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Hey guys(and ladies)


My wife bought me a vita. I've read some tidbits here and there about cross play. I'm curious what this is and how it works. Does this mean certain ps3 games I own(Dragon's Crown as an example) can be played on my vita, or just in the vicinity of my ps3 like playing wiiu games on its gamepad?



Stealth Inc would be a good example of Crossplay.  You pay once for the game on both systems and saves can be made to the cloud so if you are playing on your PS3 and if someone comes into wanting to watch TV you can cloud save you PS3 game then cloud load your vita game and continue from the same spot.


Edit  - I think you are thinking of Romote play which I have never used or tried to use.

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£429 is $668

Euro 500 is $660


You're still getting the better deal even if they gave away 2 games.

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they say rayman origins is free in US store for PS plus member , what about EU store ?Alessandro1001


It was the free game in the EU about 3-4 months ago. I'm affraid I has come and gone.

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Screwed how? 

A console race lasts years.

It comes out 1 week earlier what's it matter. Both have sold out in preorders everywhere so people will be waiting for new stock which will have no effect on a 7 day diffrence. It's who can make the systems faster. 

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Personally I'd start with The last of us or If you have not being playing many games recently I'd aslo take a look at what PSN+ has on it as the moment if your Hard Drive can take it.

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Of the top of my head I think we have


Battlefield 4


Fifa 14


Assassins Creed 4

Killzone 4

Drive Club


Need for Speed Rivals

Madden 25


Seem like enough for a while.


Lose Knack, Madden and Drive club and they all look like solid purchases to me.


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No. Once the game has left PSN+ you are unable to download it unless you have added it to your download list.

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You'll need a copy i'm affraid.

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You might be able to Download GTA5 from the Store once it comes out. You can get Max Pain 3, RDR and GTA4 there so no reason to thing 5 won't show up.