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Leaving Gamespot

I'm leaving Gamespot, place is so boring. I'll come back to read the news but I wont be answering messages. but then again im not sure if you can read messages when you get banned. Off to System Wars to piss off Sony fanboys. *leaves*


Halo 3

As I watched the new Halo 3 trailer during last nights Microsoft Conference, I seen many things. But since my computer is laggy, I missed many interesting parts. So I watched it just then with nothing else going on. I've seen the Arbiter working a long the Master Chief, incase you dont knowm the arbiter was the elite shown in the trailer. Shooting a turret along side the Chief.

As amazing as it is, nothing is perfect. I know this was intended, but this trailer brings many questions. Mainly for me, how will it start and how did the voice, it is a different voice then Gravemind in Halo 2. It might even be a brute. No how was this trailer not perfect. one reason. IT MAKES ME WANT THE GAME EVEN MORE!!! :cry:

How I Spend My Nights

Instead of sleeping, I stay up all night every night. Playing Gears of War or Warcraft, or watching the television So if anyone is up late and wants a game i'm always up for it, But my Halo disc is raped right now. :( So Gears or Crackdown and a few others I don't play. :|

Exam Week

Well this is the week of exams, so don't expect me to be on much this week. Such a short blog. :P

Oh Snap!! I'm back!

Thats right friends, my computer is fixed and running super awesome mc uber. :D:P Also, ThunderStain= new XBL name. But saince I will have to make a new one, it's soon going to be Twilit Crusader. 8)

Made one new sig

Well, I made one new sig, not to fancy like the one I have now, but I like it. Rate it if you want.

Now, Halo fans such as myself would say, "A brute never said, it was in fact the Prophet of Truth" Yes I know, But I used a brute since it remains the best military the Covenant has left. (Jakals = n00bs! :P) It's pretty good I have to say.

 On a different note, I might not have the interweb for a long time, a few blogs ago I stated that my computer is lagged and messed up, well we are getting fixed soon, must be sent some where and I don't know how long it will take the to get back. But I will still have Xbox Live.

I may also have to start my Xbox Live file all over!!!!!!!!1!!!!11!!!!!:O:P We have two 360's my brother wants the current one. So I will have to start over again, but not all is lost, I have a reason to play Oblivion again, go through Gears campaign and beat Crackdown again.


Halo 3 Beta

Well i've been playing the beta, nothing like a beta at all. How so? Well, its graphically awesome, great gameplay thats perfect, no falling through the falls and you can play with your friends! Been playing with Grigrog and more of my friends. Having frun and such.

I would get a video or two up here, me and my friend came up with a great strategy for 1-flag CTF (Capture the Flag) on High Ground and I have videos of me doing good and so forth. But that is all the beta news you would get from me. I might post a little but BETA!!!!!!:D

Stupid Computer

Well, the internet is slow, games are slow. I have spyware! Yep, I could be on Firefox and have pop-ups for interent explorer come up and disturb anything I appen to be doing. But the Halo 3 beta is today, :D:D:D So I won't be on much for the next week or so. :|

Finally Had The Time

Well i've been playing a lot of games these days. Halo 2 and Gears of Wars. Super Paper mario is in there. But the game that has been taking up the much time happens to be World of Warcraft! i've gotten to a nice level and look pretty badass. 8) I don't know why I have been playing so much, but it probably has to do with a few friends of mine also have the game. Most of them are below me in level. :P I've also gotten good at Gears. Staying up all night playing with some of my best friends on Live, but my skill has dropped in Halo 2. :( But Halo 3 will be different. Soon i'll play the beta!!! :D:D:D:D:D:D

But yeah, these 2 months have been the best for playing games. even though next week I have a exam. :x But I will get through this exam but probably fail it!

Long time since I was here

I'm sure a few people noticed I haven't been here to much lately. I've been doing other things and had no thought about this place. I've decided to try and post a bit but I'm quite used to not being here. Plus my toe is really messed up. I would show you a picture but my photo taking machine :P is pretty messed up. I don't know how it happened, but it has been messed for some time. There is blood on the left side and it doesn't go away. It looks black right now, it's been there for some time. Plus my sock always gets stuck it! But I will try to post more often and try and get that picture for those who would like to see.