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i got the dsi

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i got the dsi and its awsm but the only game i got 4 it is mario cart i usd to have a ds lite and so far with all the ds games ive played mario cart is the best the last time i had mariocart i had 3 stars next 3 my name now i have 1 and im workin on getin 3

bad compiny

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i dicided to by bad companie and its awsm wat game should i get next ?

wat game should i by

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i am trying to figure out a new game to get ether bad company halo wars super paper mario or metal gear solid portable ops wat should i buy and wats your favrit game

new brawl charecters

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if i could pik a new charector for brawl it would be shadow that would be prety awsm or maybe nukles

favorit brawl carectors

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my favorit brawl carictor is mario and snake i always use mario but i use snake wen i just play around wats yo favrit brawl carictors and do you now how to get secrets in da game


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brawl is one of da funestgames ever ive had it sence it came out and i still play it

army of two

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army of two was a good game but to short i beat it in a day

halo 3

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halo 3 is the best game i ever played ive had da game for a wile and i play it all the time it gets a 9.8