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Hey, Yo!

It's been a while, my fellow Spotters.

I dip in once in a while, just to see how many people I still DON'T know anymore, to get another reminder how I still DON'T game much anymore, and how I still DON'T like all the "new," things that are going on with the site design and how it's ran.


I see that this season, for the first time, tablets will outsell PC's. (To the disdain of the PC gaming gods who proclaim their over-worthiness upon the lower stooges of the world.) That's sort of interesting. I like my iPad. I use it to take pole vault videos.

Oh, I guess I enjoyed Plants vs Zombies 2, so there's some gaming news. Guess it wasn't "ruined," by EA after all.

So... things are going well. Toni and I went to Colorado for a few weeks; did lots of mountain hiking and trail traversing. Things of that nature. I was going to throw in a picture or two, but the idea that I have to upload them to somewhere else and then transfer them over to this blog, rather than a direct upload into this area RIGHT HERE is asinine. It's 2013, GS. That's just awful. Is it that time consuming? Is it really that difficult? No, it's a principle thing.

I feel right now as thought I'm at that awkward point when you see somebody from high school at the grocery store, and you're trying to sum up what's happened over the last ten years into a few useful or interesting bullet points, and suddenly you spontaneously have amnesia over anything that may have happened in your life. "Me? Uh, I'm good. I... like potatoes. I think? How you?"

My old PS3 finally kicked it. I don't really want to spend to get it fixed, because I'm not gaming, so that seems like it would be money-not-spent-well right now.

Feeling listless and directionless with this writing, which usually flows through my fingers faster than my thoughts, so I suppose it's time to shutdown for now. Briefly considered just clicking X on this whole thing, but eh. It's something, and something's better than cobwebs and dust that I envision my blogging space to be nowadays.