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Demon's Souls

Ordered it just the other day, should be coming tomorrow. I can't wait, all the people saying that it is too hard only makes me want to play it more. A good challenge is what is missing from games nowadays and I can't wait to play out this one. I am currently a senior in college and really need to do well on my spanish midterm in order to graduate, so I am going to have to hold off until midterms are over, which really sucks, but I can't wait.

Super Smash Brothers Brawl+Sonic=borderline disastrous

people that want this to happen because of nintendo/sega relations are stupid.....their franchises are mediocre and it is not worth tainting smash with sonic's awful presents. you should realize, I played Melee for at least 80% of last generation. Granted, I do enjoy playing the metroids, Zelda, ninja gaiden, Resident Evils, etc, but the bottom line is that smash offers so much depth/skill and is the most hardcore/best game imaginable and putting such a mediocre character from a mediocre developer would take away from it considerably. The only reason sonic is the most requested character is because all the fanboys that get off over the prospects of the nintendo/sega relations, people that care more about Nintendo as a whole rather then SSBB, because I know im going to be playing this game for awhile and I could careless about nintendo's relations with a crappy developer.
Sonic was never really that great of a character in the first place, mario games destroyed him. sonic games are boring and easy and recently sonic games are a joke, they are lucky if they get rated above a 5.0/10.0. I think sonic deserves to be a continued joke in SSBB, one in which he is denied acceptance for being such a crappy character