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A Bloggery

Just to let you all know that I'm in fact, alive and well despite rumours to the contrary.

The holidays have come and gone without much gaming fanfare, as only the WiiU has come out (not impressed) and I find myself using my 360 largely for Netflix (also not impressed). My PS3 is on its last legs and will surely die soon, as I've taken it apart more than once to nurse it back to little avail. It sounds like an aircraft carrier when it's on.

When does the REAL next gen stuff come out? Soon I hope. But then, what can they offer me? Wonder, sometimes I do. (Obscure FF IX reference.)

I've spent a bit of time playing CoD: Black Ops 2 lately, apparently because I'm an idiot that likes to be surrounded by potty-mouthed 12 year-olds. But wait; let us make no mistake: that online community is largely infested with 18-34 demographic weed-smoking douchers. The idea that online players are ass-hats because they are children is false. Simply...false. Which is sort of sad.

So why am I playing it? Well, because my wife wanted to. She's never been an FPS person, but she has definitely always been an obsessive, goal-oriented person. And so we whittle our hours away whilst trying to teach her not to "oversteer," her aim with an LMG, and why it's used on objective based maps for suppressive fire versus the more aggressive, lightweight SMG's. So on and so forth. The verdict? Still hate people. People still suck.

Oh, and that game is a broken, ugly mess. Turrrrrible.

My Chicago Bears choked away a 7-1 start into a fired coach. The fired coach was a nice consolation prize though. Other than that, my life is largely the same as the other times I check in; working out, teaching pole vault, wondering where exactly my life went wrong and when I got so old. The usual things that people my age contemplate (right?).

It's Been Forever

I had a sad a few days ago thinking about the errr... glory...days of GS whilst having a game discussion about favorite games. Felt compelled to write a short blog.

To be truthful, I really just came to check in on the reviews of Resident Evil 6. I presumed the site's review would be bad, and the comments would generally be "It sucks. It's not RE4." I wasn't disappointed.

So then I went to read the user reviews. By the gods, people. How do you expect for anyone to get ANYTHING out of what you write when your review is one incessant non-stop evercontinuing completely devoid lack of puncutation or anything vaguely resembling any sort of break in thought i'm not saying that every person in the world has to have perfect grammar lest i be labeled as that internet grammar Nazi guy but seriously! it's reidiculously hard to try to get anything out of what ur saying when youve writeen a massive miseplled incredibly long run on sentence that morphed into an incredibly long run on PARAGRAPH of all things and the theing is that it's not just that the review has terrible speling and gramer and eeverything elseits just that it just keeps going on and on and on and on and on and on so then youre probbly thinking well then why dont u just read somebody elses reviews then except that the problem is with a new game theres really only like 4 reviews for the gameup by that point and they all look the SAME! so it gave me a terrrible hadache to try to read this insanely long thing because really it was the best i could get at this point in time because honestly, you really want to have another opinon besides the orginal guy who wrties for the website because he s probably just getting paid to write good reviews or if its bad who knows if it's how you would feel too so you really need somekind of general consesus from the crowd of course generlay for me i'm a wried gamer whose opinon doesnt really concide with other gamers opinon so then is tart to wonder why I red reviews in the first place. good Lord i feel like ive been writng this thing forever and i look up and I see still that my block of text is nowere near as long as some of those windy reviews that were in one big chunk which reminds me to ask did they get rdi of the character limit on review writing because some of those things were definitely super super longer than the ones i used to rite back in the day when i felt like my review really mattered which what stupid of course because mine was just one in a sea of reviews and like i said before my opinon is usually sof ar off other peples opinons that what iwas saying gives you that feeling of what its like when you are a minority- uncomforaable even when nobody is necessarly mean to you in anyway so anyway I think there was a point to everythign i was saying but honestly i forgot what it even was so that the end by.

An Update. A Bad One.

I went to the funeral of one of my pole vaulters this week.

He was 17. Just about to get his license.

He had an undetected, undiagnosed enlarged heart. He suffered a massive heart attack in his home. He died instantaneously.

I don't really know what else to say.

He never had the chance to live; go to college, be a father, an uncle, a coach. He never got a chance to complain about getting old.

His mom said it was his dream to pole vault in college, and he wanted to be in the Olympics some day. He won't get that chance.

I'm angry. And sad, and bitter, and morose.

Good Lord. If anyone reads this, just remember: don't take s*** for granted. Call someone and tell 'em you love 'em. Give someone you love a hug. Do something special with them this weekend. Do something you always wanted to do but have been putting it off. Live life before it's f****** gone.

Status Update

So hey, it's been a while. A lot has happened in the last few months! I'm feeling under the weather today, so I gave myself a day off. It's odd to just be able to just...sit and stop. My life has been gogogogogogogogogogogogogo for about 8 months non-stop, so...yeah.

It was a great season in pole vault; 6 of my pole vaulters made the All-Wabash Valley Team- a recognition to top athletes in sports. To have 6 pole vaulters among major sports like baseball, tennis, basketball and stuff is really downright silly, but we were just that. damned. good. Lots of praise and such; banquets and awards and news spots. Local celeb swag.

My best guy finished 2nd in the state, exactly where he was ranked. A state champ would've been awesome, but he's pretty much won every local recognition possible and some state awards too, so no complaints. My best girl was the youngest girl pole vaulter to compete at the state championships, and beat half the field; 14th out of 30.

This is cool: she races dirt bikes (MotoX EnduroX). She does so well... she was invited to race at the X-Games in L.A. and was on ESPN2 last night. Finished 6th. :o She's only 16! This is an adult professional circuit that she rides in. :o Totally amazing.

So anyway, enough of that. Toni and I are doing great; we're both keeping up our "fit and active," lifestyle. Another birthday came and went a few days ago. Feeling much better physically in my 30's than I did in my 20's, which is sort of funny.

In the gaming world, I still don't do much. I did find some nice gems in the rummaging/visiting crusty creepy places that Antoinette and I like to do: I got Mario Kart 64 and Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door for $2, which was a great steal monetarily.

I also got an old "Intellivision," system that I've never played before. Looks like a partner/precursor to the old Atari. It's not working as of yet, but I'm interested in seeing what happens when I get it going. (Oh and I WILL get it going.) I used to want to be an archaeologist...I guess this as close as I'm gonna get. :P

Hope everyone is ok. Until next time.

Just Can't Do It Anymore

No tearful goodbyes, not saying I might not write a random blog once a year or stop in and comment sporadically like I do.

But as of now; I really can't stand this site anymore, and I don't see myself blogging on it much anymore at all.

I've left in animosity for brief periods in the past, and I've left because of personal reasons and came back, but this is significantly different. I'm leaving a place because right now, the actual site itself isn't crumbling down around our collective gaming feet.

Funny thing is, 7 years ago this site had some rather embarassing problems.

Those problems still exist. Instead of fixing them, they've made wholesale changes... with the 7 year-old bugs and glitches still in place. :evil:

I don't know if they're banking on wanting users to grow up and go away, to be supplanted by a new wave of incoming teens or what...but whatever it is, it isn't workign.

It's a shame. Mr. Nostalgia can only buoy me up for so long though. It's just not appealing to be on the site.


MMO's, Apps and Life In General

I saw the announcement about the next Elder Scrolls game as a MMO. I. AM. DISSAPOINT.

Like many others, I tend to do my gaming alone and tend to do my social functioning in public places, not vice versa. It crushed me when I found out the next KOTOR might be (and was) an MMO. Same with Diablo III. *sigh*

So lately I've not even really turned on either of my consoles. Because of my time being totally committed to track right now and doing more things like hiking, exercising and being less sedentary in general...just can't get into them. I have been finding some great games for the iPad though (thanks to GeekyDad and others).

I'm telling you guys and gals, it's going to be where it's AT very soon in the gaming world. We have gotten some $.99 games that outshine some console games and blow away $25-$40 DS games for sure. When people hear app, they only hear "Angry Birds," and that's simply not the world of app gaming as a whole.

Sure, the mean birds are the hottest seller- and why wouldn't they be? It has casual and puzzle appeal, and appeals to a broad spectrum of ages, so why hate on that? But I digress. The point is, some of these games coming out have astounding graphical detail and tons of hours of gameplay. And I've not paid more than $5 for a game yet.

$5. Seriously. In this economy?

Ironically the game Toni and I are playing most is Lords and Knights, which has very little graphical detail at all. We probably like it because it's like a beautified version of old text-based games.

In other news, I am now 6'1" and weigh 178 lbs. I've lost a significant amount of weight and am finally physically feeling really well. I'm having a hard time putting on muscle though, but whatever. I'll let Jbul call me a skinny pansy and I can be cool about it.

My best pole vaulter has received a scholarship to vault in college, and officially committed. He's ranked 2nd in the state and 10th in the country, and we're going to a banquet on Thursday where he'll be awarded a regional Athlete of the Year award. It's all pretty amazing and surreal right now. Sectionals, Regionals and State Championships are the next 3 weeks so it's going to get hectic soon, but in a good way.

Don't take any wooden nickels. -Prez

No, Seriously. WTF Is Happening Here?

I used to think the hemorrhage of friends away from my followers list and blog was just me and my abrasive attitude, coupled with my lack of involvement on the site.

But lately, I've noticed a massive dearth of comments on all of my friends' blogs as well.

Where did everyone go? Just moved on to other, better things?

Sad. :(

"I just want my life to be the same, just like it used to be."

Getting This...Off My Chest

Just a quick hitter here. The thought comes up, and I can't just not say what I'm thinking.

So long as games continue to portray girls and women as 42-18-34 measurements; or to be more blunt: big-tittied, long-legged sex machines... games will never be considered by the general public as anything more than immature wastes of time that are confined to un-sexed, pimply-faced losers in either high school or their mother's basements.

See: Skullgirls.


It's embarrassing because for one; that hormone-induced element eventually dissipates at some point in your life, you become married or at least more educated in the misogynistic portrayals of women and you're left to shake your head. For two, it denigrates the merit of good games (including this game itself, as it is apparently solid as a fighter, boob-shaking notwithstanding) and holds back an activity that's more than poised to take a bigger step into full cultural acceptance.

Stop pandering to the jerk-off crowd, it's unnecessary.

Edit: My blog won't let me link to things now, for why I don't know. And my inbox works about 35% of the time. Glitchspot, glitchspot, glitchspot. >:(

The Masses Effect and The Hunger Games

There has been a lot of talk, not only in the mainstream media but in the world of blogging (I despise the word "blogosphere,") and internet forums about The Hunger Games.

If you don't know, it's a young adult book that involves (No Spoilers) children who must fight each other to the death in a fantasy world whilst people watch on. Though not quite Harry Potter, it sits somewhere in mass popularity amongst Harry and the glittery vampires that will go unnamed, as they are an abomination on literature as we know it.

The funny thing about the Hunger Games books- not unlike Harry Potter- is that they have been lambasted and accused of blatant plagiarism of established novels preceding it. In this case, the Japanese book "Battle Royale," by Koushun Takami is the central piece slighted. Its storyline involves children who are forced to battle to the death in a fantasy world whilst people watch on. One could even look at "The Running Man," by Stephen King...yeah, the Ah-nold movie was based on it... wherein a guy has to fight to the death on a reality show in a fantasy world whilst people watch on. You get the point.

Anyway, the point here isn't to hate on The Hunger Games. The point is really about the powerful effect of the masses in today's pop culture. Some scholars have wondered aloud why such a "mediocre," book (in terms of writing prowess) would garner such mainstream following where these other literarily superior books did not.

For myself, the answer is simple; the previous books lacked something the former did not: the internet and its 10,000 social communication devices.

Battle Royale was written in the late 90's, when email was still getting its foothold and IM's were still a foggy conception to anyone over 30. The Running Man was written in the dinosaur ages of technology, way way back into the 1870's er- I mean 1970's. Really, it's a wonder that any book written prior to the internet age was able to garner a word of mouth following at all. :shock:

Because of all these "social networks," every new thing that enters the market has a higher probability of being the next BIG thing. Note that BIG thing does not necessarily equate to the next GREAT thing, sadly. It's the masses effect. The lemming effect. One person leads a brigade and 10,000,000 will follow, in order to be JUST. LIKE. THAT GUY. I walk around the high school right now and it's "North Face," apparel. Ah, teenagers and their walking billboard outfits, unwittingly giving free advertising to the latest trendy tee, hoodie, pullover and shoes. (Gotta be JUST LIKE everyone else to express my individuality!!)

I believe this situation is why Michael Bay makes money as a movie director.

To finish this out, I've noticed an interesting, inverse relationship when it comes to gaming. It's also a form of media (please, stop with the "art," nonsense. It's a f****** game.), so why doesn't it explode (pun intended) into a phenomenon? Some could argue that some games sell far more than they should in relation to their metacritical scores *cough* Call of Duty *cough*, but largely gamers are incredibly more discerning than other pop culture attachés who lead their masses to the promised land of poopy books and films. Instead of each game catching like wildfire, the opposite occurs; gamers tend to congregate to hate on the latest subject material. In fact, as we all know; if you're a "mark," for a certain game you're labeled with the dreadful FANBOY tag. :roll:

So why is it? Social retardation and the isolationist nature of gamers? Lord knows I've read plenty of "F*** Facebook and f*** Twitter too," blogs to think so. But then how is it that MP features are so popular?

No, I think it's primarily the price tag. You can buy a book for $15 or less when it hits paperback. Even a ridiculously expensive movie will only set you back $20 if you're wise about it. Games? $50-80 depending on the system, game and "edition."

Social influence can only go so far when fighting its battle against the almighty dollar, and parents are still all too hesitant to let lil' Jimmy spend all his hard-earned allowance on wasteful things such as video games. But he can definitely go see a Michael Bay film in his North Face jacket. Ugh.

Remembering Things

A few days ago my wife and I were in town, walking through our local mall. I got a bit disoriented as I was looking around; all the stores were bright, glaring and unpleasant. So I sat down.

It was at this point I realized I'm definitely getting old. Something just struck me, some sort of realization that the world in which I grew up through my teenage years has turned completely upside down. Nothing in that mall was the same as the years in which the mall felt like an important place for me to be, and I got off onto one of my nostalgia trips again. (My Constant Readers know this about myself and my nostalgia trips.)

It's somewhat amazing that such an important part of your life can be stripped away, bulldozed away so vigorously and without regard to anything. I remember reading once that someone described humans and architecture as children with dominoes; no regard to the history of the original building, just desperate to knock it down and build something back up in its place.

Anyway, there were a lot of great memories stashed around that mall and the surrounding areas, and I'm somewhat fortunate enough that I have a wife who didn't grow up in the same locale, so that we can swap stories of what used-to-be and the memories of those places.

Gone: Riverside Raceway/Putt-Putt

Those little go-kart tracks finally made its way to my hometown when I was about 15, and it was THE thing to do for young adolescents for a while. It went in next to the long-standing orange and green classic Putt-Putt course, another favorite hang out (especially for guys like me, with limited funds). At Putt-Putt you could score discount tickets for games and free games with hole-in-ones, and have the ability to take a girl on a date there for as little as a few bucks while still having a good time. Riverside Raceway was far more expensive, so I didn't get to spend as much time there.

Now: A big empty grass field with a real estate sign FOR LEASE. Both replaced by "Bogeys," located elsewhere, which sports batting cages, pizza, putt-putt and go-karts and insanely higher prices.

Gone: Galaxy and Timeout Arcade

I've lamented Galaxy's demise in the past in a blog, a throwback arcade that I've never been able to find since. It wasn't a skee-ball and ticket sort of place, just pure cabinet arcade glory in a very large dark room, which was appealing to gamers and teenagers hanging out alike. Later replaced by Timeout, which had skee-ball and other ticket prize games exchanged at a crappy rate for terrible items, like most places today.

Now: A Smoothie Hut stands where Galaxy once did in the mall, Timeout has been usurped by 4-wheelers and scooters made in China.

Gone: Pizza Hut Express

This little mall version of Pizza Hut served two things: personal pan pizzas and drinks. Despite this, it was CLEARLY the place to hang and eat at the mall. Again, a very attractive option for a cheap date, as personal pans were about $3.50 with a drink.

Now: An enormous food court as is customary with most malls. A jewelry store stands where Pizza Hut once did.

Gone: The Honey Creek Mall Theatre

Replaced by a megaplex behind the mall that sports cold popcorn, higher prices and smaller screens...

Now: A Garfield's chain restaurant.

Gone: KB's Toy Store

There will always be that special place in my heart for the little KB store with blue carpet, as I lusted at its contents with my eyes from the ages of 6-13 or so. Never actually got anything from in there during that time. And the greatest memory of having Dad ask "What do you want for your birthday?" And with tears in my eyes saying "Whateve you can afford I'll like Dad." He took me into KB and got me a Sega Genesis. Best day ever as a child. Not sure how he came up with the cash for it, but after a childhood of "did without," ... Holy s***!

Replaced by an enormous Toys R Us and Babies R Us store outside the mall.

Now: Some random store that sells clothes for kids 4-10 or so.

The interesting thing about all of these "days gone by," is not necessarily how quick they went by, but in such a short span of time in which they do. That sounds redundant. What I mean to say is, it's not the "blink of an eye," thing so much as "It's only been ten years! Why is everything gone! It should last longer!"

To the younger readers of this blog, you likely will already find that some things no longer stand from your childhood, and the twinge of sadness accompanying it.