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Another New Game :)

Just got another game, this time it is Unreal Tournament 3, for the PS-triple.

This game is OFF THE HOOK!!! Really I love it that much. A break from tactical shooters like R6V. More arcade with it's fast gunplay. Honestly I like arcade more because in shooter games I just yell CHARGE! and head straight for the opposing side..wrecklessly. Controls are the usual shooter controls. The graphics look awesome, but there's alot of texture pop-in, that's not a big issue for me, though. Haven't tried online yet, so can't talk about that, but offline with the bots is still very fun. Audio is very nice, The sound of gunfire, people getting blown to bits & The Announcer, of course. Allowing Mods & Mutators was also a good move. Adds to the fun of the game. I really have nothing bad to say about this game. I give it...{A}BCDF

Oh, while we're still here, I might as well mention I got it off of Amazon for $20. Man, did I save some cash on that. Hpoefully I'll be purchasing Killzone 2 next, until then, Lates.


Hello Neighbors :)

My God, How long has it been guys. I felt like I haven't been here for like, 13 months 8 days 2 hours 33 minutes & 23.8 seconds or something along those lines. Some of you may have thought I've died, I don't blame you, I've just been so lazy. Let me see if there is anything new... PSP games? No. Nintendo 64 games? Nooo. PS3 games? Indeed.

Bioshock- The game's fun. I have fun shocking the hell out of those splicers. Gameplay is smooth. Graphics look pretty good. I like the story. so I'll give it ACDF

Smackdown ! vs. Raw 2009- Same as you can expect from the series. Kelly Kelly Still doesn't look like her. One of the redeeming feature is custom soundtracks. The roster is larger BUT filled with jobbers :( I'd say AB[C]DF

Street Fighter IV- My most recent purchase, Is very fun. Old nostalgic feeling w/ a new twist. Graphics look really nice. same controls as the other Street Fighters I believe? One of my favorite features? CUSTOM SOUNDTRACK! So now I can beat Dan to some backstreet Boys...nah, Just kidding, but yeah definitely one of my favorite things about it. If any of you are wondering, My favorite fighter is Vega, go ahead laugh, He is still one bad Spainard. I give this a [A]BCDF

Anything else happen? Glad you asked. I turned 15 on February 25th. I got an iPod Touch 2g 16GB. The real reason I've been gone so long? School & pure laziness. Got back into Halo 2, I forgot how much fun it was. Considering some games to get Killzone 2 or Resident Evil 5. When I think of more I'll tell you guys.


Return of the mtlmlisha5!

What the....what happened when I was gone? These are some serious changes. As you guys may have noticed I've been gone long was it, I just know it's been I long time. Haven't baught any games recently 'cause, I'm sure alot of you have been through this before, a shortage of cash flow. Well good news, I have $110 that I can spend. Reason for my shortage? you ask? Well, I've been trying to save up money for my PS3 repairs, I've just raised all of the money. My brother (who messed it up by dropping it:o) didn't want to pay for it, so I had to... I've just sent it in so, this is gonna take longer than I anticipated, but, these things happen.

With my money I'm probably gonna import Gundam SEED: Rengou Vs. Z.A.F.T. for the PSP....yes I am a Gundam-aholic. I watched the anime, it was okay, too much drama, If you watched it you know what I mean, I deemed it worthy enough to spend money on:D

On a minor note, I'm entering High School tomorrow, wish me luck;)


Gundam Battle Chronicles

Back from Wisconsin, right when I got back, got the mail & what do i see a package from Play-Asia(took long enough). Yes, my Gundam Battle Chronicles, most of you probably never heard of this game. It's in japanese so I had a hard time navigating through the main menu,luckily for me, there was a menu translation on Gamefaqs. the graphics on the Mobile suits look superb, better than I expected actually, original sounds from the shows, the controls are sluggish at first but, I can get used to them, I am a major fan of Gundam, so this was a real treat for me, large MS salection, pilots, eras, ya know, the usual. GBC is one of the best PSP games I've played. I give this an [A+]BCDF

I know I've been getting alot of PSP games recently, for 2 reasons, My PS3's broken:( & I really wanted these games:D

Probably my last Blog post for a while, well...until my next game:P.

I will be seeing you guys later, mtlmlisha5.

Y3t another game............

Yet another PSP game, this time it's The Warriors, been wanting to get this game for a long time now.

I have to say, it plays like GTA, obviously because it was made by Rockstar. Graphics are a little better than I expected, controls are solid, easy to adapt to. Sounds like the movie. but, there is a one bad point, the camera, it doesn't help getting beat by the police & not seeing where they are. Still good though, I give this game an [A]BCDF it's just the annoying camera, gets in the way of the fun sometimes. Also has lots to do. just free roam around the city, break into stores, steal car stereos, ya know, the usual gang activity, sticks pretty close to the movie, too.

See ya guys later, mtlmlisha5:twisted:

Check this

Hey guys, got another PSP game, this time it's Daxter. I got it for $6.99 at Gamestop, It seems okay so far, doesn't really interest me that much, but, I'll finish it. I have no idea what "bug Combat" is, though. The graphics were pretty good, Audio is O.K. controls are really comfortable, I like it. Funny storyline, no offense to any of the fans of this game , but, it seems alittle kiddy, that's just in my opinion. So my initial grade so far is A[B]CDF, just doesn't tickle my fancy:P I was never that big of a fan of platformers, I'm more of a Shooter guy, as you guys may know. Considering I got it for that price it was a good deal. Also, Still no news on GBC so far, Stupid Play-Asia, take their time on my order. huh?! oh, yeah

mtlmlisha5, peace out

New Blog Post(check it out)

What's up, So I haven't bought a PSP game in a while, my most current ones are God of War: Chains of Olympus, which I just got a few minutes ago & an import game, which is Gundam Battle Chronicles....hasn't arrived yet....It's been a week, so I'll never be shopping from Play-Asia again.

So far I'm lovin' GOW. Just like its PS2 counterparts, I haven't gotten that far but, I like it. Controls, sounds & looks alot like the first Gow. I like the prequal idea,too, very good storyline.I think I'll give it an..[A]BCDF, I know it's alittle premature seeing as how I'm barely into it but, I can guess that the rest is gonna play like this. I'll probably be playing this on the plane(I'm going to Wisconsin for a week) hope it lasts those 6 hours because I heard CoO was a bit on the short side. I would recommend any of you GoW fans(or if you're new to this) to get this if you didn't already.

Also I have some heartbreaking news...My PS3 is currently broken:cry:I mean, it turns on & everything, it's just something wrong with the AV, I can't see a thing, so I'm shipping it to Sony. Probably won't see all you PS3 players for like, a month but I must stay strong..oh, here come the waterworks:?:cry: see you guys. probably be reviewing GundamBC next.

mtlmlisha5 out, PEACE!

This Just in! 7/15- Ok that game was very short, I just finished it, although I finished it on easy, i guess I'll try out the other modes & Challenge of hades. Still an A, though.

1 year already!

Oh, yeah! 1 year anniversary since I've been here guys. I've made it from level 1 to level 22, I'd say that's pretty good. I got 7 days of school left, I get out June 11th, oh, will ya look at that MGS4 is released a day later, such a lovely graduation present. Now I can spend the whole summer playing GTAIV & MGS4, doesn't get much better than that. I'm entering high school, tell me... How were some of your guys' experiences in high school? whatever, that's not important.

this is mtlmlisha5 saying...I want that MGS4!... I mean, PEACE OUT!

Yes! got GTA IV

What's up, ladies & gentlemen! It's been a long time since my last post but, here it is. I just got GTA IV. That is possibly my best PS3 game. this is gonna last me for a looooooong time. First off, it needs to install for like 5-10 minutes, Graphics...fantastic. so much improvement from the last GTA's. Still have an SD TV & yet, still amazing! The soundtrack is great as usual, still need to familiarize myself with it. The controls were weird until I changed it to the classic8). This one felt a little bit too simulator for me I got a wanted star for shoving some guy, I don't really like how you have to get out of that little police search radius, can get annoying. The cars also handle a bit strange. I can get used to it, though. I got past like, 4-5 missions. Slow at first but then again, what game isn't. I find the missions with "little" Jacob to be the most fun, what with his charming Jamaican accent:P As for the online, haven't tried it but, I want to progress in the story a bit first.

This game lived up to the hype. action packed, guys. that's all I could say. I obviously give this game an [A+]. Oh yeah, one other thing, the freezing issue.......didn't happen to me & I have an AO3 disc. for all you that don't have it, stop reading this & go buy it. there's no excuse for not getting it. I'm 14 & I got it(my mom got it for me, I'm not lying). See you guys online...eventually.

mtlmlisha5, P.E.A.C.E.

Just got RFOM

So I just got RFOM. It was.... okay, I played the demo & I liked it so...yeah. The graphics wasn't that impressive, I've seen better on the PS3. I just love shootin' the chimerans, especially like those braindead looking ones without weapons that charge you, BLAM!!!, melee their a$$.

I haven't tried online yet, but I will in the morning, does anyone still play? The game was worth $60, though. I haven't gotten that far in the campaign yet, I'm playing CO-OP w/ my bro. My grade for this game is.......A[B]CDF. Solid B, I know it was one of the first PS3 games but I still think it isn't that good. I like the intense battles though:)

Until my next game. PEACE OUT!

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