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Gaming Stuff- What?!

That's right, a gaming blog-mostly. :D

Toni and I went to a bunch of flea markets last weekened (a term I have disdain for, like "yard sale," there are neither yards nor fleas for sale at these things). Amidst the junk and Hispanics (no racist), I found a Sega Dreamcast.

I've only played the Dreamcast for a few minutes about 12 years ago, so I didn't really know anything about it-sort of why I bought it. It didn't have any games, so I went down to the local Disc Replay and saw a game called "Skies of Arcadia." Again, no idea about this game. Why would I? After all, I knew nothing of the system.

It's pretty amazing. First, I was rather stunned to see a system over a decade old with the capability of producing a 480p output on my HD tv. That was totally unexpected. I was completley impressed by the rendering, shading and all that other technical mumbo-jumbo. I was really impressed with it being the first mainstream console with online capabilities and really, really impressed that some of the online games still have online support. :shock:

I remember genuinely hating the controller at the time. It's very interesting in retrosepect, because it's pretty much an Xbox controller, so I'm now used to it and it isn't off-putting whatsoever. At the time, I had nothing to compare it do, and it just felt huge, clunky and uncomfortable.

It's sad that SEGA failed so miserably with a line of bad consoles after the Genesis with the 32x, Sega CD and Saturn, because the Dreamcast deserved a better fate.

And now it's time for my annual rant against EA sports and their stupid football games, which they stupidly haven't changed the stupid AI or stupid broken plays or stupid glitches from 15 YEARS AGO! :x Stupids.


In other news, my septoplasty is on Monday because my CT scan looked like this:

Meh Nose

Apparently it's a good idea to go to the doctor when you break your nose 15 years ago, because eventually this stuff happens. That membrane grew like a boss in that extra space to accomodate me from suffering from air impurities. Unfortunately, he got so big he blocked everything off, including air.

I'm Like A Proton I'm Soooo Positive

There have been a few times in my life now where I've ended up laying in a hospital bed without it being a planned-out procedure. Each time it's happened, it's like some strange slap-in-the-face of your life's status quo.

If you were to talk to a financial consultant, they'd prod you into the idea that you need to store away and invest all of your money for those days in your golden years so that you may be financially secure and such.

I'm not going to go on a diatribe about that kind of stuff, or get into some sort of financial debate. All I can say is, when you're laying there thinkin' "Whoa...I just really might die tonight..." it certainly changes your opinion on those fiscal ideologies though.

Now, now- don't get me wrong. I'm not saying go out and blow all your hard-earned cash on illicit behaviors and scratch-off lottery tickets, but I think you certainly need to get your fair share of living in the moment, because guess what?

You might just get splattered by a bus tomorrow, and then it's game over. No infinite lives code, no starting over at level 1-3. (Stupid water world :x )

One switch that's flipped in my head has been by pessimistic cynicism. Oh, don't get me wrong- it's still there. I still can't stop my mouth from making snarky comments from time to time...but there's a difference personally. I don't have that constant feeling that somehow, a rain cloud and lightning bolt are going to follow me around and %$*# me over the first chance it gets.

It's easy to get into that mode of thinking. Very hard to get out.

So in the last month my wife and I have made a point to do a bunch of little things that I've put off, or we've put off- whatever. Whether it be museums, new restaurants, new cities, new towns, going to a baseball game. Whatever. Just taking the opportunity to do some things that we otherwise haven't done or wouldn't have done instead of worrying about financial repercussions or potential disasters.

Unfortunately, on the gaming front..there's still not much going on. Before we turn the lights out at night Antoinette's probably got her DS out playing a DragonQuest game, and I've been re-visiting the Lego Star Wars Complete Saga (better than I remember)...but it's been casual. We've been spending a lot of time outside again- something I had gotten away from. I highly recommend to anyone to go to a park and take a walk. Seriously, it's a good reset button for the head. Or go fishing. Get on a boat. Do something outside.

It's worth it.

Coming to GS Is Like Visiting A Cancer Patient

It kind of makes me sad to be here, because it's sort of like watching a cancer patient slowly dying.

I understand that people come and go, and that's how the world turns... even so; people I used to actively follow just don't blog anymore, or very infrequently. (Um, like me I suppose.) When people do blog, about 25% are complaining and/or frustrated with GS changes and redesigns, or to say farewell as they leave the blogosphere into the world of other social networks.

I find myself on Twitter and Facebook more often just for more frequent social interaction, but it's a frustration of sorts in that you're limited in the amount that you can actually say- specifically on Twitter. Even with FB, however, there's a limitation in that people don't generally write "notes," or have the desire to actually sit and read through others' notes. It's truly an ADD world we live in.

All that said I'm not completely sure that the issue is necessarily confined to the advent of so many new social networks, but perhaps also because we are in the midst of what I call a "Generation Right Now," series of consoles and games. What I mean to say is, the gaming world was wildly abuzz in anticipation of those "Next Gen," consoles, and activity was ridiculously high around the release of the Wii, the360 and PS3. Such new things, new games, new graphics, new WOW! factors. Well, those systems are here. The Generation Right Now systems, and they should really stop saying "Next Gen," when referring to them, IMO. After all, they've been around over half a decade now.

3D technology and tweaked systems just simply haven't stoked the emotions of gamers like those times, nor should they have been expected to, because it's not the Next Big Thing.

So, when people complain about GS; well, sure...there are some redesign issues that people don't like and that's understandable. But, I don't think that's what's driving people away. I think it's that people don't have the motivation to talk about the goings-on of gaming as much. Right now, it's a systematic process which tends to bore people: new game released, play game, review game, talk about it. Wash, rinse, repeat.

There are also economic factors to be considered; less money, worse jobs, less leisure time, more stress. All make for unhappier times and certainly less likely time for blogging about games. The novelty of forums, unions and such eventually wear away for many people.

Whatever the problem is, it's tough to come to GS and see the lack of flourished activity, but floundering, lack of activity instead.

I Saw A Funny Sign Today

The sign read:



  • Durr's Towing!!!
  • For all of your towing needs, call Durr's Towing today at 555-5555!!!
  • Accidents, emergencies, 365 days a year!
  • Durr's Towing!!!

I don't know which was funnier: the fact that the towing company attached their ad so joyfully to the big, scary forbidding sign


the fact that they were actually called "Durr Towing," (it seems so apt)


that they'd think you'd want to in the future call on the place that took off with your vehicle and likely made you very pissed at them in the first place.

The Windy City

My wife and I had the opportunity to go to Chicago this weekend. Haven't had the chance to do that in quite some time. Highly recommend it.

We did the tourist-y stuff...but we both had some personal memories as well we attended to.

Her grandmother lived in Gary 30 years ago, we drove by her old house. It was still there, in almost the same condition. Toni showed me the window she'd look out of to see if anyone was around to play, and the railroad tracks they would walk by to get to the "Mom and Pop," stores down the street. Sentimental, sappy stuff. Imagine, a place that was once the murder-capital of the world...Toni would be left to sit outside on a street bench while her grandmother shopped in some of the stores. Ha, times change.

I spent a lot of time in Chicago as a kid because my great-Aunt lived there. I hadn't been up to see her since I was a teenager before she passed away. Unlike Toni's trip, progress had bulldozed all my memories of the area. Good for the town, bad for my recollections. Now those memories are all in photgraphs and in my head, which is ok.

For all the great things in the area, those were the best moments of the trip. Funny how things work out that way.

The Rain, The Park and Other Things

Last week was just about as good a week as I've ever had. My wife treated me to museums, zoos, the company of friends, movies, ski ball, carnival rides and corn dogs (among other things.)

We went to a Native American museum, and it was pretty much garbage. I have more Indian artifacts in my basement then they had in the museum, but oh well. There was a nice exhibit on Blacks and Indians and how their fates were quite entwined in the Revolutionary-Colonial periods. Outside the exhibit there were large blank papers hanging on the wall that people could write on, to describe how they identified themselves. It was the most interesting thing in the entire place.

Many minorities wrote on the wall to the effect of "Don't judge me for the color of my skin. We are all beautiful, etc."

White people wrote things like "I like coons. F*** N***ers. A Mexican mows my grass."

Listen, the media today is saturated with racial elements and people like Jesse Jackson that aggravate the masses to the point that they get sick of hearing about racism and such. Many people want to pretend everything is "so much better." News flash: it's not. It's come quite a long way, but not far enough.

Do some people portray their race negatively? Sure! In that sense, caucasians are no different. But just as some black guy who shot someone in south-central shouldn't be the voice of African-Americans, nor should Charles Manson be the voice of whites, right? Oh well, enough of that.

I wrote:

"My name is Matthew "Red Eagle" Presnell. My grandmother lived and died on a reservation; a place designed to keep her types away from Caucasians."

It made me sort of sad after I wrote it.

Well, anyway. This blog has sort of taken a negative tone, and I didn't mean it to. I just get emotionally involved in these sort of things, mostly because of the apathy of the rest of society towards bigotry. Just as no one will own up to making hateful comments towards other people on my blogs, or even have any interest in reading it, because it's unpleasant to their tender ears. (10 comments? Really?)

It's so much easier to hide on the couch in the living room and ignore those types of things that occur every day in our world.

"But MY life is tough too! I need to take care of myself first!"

No, it isn't. You eat, you have a roof over your head, you play video games on expensive consoles. The lives of many people suck, and you're not really near the top of that list.

Ok, time to shut up. I can see my friend list evaporating as I type. :x

My Blog

I had to delete some comments from strangers on my last blog, hurling pretty venemous insults towards a Gamespot friend. Thankfully, those comments came from people who were cowardly enough to make fake names and post under those names.

I will with no hesitation delete or report any posts that turn into either trolling or personal attacks towards anyone else that is responding to what I say.

I respect the idea that anyone is free to say and believe in any set of beliefs, folkways, mores, etc. without being attacked by anyone else. The internet has enough trolls lurking around to have them pop up on my blog, which is one place I consider a sanctuary for my thoughts.

Through the years, I have had vehement disagreements with several people, many of whom I consider as good a friend as any I have in real life, but ultimately we have agreed to disagree and move on with our internet relationships- often for the better. Ab and Frame Dragger would chuckle at this as they and I have been at each other's throats before, only to eventually assuage our disagreements and acknowledge the stupidity of it.

Sometimes, not so much. There are some people that I've disagreed with in the past that I miss talking to every day. @AlmightyMax: I'm talking to you buddy. I miss you.

Because I am the type of person that respects everyone's right to their own opinion and beliefs, I tend to attract GS friends and followers with opinions and beliefs that are not mainstream, and for this I am proud. So to the point, I in fact have friends that support homosexuals or homosexuality. I have friends who don't believe in the Christian God. I have friends who are minorities. I have friends who do not support many popular agendas of today's society. I have friends who use coarse language. And for me, that's OK.

If anyone has a problem with any of these things, they are free to engage in respectful conversation with any of these people... on their own time. If they DO have a problem with these individuals, leave your petulant insults out of my blogs. There is no place for it here.

Listen: I'm whiny. I'm irreverant. I'm childish. I'm often obtuse and often lack empathy. I lack in some social skills. I talk too much. I come across as stodgy and condescending. I make mistakes.

But, I do my best to own up to these things. Sometimes, it takes me a long time to do so. But I do my best, and that's all that I can do. All that I ask is that others try to do the same, or please... leave.

How, White Man.

It's been a while since I've last blogged. I have been doing a bit of gaming, but of the casual variety...which is to say- Lego Batman and now Lego Harry Potter. I enjoyed the Batman game...sort of. I'm not really enjoying the Harry Potter game at all. It's gone counterintuitive to what's made the Lego games successful, but whatever.

So I spent the weekend in the ER. I thought I was having a heart attack, turns out it was just more problems with my stomach. So, once again I'm headed to a gastrointerologist to find out what exactly is up with me. :x

I joined Google+. It's very strange that I join all these social networks, because I'm sort of a private person. Anyway, if you're on Google+, I'm Matt Presnell...the guy catching bubbles with his tongue in the picture. Yeah, you read that right. :roll:

I've not been on GS (I believe I say that every time I write a blog), so hopefully I've not missed anything important and/or tragic.

I saw the last Harry Potter movie too. I was never able to get the emotional attachment that most people do to the Harry Potter franchise. Of course, as I've said before, I'm not one to begrudge or belittle others for their likes just because I don't like. Still, I felt that as a guy not familiar with the books, that I watched a series of movies that were muddling, a bit dull and predictable... and heavily reliant on CGI and much less on script. I took in the assumption that these were clearly intended soley for those who were fans when they were directed, as I spent too much time asking my wife "What's that?" "What does that mean?" "I don't get it, that makes no logical sense."

Usually her answer involved "Oh, it explains it in the book better."

I had mentioned before that I enjoyed a game called Magic: The Gathering. Just last week I sold all of my prized cards in one fell swoop. Devastating in a way, as it was something that I really enjoyed and was nostalgic to me, but in the end bettering our financial situation was just more important. When you live on a gigantic piece of property, you must have a lawn mower. And when the lawn mower dies, you must have the money to get a new one, lest the forest overtakes you. So, I parted ways with my cards. Someday I hope to be in a situation where I don't have to make those kinds of choices, before I'm too old to enjoy the things I used to enjoy.

But, that's how life works with many people; by the time you can afford what you want, you're too old to enjoy it as when you were 40 years younger and could not.

A Discussion of Music

Thanks for all of the comments regarding my last blog. Are things better? Not really. But I'm dealing with things better today. And no, I dont have any marital issues. Other than the fact that tprezzy is far too good for a dolt like me.

I had a friend write a blog about what music means to him on another site, and we began a conversation about how music defines us as a person and as a society. I liked my response so much I decided to copy and paste it. It's a little out of context, but the point remains strong for me:

The only time I'm particularly bothered by the "music is my life!!" comments is when it's people (not necessarily teenagers) who are spewing out about Justin Bieber or Katy Perry, or start wearing guy-liner to be like Fall Out Boy.

When I say this, I don't mean to come off as the old curmudgeon about new music. I respect others' rights to be interested in a new $tyle that will never appeal to me. Most people don't do that with music. They're very music-bigoted, if you will.

What I mean is that there is a definitive lack of lyrical genius in today's current music. I'm a lyrical guy- and it's typically lyrics that make a person be able to relate emotionally as you were saying in your blog. Music can connect on a much deeper level when you're connecting to something outside of rhythym.

The 1960's folk-era is generally considered the pinnacle of lyrical greatness in modern music, and I find quite a bit of music from that time period into the early 70's that strike me. I don't particularly care if someone laughs at me for listening to "oldies." They're just hearing the music, and not listening to the words.

I'm not talking about just the mainstream stuff either: Beatles, Doors, groups that people would obviously know from Rockband or Guitar Hero. I mean Harry Nilsson's "Everybody's Talkin' At Me," or a "If You Could Read My Mind," by Gordon Lightfoot.

In that sense, it's rather sad to realize how much good music is discarded through the years for lack of mainstream appeal...which is to say: a good beat or a good video. It's too bad that more people can't pause to actually listen to music, instead of just throwing themselves into a group for the sake of popularity or whats cool at the time.

"I hate to see some white, rich yuppie idiot playing a sax in a blues bar because it's cool. It's not enough to play the blues, Jack. You gotta know why the notes need to be played." -George Carlin



Seriously. I want to cry and scream and rage about 100 different things, but $#!@ it, what's the point. Here's a butterfly.