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Ninja Gaiden Sigma Demo coming out next month! ^^

If you haven't heard the news yet, and are interested in Sigma, you'll be pleased to know that a new demo, featuring a whole new exclusive level(that won't even be included in the finished game)is coming to the PSN in 4/27!
I've played all the demos available on the European PSN and I was pretty satisfied, not blown away, yet satisfied. I'm getting pretty excited about this demo! :D I'm planning on buying Sigma and well the demo could a) fully convince me to immediately run out and purchase Sigma when it comes out or b) make me scream like a girl in frustration on what I should buy for the money I've saved...I'm kidding(or am I?)...But seriously though I'd be left with no backup plan, since there isn't anything coming out in June that I'm remotely interested in(besides Sigma of course).

Finally have my PS3! :D

It's bigger than I imagined, but the design is absolutely top notch, Resistance is awesome! :D
My only PS3 game thus far:P Waiting for Sigma...That game looks like a lot of fun, but until then I'll be enjoying
R:FoM, hope those of you who didn't get one on launch will soon enough! :D

HOME Absolutely Blew Me Away!

Wow, I really wasn't expecting this, I thought we'd get some small 3D-space with some trophies, nothing huge really. I absolutely didn't expect a whole new friggin' online community. Sure I heard the rumors, but was skeptical and didn't hype it that much, but now I must say, HOME has the potential to whipe out it's competition! I'm of course referring to Xbox Live. What's REALLY nice about it though, well actually almost the best part about it IS, it's absolutely FREE!
I can't wait to dive into HOME and customize my own character, invite friends and heck even watch a movie! :D
Anyone not excited about this, is either a) a fanboy, b) someone who doesn't know it exists or c) simply someone who isn't into gaming in general(actually there could be a lot of reasons, but let's just stick to these three :P). I'm all excited now and I haven't even gotten my PS3 yet!(about 2 more of weeks of waiting and I'll have it :)). To put it simple, I really didn't expect something like this from Sony, absolutey amazing work! Keep it up Sony, you're moving in the right direction! :) 

Did some of you get the PS3?

Since I'll be forced to wait until March(yup, I live in Europe), I was wondering how many of you had the luck to get one on launch?
And what kind of problems have you encountered so far?(If any at all).
I'd assume that those of you who were lucky enough to get one bought Resistance: Fall of Man...(That's the launch game I'd get from those games available now and that's the one every one seems to favor).

Made My Third Vid!

At the request of some GameSpoters I decided to make yet another trailer.
I mainly focus on making Metal Gear Solid oriented trailers, so it shouldn't come as a surprise that even my third vid is based on MGS(yup, third trailer :P). I thought I'd make one for the loyal fans, such as myself. I believe you guys will like it, mainly because you guys loved my other trailers, and partially because I favor this one.
I can't guarantee that all of you will like it though, but I believe that most of you will. 
Making vids isn't all that popular and special anymore, that's why it took me months to finally convince myself to make yet another one.

If you have any questions about the trailer whatsoever, I'd be more than willing to answer.

Now, here's the latest trailer! :D  

Metal Gear Solid


I Feel Asleep!!

Fooled you there! No, I didn't fall asleep, but my new ranking apparently did :P
And how can somebody sleep when events like TGS blow minds away? I most certainly can't. Anyways, speaking of TGS what is the nr.1 thing that made this question easier for you to answer: "Are you buying a PS3?" Mine was, without a doubt, the new Metal Gear Solid 4 trailer! And what else did we get out of TGS...hmm...Ninja Gaiden! The previously exclusive Xbox series seems to be taking a shift within the next-generation platforms and, although it's the remake of a remake, it's at least a step at a fairly new direction, namly Sony's next-gen console, the PlayStation 3!(First time ever on a Sony console!)
I might have missed some important good news here, but hey, what are comments for, right? :D

MGS4 Scans! :D

Click on the pic to open a new window to view the whole scan on! :D
It looks amazing!


Wait...What just happened?!

Has anyone else noticed how GameSpot all of a sudden went from bashing(well kinda) to loving and praising the PS3?
What happened to all "Analyst: PS3 is going to lose Next-Gen War" threads??
Okay, I couldn't care less about the "war" but I find it somewhat stupid...
As we come closer to launch day GS all of a sudden post articles predicting PS3's victory!
WTF!! :evil:
C'mon someone besides me must have noticed it!