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I guess you waisted your money than lol.

Im happy with my purchase of The last of Us.


He didn't buy it. Just said that to avoid getting moderated for trolling.

I did buy it and I did play the game to the point where *spoilers* the guy loses his brother.


That happens in the prolog. Are you saying you are only that far in? If so you have not got to the gameplay bits yet.

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Im trying to download Hitman Ansolution from the PS store and I keep getting the message "not enough disc space". I have 26GB of 55GB available. Hitman is a 16.1 GB file so I have enough space. Any ideas?Supes_24


Sounds like you have a fat 60BG like me. I also run into this problem, whats happening is you need space to download it and then the same space to install it.


Silly point and i'm sure you already know but check to make sure there is nothing in Game Utility data you can delete.

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Don't shot me but I really enjoyed ME3's Citadel DLC.

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Well I heard that PS4 isn't powerful enough to run Titanfall so I doubt it will be going there. Its a huge blow for Sony that the best new franchise won't be available on their console, and one they may not be able to recover from!



It's coming out on the 360 so by that logic the 360 is more powerful than the PS4, is that what you are trying to tell us? Do us a favour and take your fanboy bullrubbish to system wars where it belongs.

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I've never got around to playing it but I live in Europe and the deal is not out here.  This is also a high suspect chance for a future PSN+ game.

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One word - Broken

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The only right answer is EA. 



I think Capcom are worse.  EA are at least honest in there intentions to bend you over Capcom just try to hide it.

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At the end of the first gameplay trailer the womans voice said something about GTA online which they will show us soon. So I guess the second one will be about the online side.