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Hey guys, I didn't notice it before... Why does my MK FC are always changing? Seriously, it´s the 5th or 6th time I see it has a different FC!!!!! Should I call the support?


BTW, nobody added my Wii FC until now... I'll keep waiting

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Oh right, next weekend seems pretty good to have a MK tourney.

PS.: chang, did you add me already? :question:


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I'm a-back! I've been so busy this year, somedays I just couldn't turn my computer on... But tonight I could, so I SHOULD pass on the Burnt Paradise to see what's going on here... Not that I really understand what's happening here, but that's the Burnt Paradise!  

Oh, and should I ask when will be our next MK battle? I mean, because I got a new Wii from the repair, and now all my FCs has changed... I made a post on that MK-Wii / CV Judgment friend codes thread, check out! 


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my MK Wii FC has changed, since my old Wii was broken and they gave me a new one...

here's the codes:

MK Wii: 3696-6076-2443 Jimmy

Wii FC: 7669 8966 7549 1528

 I already added all of you guys, so check out the new codes. C'ya! 


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@chang: thanks for the add! And when you want to play Mario Kart, don't forget to invite me!

Oh, and my Wii FC is in my profile, but I'll post it here, too: ;D

[EDIT - new FC] 7669 8966 7549 1528

@e1shw: Just added you in MK Wii, e1! Well, it was about 2 weeks since I bought my Wii so I don't have too many games, actually I have Mario Kart Wii, Wii Sports, Wii Play, Wii Sports Resort and Mario Party 8. Idk if any of them support WFC, but I'm going to buy SSBB next week, and I'll pass you my FC. 


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Share your FC of non-Castlevania Wii games..

Format to submit for all games:

GS ID :Wii friend code.Game`s Friend Code NickName in Wii/game(if apply)


Mario Kart.

Polter 5861 0797 8879 7807 1891 2305 2766 Xavier

Chang 1572 9374 3072 4186 4854 7015 2642 Chang

e1 0736 6122 7203 3411 2407 6014 4744e1shw

Hush 2885 0574 5576 3289 4512 2059 4376J PIZZLE


 OMG I already added you all in Mario Kart, but I think you need to add me too... My MK Wii FC is 3696-6076-2443, nickname Jimmy. Thanks!


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M2: Wow  you definitely got a big deal, Congrat on getting a Wii  just in time for the upcoming games like Monster Hunter Tri, Metriod; Other M, Super Mario Galaxy 2, and Arc Rise Fantasia(to name a few), also that great hopefully they're not working you to hard, and yeah it would be pretty tough to read all the previous posts.Serbine

Thanks man, and I'm glad that I can track all the news about these games, in the Nintendo Channel :P 

@mruppel: welcome back friend..  and NICE we have to do a MK night again... and get MH3  and thx, I hope that I get my Visa I do not see why they would say no... chang_1910

You're welcome! Enjoy your Visa card with moderation, not like wine LOL. About the MK Wii, I'm going to find that post where all the people here posted their FC. It would be crazy to play anything with all these people. definitely.