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Finished MGS4 - NO SPOILERS!

20 hours and 20 minutes and I'm shaking. This is gonna be a short blog and i just want to say one thing. I have though about it a lot and i don't say this lightly...


Cya later Alex Navarro :(

First off i totally called this. The way Alex has be acting of late made it look like he was gonna quit and after the whole Jeff thing this is a serious blow. On one hand i think Alex should of stayed and supported the site but on the other hand why would he want to work for a company that fired one of his best friends. Its a tricky dilemma and one he should not of been put in. One thing is for sure things are gonna get a lot worse and i only have one question. Who's next?

Link -

The Crysis Demo....

So i just finished the demo for crysis and i never though it would be this damn good.

First thing, the graphics are AMAZING best i have ever seen and the best part is, my system ran it smooth as a baby's bottom. Granted i did need to download the latest nvidia beta drivers but it was well worth it.

The AI is something else in this game. This could sound a little weird but the AI isn't super smart, its the areas where i outsmart it that make it good AI (if that makes any sense). For example there were two guards waiting for me at this roadblock so i cloak myself sneak up behind them and uncloaked. They didn't do anything, they were still waiting for me to approach the roadblock. I thought this was great, so many games today the AI attacks you just because your there not because it can see you. The AI wont attack you if you well covered behind foliage either so that's cool.

The suit is really interesting. If the controls went so good it would fail completely but its so easy and efficient to switch between speed, strength, cloaking and armor that it creates a really fun way to interact with everything around you.

In short, you gotta play this demo :D

Ricky Gervais - Fame

Just got back from Ricky Gervais's new stand up show fame. I love this guy he is just so damn funny. You gota see him live and he is way better than Peter Kay.

Bioshock Completed (No Spoilers)

So my time in Rapture has come to a end six days after i got Bioshock. First this is one amazing game and everyone should give it a go. I loved being under water in this amazing city and trying to piece together what Rapture was like before it all went to hell but the game does have some disappointing areas. I will just give a quick list of my likes and dislikes because i could go on forever :D

Not giving anything away but the end was veryanticlimatic and i wish there was more closure but its not so bad it spoils the rest of the game. Plasmids are great fun and i loved setting up traps for all those damn splicers (Cyclone trap FTW!).The guns are fine there is nothing special about them and hunting for ammo became a pain. Big Daddy fights at the start are really hard but get easier as you progress. I loved these fights they really mixed things up and using hypnotize big daddy is great way to get a super bodyguard to help you bust up some splicers.

I decided to harvest most of the little sisters i came into contact with but towards the end i started to save them because i actually had way more Adam than i needed. I better end this before i talk about the whole damn game but one thing is for sure. Buy this game!

The Bioshock demo is...

Amazing and everything i thought it would be. The graphics are great but the thing i love the most is the art style with all the propaganda posters and old timey movies. If you have a 360 go download this now because it will take you near 6 hours :D

So Rich is going...

So Rich Gallup is leaving Gamespot to spend more time with his family and that's fair enough but with Rich being at the center of most of Gamespots productions i'm worried about will happen. Still i wish Rich the best of luck and I will continue to support Gamespot and all of its users :D

My Clerks Car

Below is my Clerks car, i painted the logo from the movie Clerks on the side of it and now it looks super sexy :D . This was my first attempt at a paint job in forza 2 and i don't think its too bad but it definitely could be better. Let me know what you think.
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