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Long time no post...

Wow... I can't believe the last time I posted a blog was my first day of senior year haha. I'd kind of gotten wrapped up in other things and just thought about gamespot today. I've been busy with a lot of different things but mostly it's my girlfriend who keeps my time occupied or work... Gaming has kind of taken a back seat and in fact I haven't touched my 360 for months other than to use it as a DVD player. It's strange to think that something that used to be such a big part of my life could just kinda fade away soquickly, Iguess that's what growingup will do to ya. Well, that's pretty much that, just thought I'd say hey...


Well...I survived my first day of Senior Year, it wasn't as badas I was expecting, but I'm still not exceptionally enthusiastic about some of the people in my classes. Oh well.

Only 179 more days.


In just an hour and a half I will begin my descent into the pits of High school hell. First day of Senior year...yay (unenthusiastic)... It wouldn't be so bad if I knew I had classes with some of my friends, but...Oh well.

See y'all later. Peace.

Summer Movies...

I couldn't think of anything good for a new blog so I'm posting my opinions and reviews for the summer movies I've seen so far this year.

In the chronological order I saw them in...

Transformers 2 ---- 3/5 ---- A great movie if you just want to turn off your brain and enjoy the explosions, but with a less coherent story than the first movie (which wasn't entirely surprising).

Harry Potter andThe Half Blood Prince ---- 5/5 ---- I am a fan of the Harry Potter series (hate to say, but...) so unsurprisingly I always enjoy seeing the latest film adaptation. Also there's just something enthralling about Emma Watson :) .

District 9---- 5/5 ---- B...E...A...U...TIFUL.... I thoroughly enjoyed this movie, it was fresh and clever, but also Incorporated all of the traits a great summer movie needs. The movie also has some truly memorable set pieces and characters.

Inglorious Basterds---- 4/5 ---- I have to say I was very surprised when I arrived to this movie and discovered it's NOT an action movie. IB is a complex and original take on a WWII movie... I'd expect no less from Tarantino. One word of warning though be prepared to READ a lot of closedcaptions.

Well...That's pretty much it.... Go see District 9,Harry Potter (if you can find it playing still),and Inglorious Basterds (if you don't mindreading)

Jigsaw is an assassin...

I'm joking of course, but I still couldn't help chuckling the other day when I was watching the first SAW movie (which I hadn't seen in quite some time) and saw Jigsaw's hidden blade that reminded me instantly of Altiar. Just an interesting thing that I for some reason that someone might care about...Aloha.

The Globe

I have resigned as the leader of The Globe, the reason is personal, but in short I doubt that I would have the ability to maintain the necessary use of the site needed for governing a union. The reason is due to economic hardships.

Doomsayer is now the leader of the union and can do with it what he wishes.

New Banner and sig change

I finally got my new banner up and I think it looks good. It really shows off a lot more of the stuff I'm into than the previous banners did.

Also I have changed my sig adding tags from all my affiliated unions. I'll be changing my Triple A Union tag in a little while though because Waylander is kind enough to be making a me a personal tag.

That's pretty much everything so good day.

Another odd GS glitch

Now my images have disappeared. Between this and all the issues I had with getting a new banner and profile image to upload I'm starting to get a little annoyed.

Also the site seems to be running slow lately.

Had to laugh

I was just watching an old episode of Judgement Day on G4 and was amazed to see a girl that looked exactly like Kate from LOST on the show presenting a portable version of the Ps1 in the hardware segment.

I had to laugh because unless the girl who plays Kate has an identical twin it had to be her.

Talk about a drastic life change, going from a model (essentially) on a video game show to a star on one of the biggest shows on television.

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