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Crap like Metro and stalker just melted down the PC shooter market until it colapsed in on itself. 

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Lately a friend told me this:

When he plays a FPS and he's able to kill an opponent before he get's killed, he'll usually be good in the game, and vice versa, when he get's killed before he can strike his first kill he will usually suck in the game.

I'm not really believing in this, but that statement of him made me wonder, anyone else of you have any "first match" rituals, superstitions or whatsoever for a new FPS?
And what do you think of this "myth"?

Really interested to discuss about it with you.

Oh, and yeah, maybe we should expand it to ALL genres :) Post ahead!




Sounds like your friend( Is that a friend as in "my friend likes to look at naked pictures of men - Does that make him gay?" friend ) is use to a type of game and comfortable playing that type. Once removed from that comfort zone he does not like it.

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did you forget about dat 50% power difference!



And the $100 less price.

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They forgot one thing. Gamers don't leave the house.spike6958


Speak for yourself -Tescos don't deliver cigarettes so i have to leave to get them.

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Last gen was consider the HD generation with consoles sporting 720p and rarely 1080p. As the years past the resolution was slowly being nipped for performance issues. This generation has not begun and I have seen a few games capped at 720p or midway between 720p and 1080p upscaling to 1080p. Its without a doubt that power is and has been a limiting factor when it comes to performance. This is the first generation of consoles in which performance edge is not in its favor. If devs are already running into performance issues at HD resolution on an easy development systems what does that say for the future enhancement of upcoming next generation games?It seems like 1080p games running at 60FPS is not going to be the norm but the exception.




It would be wise to look at a launch games as not really showing a console power


Here is a 360 launch game




here is the machine in full flow






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Can I stick it under my TV and have no worries that every game in the next 8 years will work on it?

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I'm looking forward to the DF review. Hopefully both are at the Eurogamer event so we won't have to wait to long.

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Cows after E3 - "Just wait for Gamescom"


Cows after Gamescom - "Just wait for TGS"


Cows after TGS - "Bu bu bu we still got Indies" :cry:





I'm kind of lost on what you are trying to say.


After E3 cows just sat backed and laughed until the 180. And after that they all laughed as the PS4 smashed pre-oreder and was show to be 40-50% more powerful.


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This will be support TV, TV , TV and sports?