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Blog post about video games

I never do blog posts because somewhere along my life's timeline I realized that not everybody cares about what I have to say. However, I felt like stroking my ego today, so I'll go ahead and pretend that someone cares about whatever happens to be going on in my head in the world of video games.

I counted how many physical Xbox 360 games I own. The number is 65. It's kind of staggering. I'm impressed. And also concerned about where my life is going. While I'm working on getting my Bachelor of Education, will I even have time to give these games their due attention?

I own about 28 or so Xbox Live Arcade games. Pretty cool. That also includes Games on Demand that I've downloaded (RE4, RE: Code Veronica X, Max Payne 2, and San Andreas). I dedicate such a severe amount of my resources to games, far more than most people I know, and there's some sort of sick arrogance to the way I think of myself as a "gamer". Not a "player of Call of Duty", but a "hardcore-ish gamer". I'll play Dark Souls or Super Meat Boy and have a wonderful time, and a cherry of satisfaction on top is knowing that few other gamers (relative to the amount of people who play Call of Duty) would get an experience as enjoyable as I did simply because they're not "hardcore enough" or "too busy playing Call of Duty" or "having successful romantic relationships" or whatever. In this sense, I'm a bit of a gaming hipster. Indie games are fun too. Bought a few of those as well. Also I've sold dozens of physical Xbox 360 games that I've previously owned (LA Noire, Crysis 2, etc.) Anyway, in conclusion, I've got a lot of games.

I'm glad Call of Duty is waning in popularity. It's becoming something of a punchline, a parody of itself. It really is **** in a multitude of ways. I was never huge into Call of Duty, even back in the so-called Golden Days of COD4. I've always held a grudge because it stole Halo 3's popularity once it caught on. Halo 3 was the best shooter ever, expecially in the online aspect. COD4 is far from Halo 3. And any subsequent Call of Suty game is even further. I hope Call of Duty dies soon. And I hope Halo 4 turns out absolutely amazing and becomes ridiculously popular. Fantastical, I know.

Far Cry 3 has a map editor. Yes. YES. Everyone should buy it. Map making in the Far Cry series is one of my greatest video game-related pastimes. The original Far Cry Instincts on the Xbox had an excellent map editor that tweaked my artistic nipples to the perfect degree. It was an outlet for technical as well as artistic design. It was awesome. And Far Cry 2 on the 360 had a massively improved map editor that gave much more complex and boundless possibilities. The map maker alone provided hundreds of hour of enjoyment from that game. And I didn't really have a reason to pick up FC3, until I heard it has a mpa editor. Now I have every reason I need to play it. And to force all my friends to buy it. I'm excited.

I can't wait for Frictional Games to come out with a new horror game. Playing Amnesia in my basement with friends was hiarious fun. We'll be doing the same thing with whatever immersive and disturbing game the folks at Frictional come up with next!

XBL Dowloads

I've downloaded a lot of XBLA content in the last couple years. Last night I bought Super Meat Boy, then realized how retarded I was that I can no longer afford the Halo Reach map pack at the end of the month. I have 400 MSP left. Now, let me think... what was the order in which I downloaded all of the things I've downloaded? The first thing I ever downloaded was probably... Outrun Online Arcade. It's pretty fun. Then I downloaded Sam and Max Save the World. I really appreciate being an Xbox owner mainly because of the excellence of the downloadable titles. In no particular order afterward I downloaded three Fallout 3 DLC packs (and I ALMOST have 100 percent of the achievements...I'm working on it.), Worms 2: Armageddon, Peggle, Doom, Braid, Geometry Wars 2, a handful of Indie games, N+, Trials HD, Limbo, The Undead Nightmare DLC Pack for Red Dead Redemption, and Super Meat Boy. But the thing I felt the need to say for was that with none of these games I felt a sense of buyer's remorse. These games are all, at least, good. My three favourites are: 1. Braid, 2. Geometry Wars 2, 3. Limbo. I only played a couple dozen levels of Super Meat Boy so far, but it seems like it's a pretty good game. But that may be due to the fact that I bought almost ALL of them while they were on sale. Good sales is another good aspect of being an Xbox owner, and got free MSP last month for spending 2400 points in between a certain timeframe. Hooray!

According to my couting I've spent 11600 MSP. That sounds like a lot. And due to buying things on sale and getting free MSP, I've saved a total of 2400 MSP. I am the king of cheap-asses.

Field and Stream Demo: Confusingly Bad

Wow, I didn't think any developer with any pride would want to release something as awful as this...are they in denial? Are all the developers currently rocking back and forth in their chairs, twiddling their thumbs, and muttering "Good game. It's definitely a GOOD game." When Turning Point came out I thought that was the worst thing anyone could make. Then Darkest of Days came out and was confusingly bad. I thought Darkest of Days was as bad as it could get. And then FIELD AND STREAM comes out and is just....Agh! Its like a bad taste and I JUST CAN'T GET IT OUT OF MY MOUTH!

An Anticlimactic Purchase

There were a lot of sweet deals on Xbox stuff at Future Shop last friday. I convinced several of my friends to come along, announcing I would spend at least eighty bucks(which is a lot for my standards). I was ready to buy a few things, but the total geek at the counter wouldn't sell my this stuff because I wasn't seventeen. Neither me nor my friends bought a thing. It took a lot of trouble to get there, and there was a lot of anticipation. WE BOUGHT NOTHING. I went back the next day with my mom, because she had to buy some stuff anyway. So, I bought Episodes from Liberty City and The Darkness (used for only five bucks!!), but the guy didn't even bother inquiring about my age or the presence of a parent/guardian.

I'm pissed I spent most of my money(I spent 30 bucks on a Christmas gift while i was there as well), but at least the two games I bought are fun. Which leads me to a future discussion: Free Mode variants(with parachutes) in GTA4!!

I don't even think anyone reads this!

But JUST IN CASE- I haven't posted in over a year. So much has happened regarding my video games since then. I bought Eighty dolalrs worth of XBLA games. I bought Condemned 2, Far Cry 2, Fable 2, The Orange Box, and Stuntman Ignition. I've decided that I'm only buying a couple more games, then saving up for the next Xbox that should probably come out by 2012.

Oh! ....

well, NOW i know why GTA4 has two maps in it! becuase theres two different maps on each side and you may want to post both of them on the wall! psh, it was so obvious! I only have 10 days left in the trial that came with GTA, i regret using it now. i should've saved it for summer.

G t A 4

Yes. I own it. One question, though. Why does it come with two maps that are exactly the same?

tree wasters!


alright i wrote my review for guitar hero 3 and i have to bring it back to my friend ASAP, or he's gonna be mad. i feel bad because i said i could get it back to him on the weekend.

guitar hero

My friend let me borrow guitar hero since i let him borrow dead rising. I think it's ridiculuos deal, but my half is the good one. I've already improved substantially. I'm at the end of the hard career.