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If blizzard who who have bags on online experance can't get D3 to launch properly then don't expect many others to get it right.

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I burnt the daughter by accident.


By accident I mean pouring petrol over her and setting it alight.





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His artical is a troll peice designed to cause a flame war and get hits.


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Its games like these that make me wonder why Sony and Microsoft decided to use 500GB HDDs in the PS4 and Xbox One. If people plan to go all digital then they'll most likely be able to only install 10 or less games with all their updates and expansions. Hell, even the current generation PS3 is selling with a 500GB HDD; you'd think they would've put in a larger HDD for next gen.

I'm probably going to upgrade my PS4s HDD to at least 1TB the moment I get it. Sad that Microsoft doesn't allow the upgrading of the internal HDD, seems like Microsoft likes everything to stay external (PSU, HDD, etc). :?



I get the feeling that's so MS can sell an overpriced Xbox only external HD.

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With only 1297 people servayed this poll has to small of a sample size to mean anything above a blog on a shitty site.

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Yeah, physical all the way.freedomfreak


It's look that way for the next 5 years odd.

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Not really. Games download fast for me on the PS3 it's just the install time that make it seem to take ages. On the Vita is all very fast as that like the PS4 was made in a digital age.

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I'm guessing the delay in letting direct uploads to youtube is becasue Youtube know that there will be thousands of thousands of crappy videoes of headshots and questioning peoples sexuality flooding the servers.

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10/10 Game

Would double dip.





My PC is not up for running it any better than my PS3 but i'll probably double dip on the PS4 version when it comes out.

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It's also cheaper on PC. Is PC gaming more expensive than consoles in the long run? Lol no.



Only if you never part exchange , borrow from freinds or rent games.