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Single Player gameplay VS all others

Back in the day single player gameplay was what would make or break a game.  As time marched on there was a call out for the need to add another player to the game to add some fun and to allow players to perfect their skill of the game.

Single player gave way to multilplayer.  Multiplayer now allowed at least 2 or more players to be playing the game at the same time.  Multiplayer enhanced the game and single player did not suffer.  But multiplayer was not enough more was what many gamers wanted.

Multiplayer then expanded into online play.  Online play now allowed players to face off against a multitude of other players.  You could have your classic 1 VS 1 battles.  Or you could go all out and battle against more then 2 other players. 

Online play has now become the most important part of most games.  This of course is a good thing for some people but it has come at a price.  Single player mode is now being neglected in many games.  A few hastily tossed in levels to learn the basics of the game.

I am an online player myself.  But I am sadden when I buy a game that is suppose to be a great game online only to find out that the single player mode is weak.  Being online and battling out with others is great.  But there are times when I just want to sit back and enjoy a nice quiet game by myself.

Added WWE: SvR 06 to my collection.

Well I made the leap of faith and allowed some green to escape my wallet and brought WWE: SvR 06.

Okay I will admit that I normally do not play wrestling games.  To tell you the truth the last wrestling game I played was on the Sega Genesis.  So when I saw Smackdown: HCTP; I was like okay maybe I should re-enter this gaming arena and give myself some variety on my PS2.

While looking and debating about SD: HCTP.  I noticed WWE: SvR.  To me this was a much better choice.  I got the most current game and I would have wrestlers from both brands to choose to play.  So I brought WWE: SvR. 

I must say it was a good decision on my part.  The game's only downfall to myself was the short season mode and the fact that there is not much variety to it.  Basically after playing through about 4 times you will exhaust all the other possibilities.  Usually after the second season or your second play through you will have won a belt.  It is possible to win a belt in your first play through but if you want some variety wait until the second season play through.

I did debate for quite a while if I should go for WWE: SvR 06 or Star Wars Battlefront II first.  I am still very much hooked on SW BF I so I decided to go ahead and get WWE: SvR 06.

I just started playing it so it will be a while before I voice my opinion on the game.  But from what I seen so far it is upgraded quite a bit from WWE: SvR.

Wow so much to look at on this site.

Well how did I find my way on to Gamespot?

It all started with Gamefaqs.  Yes, in my quest to conquer some games and the need to find ways to breath some new life into old games.  I came across a website called Gamefaqs.  It had been around for quite sometime but I did not join it.  Just preferring to be a lurker.

Well as time went on I got to be more of a gamer and wanted to learn more.  So I joined up over on Gamefaqs and then added myself here to Gamespot.

I mostly lurk on this site trying to absorb everything that goes on and to learn as much as I can about the gaming world.  So many new games out there, so many different systems from which to play.  It is taking me some time to get things together and find my groove.

My first entry

Please bear with me as this will be my first blog.  I need to get used to the idea of writing down my thoughts and what nots.

Will add more as much I can.

To anyone that reads this or my other blogs.  I say welcome comment as you feel.