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3 Years since last blog. whoa.

Well I don't know where to start.
I kind of fell out of gaming for a bit, only picking up my wiimote everyonce in a while for No More Heroes, can't wait to get the second one. But Then Valkyria Chronicles came out and that got me back into gaming, as well as the Persona series which I highly recomend!
I got Final Fantasy XIII and I have to say I think this might be the fastest time I will have ever beaten a Final Fantasy game. The paradigms are fun and always make me think, plus I love how linear it is. Makes it seam like I'm always moving forward. : )

As my last blog post, I'm no longer in a relationship. And I stopped dance, but I'm really thinking of picking it up again. I kind of miss it and now I think what happens if I take that route for a career. I wish I started younger but its never too late.

I've actually had a new job at Le Chateau (A retail store in Canada, and some U.S.A) and did quite well there, but I started to realize how bad the company is to its employees that I just had to leave after 2 and a half years of working there. They fought for me to stay, but I just couldn't do it. Terrible. But I did get a new job and started today at Lululemon Athletica. We've got stores all over Canada and some U.S.A. and Australia as well. GREAT company, they really care for their employees as they give you 2 free yoga sessionss a week at any affiliated studio. Thats them giving $2040 a year for each employee they have, just for you to do yoga. They really watch out for your health and goals its just incredible.

I am also a certified bartender but I'm only a bar back right now at a night club near my house. It's still good money but not as good as what a bartender makes. Hopefully they'll promote me soon. :)

Otherwise that's about it! So long for now.!

Back finally!

Haha Oops, I havn;t been on gamespot for a big while...:P Well lots of things have happend right now. Very good things. =D

Well I'm now in a relationship. :D
I havn't played a single video game in like forever...
I've passed by EBGames and Microplay a BILLION times, without ever going in...
Doing better in school. xP
Not working as much. =D
Dance is fun.

Au revoir for now! :wink: 

Yummy.Pose.Tony the Beat

I feel so yummy head to toe.

Pose for the camera.

This song is not for your lover.
Don't stop push it now.

The first two songs are the song I will be dancing to for the Spring concert tomorow. My my my practise is so tiring right now......everyday after school for 3 hours........RAWR!

Meh. So here I am dead tired. Havoing homework to do, but too tired to do it. I think I'll do it later...

Life has been tired lately. Can't wait to finish up dance. bleh.

The third song is what I'm listening to by The Sounds. Love that band.

Au revoir.


Well it's been a long time since my last Blog. I guess I'm due for another one.

Well I'm Cahtolic and I celebrate Lent. Where we give up something for 40 days. I decided to give up Harvey's food and rice. It's kind of hard seeing as how I work at Harvey's....But Since sometimes, during my long shifts, I HAVE to eat to keep stable. =P So I allow myself to have a salad and drink pop, juice, water, coffee, hot chocolate, any liquids at all. Just no fried/grilled foods there. :P So far it's going well. I have been tempted to eat rice though.......

About two days ago I got my copy of Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Limited Edition Collector's Set. I'm SO excited about it because I want to watch the movie with French dub. Which is SO cool. I heard a lot of people saying that the French dub is actually better than the English? I dunno, but I can't WAIT! It also came with 10 postcards that looks amazing, I actually have a wall scroll of the Tifa postcard. And it came with a book talking about what Tifa and Barret did within the two years, and how Tifa and Cloud met up with Denzel. I already read Barret's story, and he seems kind of..........out of character. I dunno, I think it's just me though. =P

I am almost done Pheonix Wright Ace Attorney: Justice for All. I only have like one more final trial to get through. =D About a good three more hours. Then after PW, my next mystery adventure game is Hotel Dusk! :D And I also have to finish Final Fantasy III. I'm on the last dungeon and the final boss is incredibly hard...........I already died, and now I have to start all over again from the second last dungeon. Crap. But after that, My next Handheld RPG I must beat is Contact! Also, I'm almost done Dirge of Cerberus. I'm on chapter 9 now. =D After that game, I must beat Dragon Quest VIII. My next blog soon will be all about my unfinished games and crap..........Thanks for reading. ;]

Au revoir.


Damn, I hate school right now. I's gots culminating activities to do (worth 10 percent of final mark), and  assignment for Careers class. And people say Careers is the easiest subject in the world.........unless you go to my school have this certain teacher of whos name should not be mentioned (this person will try to find anyway to sew me if I do......crazy person right tharr.....) K, this teacher is so crazy, they want your staple to be at a 45 degree angle.........or say bye bye to 5 marks. They're a perfectionist, litterally.

And I was SO stressed the last 2 weeks, (I still am now a bit, but it's SO much better than before) there were so many other projects to do beside the one above and the culminating activites. Plus exams are coming up too......

Well at least I finished my Christmas Shopping!!!!!!!!!! 600 dollars later.......... Bought so many DVDs and video games (Mostly DS).

S*ck and Blow!!!

Omgah, tonight was so effing awesome. I'm in highschool, and me and my friend decide to plan a little party with all our friends from elementary school, and 2 thirds of our clas actually showed up! It was SO awesome, marshmellows roasting on a bonfire (Bailey's would have made it perfect....:() with some graham crackers and stuff. Man it was so awesome. Then we decide to take a walk in the night downt to a creek, and most of us chickened we decided not to go while we were half way down there. But yeah, instead, we went to the park and swung on the swings and rolled down hills and climbed trees :). Took lots of pictures. Sang, listened to music back in the basement, ordered a lot of pizza, oreos (with milk!!!!!!:)) Then we decided to play some suck and blow. You know, the game where you take a card and have one person suck it and then give it to someone else and they suck the card, and it just keeps passing one onto another. Awesome stuff, LOL I accidentally dropped the card and ended up kissing......:lol: Man I'm gonna do this again with everybody. Seeing everybody from elementary school was pretty cool. Miss them.

Things I did in Hawaii.

Well, it's been 6 days since I got back home from Hawaii, and I really miss being there. Hawaii was just full of laid back people and it's just so awesome there. Mostly everyone was really kind (keyword mostly :P) there. But there were some people who were kind of scary, you'll see later on in the blog.

I leave Toronto around 1 p.m Eastern, and I get to Hawaii about 9 p.m Hawaii time (Tdot 6 hours ahead of Hawaii). We're all so tired and my contacts were BURNING DRY so we just found our resort, took off my contacts, and crashed. Our resort was .

We went to the other side of the island to find the beach where my cousin's wedding was taking place, so we wouldn't get lost on Wednesday. It was beautiful! On a minicliff with a deck on the side. After, we just went shopping at the Shops of Wailea. :P I went into Louie Vughton (Spelling?) to see what the lowest price was :lol:. Got some new boardshorts and stuff from Billabong. We got back to the resort and we just swam in the pool. (Which was still salt water!!!!!!!!! But it was salted down :P)

Monday-Front Street
We went to Front Street where it's this long road of different shops and markets. I didn't really see anything I wanted, but I did buy a money clip :)! After walking up and down the street, I then noticed that there are a LOT of ABCStores there, like how Tim Horton's is to Canada. :)

We went to the Aquarium which was SO NOT worth $22. The sharks were REALLY small, they only had ONE type of jellyfish, and the turtles were NOT giant... But seeing the Stingrays and the Mantarays was pretty cool because they were as big as a car (length wise, not mass).

Wednesday Wedding Day!!!
We got up extra early to drive all the way back to the other side of the Island of Maui to attend the wedding ( ). It was a beautiful day. There were only two clouds in the sky, the water was crystal clear, no dang seasgulls were there to **** on you, and the people on the beach (other tourists who we didn't know:P) were all "awwwwwww" because of a wedding in Hawaii is so romantic. They were even taking pictures of the wedding..........^_- And there was a harpist there too!
Then for the reception, we all went to a luau with 350 other people plus our 50 guests in the wedding party. The food was.....good, raw mahi mahi taste good but the texture isn't nice :lol:. But the show was AMAZING, nice hula dancing, good singing, but I was dissapointed because there was no fire dancer.....:( But it was still awesome :twisted:!

Thursday-Road to Hana
My parents took a flight to Oahu while I stayed with my cousins at their hotel condo ( ). Which was nice, but not as nice as the resort. We drove the Road to Hana that day, which took the whole entire day. It was good, but not as good as we expected, so we all were only 40% satisfied with the trip to Hana. But then when we got to Hana, we saw a black sand beach! I took some black sand in a bottle but got scared after on Friday night. Then, we drove past Hana to 7 Pools, which was so AWESOME! It was stunning! The waterfalls you can jump off of, the pointy rocks you can walk on.....the water you can swim in. It was just so cool swimming underneath the waterfall. I didn't jump off any waterfalls though... But we left aroung 5:30 p.m because the road is REALLY bendy with over 600 turns, and this was all one lane. So we didn't want to drive in the dark cause of the cliffs. But on the way back, everyone got SO sick with *someones....* driving. Went way too fast and everybody wanted to puke. But to pass all that, we started singing songs from The Sound of Music and Disney Movies, especially from the Little Mermaid :lol::lol::lol:. We got back at around 8:30 p.m (we didn't stop anywhere on the way back) and we all went straight to sleep because we had a big morning planned the next day.

Friday-Volcanoe Biking
At 2 a.m, we all woke up and got ready to take the van up Volcanoe Haleakala. We toured with Mauidownhill. We got to the very top at around 4 a.m, and we waited for the sunrise (we were up almost 11 000 feet) by the crater. Volcanoe Haleakala is suppose to be a world wonder and it's better to go during sunrise. The guy said 20 minutes till sunrise, but ti actually took an the FREEZING cold, around 5 degrees Celcius up there (30 degrees Ferenheit). And it wasn't very good because there were a lot of clouds... But around 9 a.m, we all started on our bikes going down the volcanoe. We were only suppose to go 15-20 miles per hour but we were going 40.....:lol:. And the speed limit for cars is 30 miles/h LOL!!!!!!! We past a group of bikers on the way down who were with the same company as us :P. We also stopped here and there to take pictures. This was the BEST thing I have ever done in my life so far!!! So we all got home and crashed right away to catch up on some sleep. After, I went to a sushi restaurant ( ) that was pretty good, but the tempura could have been better.

Saturday-Snorkling/Beach Volleyball/Departure
We all woke up at 5 a.m to go snorkling at Molokini and Turtle Arch. We saw lots of fish at Molokini but it was sad at Turtle Arch. All because some of the turtles have tumors. They get them from us stupid people by wearing sunblock and it rubbing off into the ocean. :( But I still had a great time. After, the instructors invited us to go play some beach volleyball! Which was a lot of fun, met a few new locals, and played some frisbee too. After, I had to go back to the banyan to pack all my stuff to go home at 10 p.m.............................Which was the WORST part of my trip because I didn't want to leave...:(:(:(

Six days laterI'm here typing this all up. Hope you enjoyed reading this? :P


I don't want to be back............I wanna go back to Hawaii. It was SO much fun. The BEST wekk of my life. I did so many things I just wish I could have stayed longer. I'll make a huge list of the things I've done in my nest blog post. Suffereing from jetlag right now...................................................


Hooray!!!!! Tomorow, I will be leaving to go to Hawaii!!!!!!! :D:D:D For my cousins wedding on a beach in Oahu. I'll be there all week so I'll pretty much be gone. Can't wait!!!!! I'm gonna go snorkling and see some GIANT sea turtles! And go mountain biking against the volcanoes (volcanoe biking?). I'm not going scuba diving for 2 reasons: 1.-On the same day I'm going snorkling. 2. -Scared to go too deep....:lol:. I also have to get a bunch of souvenirs for people and yeah. A Pure awesomeness. Later!