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Debate: What is the best gaming console?

As much as people may debate the best portable gaming system, there is also equal debate (if not more) on what gaming console to get. "Which is the best one? What has the best graphics? What has the best control layout? What is the most common? What is the most reliable? Which offers the best online gaming experience?" These are all commonly asked questions when buying a new console. For instance, the Xbox offers unbeatable graphics, but the PS3 offers both stellar graphics as well as a good gaming layout. Who has made the best console? Sony? Nintendo? Microsoft? The Wii offers adequate graphics in return for a more user-friendly, family interface. Then you have to think about the price. In essence, the Wii is the most cost effective (at $199), but you could get better graphics. So, it is your choice. You can have graphics or gameplay or both.

Debate: What is the best portable gaming system?

This is a genuinely large question you may ask yourself when purchasing a portable gaming system. For instance, do you want to trade graphics for a touch screen or gameplay for graphics? In the end, graphics always come back as a consideration, as does gameplay. Even the looks of the system have some impact.