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New banner from STMT!!!

The The Signature and Tag Making Team made me an awsome banner! A special thanks to a55assin who made the banner for me; thanks a55assin!!! I've never had a banner before so I'm pretty excited not only to have one, but to have one that's so good!!! Also, a big thanks to Ninja_Rebel who sized up my avatar for me; thanks Ninja_Rebel!!! The STMT is a union that fills any graphics needs you might have related to GS and they also teach others how to design! Check'em out! Can you guess all of the games? No cheating!

...tagged... everybody on? Good, great, grand, WONDERFUL!!!

Alright, here goes...

1. I have two kids; one boy and one girl.

2. I have played video games since I was 4 years old.

3. I can't stand drivers who don't understand that merging means "get in where you fit in", not "drive until you run out of road, cars in the lane next to you be damned".

4. I'm addicted to sweets.

5. I love playing sports, but these days chasing the kids is all I have time for.

I tag Semperfi816, Theokhoth, and Madmangamer364... have fun guys.

Death to all fanboys!

Tired of other gamers enjoying a system you don't have? Or upset because some gamers prefer good games that aren't quite your taste? Just who do they think they are anyway!?! Join the Fanboy Club! As a member, you can make outrageous and biased claims about your system-of-choice all day long! Who cares if they're true; you're a fanboy! And those good games that everyone is interested in except for you? Bash them to your heart's content; you're a fanboy! You'll have everyone conforming to your narrow-minded views in no time! Call now, operators are standing by to smack you in your face! Death to all fanboys! Alright, I understand I may need to work out some aggression. But really, these fanboys are driving me crazy. Don't get me wrong; I definitely have my faves. No matter how much Nintendo frustrates me I'll always have a special place next to my television that's reserved for their next system. But I'm not going to post all over the place about how the Wii is a far superior gaming system then the PS3 and the 360. I love the innovation that Nintendo brought to the table but the lack of horsepower and a lacking online format are legitimate downsides that have been repeatedly brought up. Now fanboys.... pay attention... did you see what I just did there? I took actual information and made a sentence out of it. I didn't make up some BS and pretend that its common sense. Every game/system, or anything for that matter, has its good and bad points (except fanboys - fanboys totally suck). If you want to talk about why you like Microsoft/Nintendo/Sony then great, but quit talking down to other gamers and insulting them just because you don't have the same opinion as them. Different strokes for different folks. Now, in closing, lets all sing a song....All we are give peace a chance....