the first day is always mandatory for us. As we grow older, the number of houses we visit on the first day keeps dwindling and this year, we visited only 4 houses. I also received $4 from an aunt. It's not that I'm being ungrateful, but we generally don't receive money as (working) adults although uhm $4 really? I guess I can go buy a new deodorant now.

Also, my mom and I took a (sh!tty) photo for the first time, just the two of us. We're really bad at this so I suppose that's why we never really bothered before. I would also like to blame my sister's camera phone because it's a potato and makes the LOUDEST shutter noise.


And it's scary how almost all my younger relatives look crazy older than me. For real, there was a kid who's at least 7-9 years younger than me, but I legit thought she was an aunt of mine until she shook and kissed my hand as a sign of respect. Dude, that's mind-boggling. What's the rush in trying to make yourself look mature? When you're ACTUALLY older, you're so gonna lament on how your face isn't as youthful and wrinkle-free anymore. :\

Btw, we're finally starting on the DLCs for Borderlands 2.


Captain Scarlett and her Pirate's Booty is go! The enemies are around our level as well, although they aren't all that challenging but still giving us decent EXP. I like. But the new Sandskiff vehicle is stupid hard to control.

Man I still remember starting on the first DLC for Borderlands 1. I was hyped! Zombie Island was pretty awesome and hectic. This one? It's a nice, huge map, weirdly dropping more useful shields than usual, and it's still amazing BL2 action, but the wonder and hype is totally gone now. Sometimes I wish I'm still new to gaming so I can go all wide, starry-eyed at things.

New games. Doesn't matter that I don't have time to play...

Meh I got a new part-time job which is keeping me busy and tired at the end of the day, so I haven't been gaming much. Although it being a 9-6 job for the whole of my weekdays, I don't see the "part-time" aspect of it at all aside from the pay rate. Actually, I never did specifically ask what the pay rate was, oops. But I need the hours so I can't do anything about it. Maybe. I'll need to have a chat with my employer when I get back from Hong Kong at the end of the month.

Anyway, a bit of gaming news, I did manage to finally beat the campaign for Borderlands 2 with Huda though! We started on True Vault Hunter Mode as well because there is no way we could beat Terramorphous at our current level and skill set, so we moved on for now and stopped at Chapter 11. It didn't take us long to reach that point, really. Right now, we need to play some side missions to level up, or check out the DLCs that we purchased.

And since I already bought BL2 from Steam itself, and then another BL2 bundle from Green Man Gaming for the Season Pass (SO CHEAP), I had an extra Steam key for the BL2 base game. I've been waiting around for a trade offer on my key, which I finally got just now. Someone offered to trade his copy of Sleeping Dogs + Deus Ex: Human Revolution for my BL2 + trading cards so I think that's a good enough deal. 2 strikes off my Steam wishlist! Although the games are sitting in my inventory still.

Also dude, just because I don't have time to game, doesn't mean I can't acquire more of them, amirite? Went on Groupees for the Build a Doujin bundle, and got 3 of the games and received 4 bonus items, which included 3 other games and 1 OST. Not bad for some 2 odd dollars as a minimum price.


I already have Cherry Tree High Comedy Club on Steam, so I bought Ether Vapor Remaster, Yousei and Cafe 0 ~The Drowned Mermaid~ from the list. Man, these type of games have really weird names. Now I have 7 visual novels in my collection to play through. Sounds fun for a lazy day.

Ugh Dragon's Crown is out. I want it, but I'm not done with the bunch of console games I bought last. ):