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Downtown Defender

I've started playing Downtown Defender @, and i have to say it is an awesome game, its almost console level 3D graphics in-browser, really quite cool.

You fly your balckhawkthrough downtown San Francisco, your mission is to strategically place your payload of powerful gun turrets on rooftops in order to inflict maximum damage on the monsters. Watch for flares, which indicate engineers, supplies or civilians to be rescued. Place the engineers on existing turrets for gun upgrades and use the various supplies to sabotage monsters.You fight off waves of giant monsters raging through the streets of downtown San Francisco before they eat all the people fleeing to the Ferry terminal Building.Every monster kill gives you more soldiers so that you can build larger and more deadly turrets. To win the game, you must protect the civilians long enough so that they can board the ferry and escape to safety.

here is a video of the gameplay:

I am really enjoying the hell out of this game, has anyone else tried it?

On a Search for the Best TD Game

I'm a huge WoW fan but I also can't get enough of Tower Defense. Lately I've been on the search for the best TD game...Desktop still takes the cake in my eyes but I'm also getting into Onslaught and Gemcraft lately too. The New Defense Grid: The Awakening looks cool, but I haven't had the chance to try it out yet. Something about 3D and TD seem to go hand in hand. Anyways, if anyone can recommend a few other good Tower Defense games I'd love to hear!