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A Bloggery

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Just to let you all know that I'm in fact, alive and well despite rumours to the contrary.

The holidays have come and gone without much gaming fanfare, as only the WiiU has come out (not impressed) and I find myself using my 360 largely for Netflix (also not impressed). My PS3 is on its last legs and will surely die soon, as I've taken it apart more than once to nurse it back to little avail. It sounds like an aircraft carrier when it's on.

When does the REAL next gen stuff come out? Soon I hope. But then, what can they offer me? Wonder, sometimes I do. (Obscure FF IX reference.)

I've spent a bit of time playing CoD: Black Ops 2 lately, apparently because I'm an idiot that likes to be surrounded by potty-mouthed 12 year-olds. But wait; let us make no mistake: that online community is largely infested with 18-34 demographic weed-smoking douchers. The idea that online players are ass-hats because they are children is false. Simply...false. Which is sort of sad.

So why am I playing it? Well, because my wife wanted to. She's never been an FPS person, but she has definitely always been an obsessive, goal-oriented person. And so we whittle our hours away whilst trying to teach her not to "oversteer," her aim with an LMG, and why it's used on objective based maps for suppressive fire versus the more aggressive, lightweight SMG's. So on and so forth. The verdict? Still hate people. People still suck.

Oh, and that game is a broken, ugly mess. Turrrrrible.

My Chicago Bears choked away a 7-1 start into a fired coach. The fired coach was a nice consolation prize though. Other than that, my life is largely the same as the other times I check in; working out, teaching pole vault, wondering where exactly my life went wrong and when I got so old. The usual things that people my age contemplate (right?).