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So for the last some month I played a lot of MW2,1 vs 100 , a little halo 3 and some more. Crazy, but I don't know why I haven't played no borderlands since last year. Plus I been sooo broke for the last 2 weeks, so I been missing games like Left 4 dead 2,all Borderlands DLC,mass effect 2,madden 10,ncaa 10, lego Indiana jones 2 and other games.Can't wait for halo reach beta, I have the game informer mag that they was showing it, everything have change to guns,grunts even the almost weakest thing since grunts, the marines.I'm sooo lonely in WOW, plus I have played in a while.If i have a PS3 I would buy MAG. Mag is the coolest idea for massively-multiplayer games. But this weekend,I finshing my first playthourgh for borderlands with my brother, anyone want to play with me? Just Tell me! last thing join and subscribe to Dj Keemstar on BlogTv, you'll love what he does!:P

Thats all folks!!!

P.S cool trailer

More Borderlands, things I may get for christmas and.... ROGUE WARRIOR!!!!

Me and brother love borderlands,and if anyone have a xbox 360 and a copy of borderlands, play some borderlands with us. plus I'm a LvL 10 and since my brother off for the Christmas break he a Lvl 13 now but we're pretty low level now.

For christmas im buying a bigger hard drive(120gb)and left 4 dead. And maybe some clothes and shoes.

And the best thing on this blog!!!

Rogue Warrior!!!:D:shock:


Finally, I got it.

I the games last Tuesday. Borderlands is pretty fun, I haven't got far I the game. MW2 is amazing:shock:, multiplayer is amazing too. Halo 3: ODST is pretty cool, I didn't play firefight yet, my brother sick at the time. Plus with Halo Reach beta that be cool to play. Out the whole weekend I played sooo much World of warcraft, I'm at level 11 Bloodelf in the Fizzcrank realm. I'm also looking for some more friends on Xbox live. I'm waiting for they say something about virtual console and DSi XL before I think about buying a portable console. That's all folks!:P

P.S sorry for beening late posting this blog.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!! Plus Black Friday Horror and hopes.



But anyway, I Black Friday is always scary for me,a mall pack with people buying TONS of stuff. Since yesterday's blog about what I should get, I shorted It to two things, A DS lite with 2 games or more stuff xbox 360. The Ds lite with games is the cheapest out of the two, plus gamestop doing a awesome deal buy two used games get one free or accessories I was think to buy new super Mario bros, Pokemon platinum, with my favorite game that I ever played on the gamecube now on the Ds, Animal crossing wild world free. while my other option is the most expensive out of the two the xbox 360 stuff is what I mostly need now plus with some new games like modern warfare 2,borderlands,and left 4 dead 2. But Im hoping that I can get the games with either options. If both options don't work, I can always buy a ipod.