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Jeez, flashbacks man.

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Visiting back here is, nostalgic.

I believe I had said this before in a previous blog entry, but I cannot believe that this is the place that spawned my online existence. My persona for my entire internet existence started here, wanting to add people on Animal Crossing on the DS. Wow.

Like any other person, reading these previous blog posts, checking some my posting history and reading my (shudder) "reviews" just feels so strange. Where did the time go?

7 years. It has been 7 years.


Not much else to say, but if it weren't for this place, the community, the chance that I met one person that led to a series of events that led me to love of my life stemmed from here just blows my mind.

Perhaps some other day I will return and read this and reread my other archeived internet contributions.

Until then, cheers.

Oh man, inFamous 2 is almost out!!

by on

Boy oh boy, I cannot wait for this game to come out. I have the whole thing pre-ordered, Hero Edition.

I was such a huge fan of the first inFamous, even though it had some problems.

Gonna be a bummer when I get it and have to do finals that week, E3, AND ACT testing.v_v But atleast I get to sport that sexy Sling Pack.

Anyone Out There?

by on

Man, this site and undergone a lot of changes over the years, hasn't it? It's odd finding that the place where I started my internet lurking has turned into a site that I have long forgotten.

Very nostalgic reading what text I can scrap up from the site's servers, man how things have changed. And I first came here when I was what, 13? Very shameful that my Nintedo love has sunk over the last year or two. But looking forward to what they do with Cafe.

In a sense I'm probably just writing some sort of journal entry that is public, it might as well be dropped in a dark allyway behind a trashcan.

And these last few weeks flew by, that PSN outage was something, wasn't it? Glad its over, and glad I got to finally play Portal 2 co-op.

Well, time to symboliclly close the book for now.


Uh oh.

by on

I got addicted to forum posting again. x_x

Also, I learned The Thing That Should Not Be on guitar. :3
It is awesomeness.

Where have I gone? o.o

by on

Well, its been a LONG time since I've did much of anything on this site, aside from posting once in a while on the Wii boards.

So.. I haven't been doing much really. I play guitar now, I'm not great, but I can do some stuff with it. I've played a few Final Fantasies through. Uhh.. Playing a buncha DS games.

Haven't touched my Wii in a while.. mainly because I need batteries and charger is broken.

Why am I writing this? I'm extremly bored. :D I seriously have nothing better to do.


Done, did it :D

by on

Yep, I beat all the Mega Mans I downloaded for my Wii.

But, 9 was the hardest to pass -.-

I spent 4 hours of the game trying to beat it before and failed, then the next day I beat it as soon as I come home from school. :)

....Now I wanna play them again xD

Playing me some Mega Man.

by on

Recently I got Mega Man 1, 2, and 9 on my Wii.

Geez, I don't think I've spent this much time on VC games since Paper Mario, or F-Zero X.

So far I only beat the first Mega Man, and right now I'm up to Dr. Wily's stage on Mega Man 2. If I had 3-8 I'd play those before I get to 9, but I don't so I go from 2 to 9.


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