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A Re-Write

I guess I wasn't in the mood to write my last blog. BravoOne sparked a few thoughts in what's been happening lately.

I had to give up my big, goofy loveable dog, Mee-Kah. The harmless, giant ball of fluff St. Bernard. Despite having quite a lot of land, it's wooded, hilly and not really fence-able. And my ass-hat neighbors took one look and were scared to death. "Cujo," you know. Vicious rabies-killing dogs, those St. Bernards!

No. They're genetically trained over the last millenium to shelter, protect and rescue humans. But, their big and intimidating to stand next to (at 150+ lbs.)

So my options were to have her on a tie-out (no way), bring her inside (too big), legal battles or risk her getting shot (not financially feasible and not worth getting jailed over- if someone shot my dog I'd definitively say I'd punch their head in), or find her a new, happy home. I opted for the last choice. A rancher with another St. Bernard already, with multiple acres, no neighbors and a fenced-in property.

One might think me irresponsible for getting such a dog without thinking these things through. But really, should one presume that your neighbors will unilaterally call for the head of your dog?

The irony is that these people I live near are uniformly Republican and spout bulls*** about invidivual freedoms being taken away by the "socialists." IRONY.

Sorry. It's upsetting.

On a lighter note, our community of 50,000+ has reached a situation in which their three high schools' pools have outlived their expected lives, and summarily need replaced. It's far too costly to replace each individual pool at each school, so the school corporation decided upon a centrally-located aquatic center for use by all three schools. The catch? They had to gain approval from the school board (and the community).

This quickly became a hot-button topic. The old folks believed the kids didn't need no stinkin' pool. What fer? (Never mind the 300 kids who participate on swim teams, or the 1,000 who take swim classes and life guarding). The swimmers lamented the 40 year-old pools didn't even have the proper length or size to have actual high school meets at. Many people decried the cost. And so on.

Cue the school board meeting. Guess who got picked to stand and present at the school board meeting in favor of the aquatic center by his school? Yup. The track guy. The pole vault coach. That guy with the radio voice, who is smart and quick-witted (apparently).

So, I gave a 6-minute presentation- as did others- in favor of this centrally-located aquatic center, how it would benefit the community (and track team as well, pool training is a staple of cross-training for runners). In front of about a thousand people.

I killed it. Hit a home run. And in the end, the school board voted unanimously to approve the aquatic center. Happy ending. Not saying it was because of me, but hey- at least I didn't hurt the causen

These are the sort of things in my life that have supplanted the ability for me to sit down and even think about picking up a game controller.