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Get Tactics Ogre, enough said.

One word, and it's cliche - WOW. Dust off that PSP and get going with this one. I can't beleve I missed out on this on back in the PSX days. This let alone makes me proud to be a PSP Go owner.

Is it just me, or is the PSP getting some baqnging titles right now? Here's hoping for digital downloads of all the new releases, as I am solely a "Go" player now since digital downloads will be BC w/ the NGP.

Big Blog Update - Setup/PSP/I went to the dark side and bought a 360 :o

Wow, it's been a couple months since I last made an update, and I've got lots to talk about....I'll try not to make this Blog post a brick wall :P

Before I begin, Happy B-day to my PS3! I bought it 2 years ago at Best Buy, as they were clearing the last of the 60GB models. I actually bought a PS3 10/11/07, and the unit was one of the limited defective units that had a mfg date of Jan 07, which came with a high-pitched noise that emitted from the console while running. I took that one back the next day (10/12/07), and picked up another 60Gb, mfg Mar 07, and it's been good to me ever since :)

First and foremost, I made the plunge last month and bought a 360. Alot of people didn't know this, but I always liked the 360, I just refused to pick one up until they had fixed the hardware, mainly in the Elites. I wanted a black one to go with my setup theme. I bought one of the Fall 09 Elites, and yes it's a Jasper! 12.1w power supply and all, mfg date 7/29/09. Since this is my secondary system (PS3 obvilusly being my primary), I don't have much for it yet. I picked up Halo 3 and a set of controllers (4 in all) so I can jam it out with friends, then online once the new Wireless N adaptor hits the shelves Nov. 3rd.

Xbox 360 Elite Jasper

I bought another controller rack from for my new 360 controllers, keeping the theme black with all of them :) What do you think?


Next up, and not so much of a big deal, I;ve decided to sell my PSP 3000, as those scanlines just aren't cutting it. I'm perfectly content with my original 1000, and it's served me well over the years. I just can't keep my eyes off of the lines of the 3000, so it's got to go. Lets hope the widely rumored 4000 has a wider color gamut, but without the lines, like the PSPgo. Gotta have that UMD drive :)

here's a few Pixel Junk Monsters pics I did earlier this morning, comparing the two.....notice the 3000 has green colored sand!

1000 vs 3000

Last but not least, here's a few updated pics of my setup, as it continues to grow while my pockets go empty.

PS3 setup

Hope that wasn't too much. I know everyone gets tired of looking at my setup pics, I have a bad habit of posting new ones everytime I get a couple new toys :P

My updated PS3 Setup

---If the pics are cut off, click on the yellow blog title!---

Today I did an update on my PS3 some new things, moved stuff around, etc. It's shaping up really nice, especially since I actually have room for everything now. I graduated from college almost 2 years ago, and have not used my desk since, so that was the first to go. after that, I unmounted the game shelf from the wall, and moved it back to where the desk used to be. Now, I feel like I've got a legitimate home theater in my bedroom, at least a mini one at that. Take a look, let me know what you think. I also posted these pics in the Rate my Setup thread in PS3 forums, so feel free to give me advice/suggestions/comments, I'm open to all. Alot of times they are the things that motivate me to make changes regarding my setup.

Enjoy :)

  • ASUS Essentio HDMI mini Desktop
    • Pentium Dual Core E5200 @ 2.5gGHz
    • 4GB ram
    • 64bit operating system
    • 640GB HDD @ 7200 RPM
    • CD/DVD burner
    • All HD inputs (Optical/Component/HDMI)
    • 7.1 ch surround capableSony PS3 320GB (formerly 60GB)
    • 6 USB hubs
    • Bluetooth Keyboard & mouse
  • Sony Bravia 40' LCD KDL40S4100 1080p @ 60Htz
  • Sony STR-DN1000 7.1 receiver
  • Sony 1000w 5.1 Home Theater System w/5 disc upconvert DVD player DAV-HDX589W
  • Sony S-Air wireless rear speaker system
  • Sony PSP 3000 + Component Cables (my secondary PSP, unit used strictly for TV gaming only)
  • 4x Dual Shock 3 controllers (one is a standard Six-Axis) & Armory Tech controller rack
  • Playstation Eye
  • Playstation Headset (Sony)
  • Logitech Bluetooth mediaboard (keyboard)
  • Playstation Blu-Ray remote
  • Sony Memory Card adaptor
  • Official PS3 AC adaptor (PSP/controller charger)
  • Official PS3 Carrying Bag
  • 1x Standard Gibson Les Paul from GH3
  • 1x Standard Guitar from GH: World Tour
  • 36x PS3 titles and 36x downloaded full-length network games
  • 13x PSone Downloaded titles
  • Verizon HD cable box

    PS3 Setup

  • PS3 Setup 2

    PS3 behind

    PS3 Setup 3

    PS3 Setup 4

    Here's a photo of how it used to look with the limited space >

    Old Setup

    < The good-ol days.... :)

PS3 Holiday 09 $$$

Aug 25: Batman Arkham Asylum

Sept1: Guitar Hero 5

Oct 13: Uncharted 2

Oct 13: Fallout 3: Game of the Year Edition

Oct 27: Ratchet & Clank: A Crack in Time

Oct 27: Tekken 6

Nov 10: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Nov 17: Assassin's Creed 2

Another exciting holiday for the P3... Start saving!

Buy a PSP......from a vending machine?!?!?!

Perhaps this is old news, but last week I was shocked when I saw it. Helping a buddy shop for a suit in Macy's, We stumbled upon a vending machine in the mens department that sold Ipods, cameras, and most shocking - PSP consoles and select software titles!

Let me break it down for you... awhile back, I read announcements that something of this nature was going to be happening in Japan, but I never really followed up on it. Somewhere in the past year, this machine snuck into my local Macy's, selling what appears to be a PSP 2000, packaged in a modified box - fit for a vending machine. At first, I was under the impression the unit's were just a few leftover 1000 series, that they decided to get rid of by throwing them in the new vending machine (given the nature of the box design, very similar to 1000 series PSP's). As it turns out, every indication on the front of the package points the finger as it being packaged as a 2000 series unit. The box is Orange and Black, the Home button is still present, and the playstation logo is on the corner, where it should be.

I guess it would be cool to say you got your console from a vending machine (especially if you're set on getting a 2000 series, which are becoming harder to find every day), but here's the deal breaker - it's $179.99! Aren't these things supposed to be discounted now, so that stores (or vending machines in this case:D) can make room for the 3000 model? I can't call it. Perhaps it's old news, but I knew this was going to be a blog post once I saw it for my own eyes:). Enjoy the crappy cell phone pics!

Macy's vending machine (side

PSP Vending Macine (front)

PSP Vending Machine (up close)

Thoughts on PS2 drop to $99.99.

I see alot of criticism going around regarding the new pricepoint of this system. How is this a bad thing for you whiners? The system still has support, and plays 15 years worth of timeless classics. Do you really think this is going to divert Sony's attention in focusing on the PS3? Think about it differently, We just got the brand new 90000 series here in thestates, eliminating the power brick supply. Hook one up in your car, get one for the first time, whatever the reason may be. Is the PS2 a bad investment of $99? Of course not. Finally, we see the day again whereone can purchase a new console for under a hundred bucks.

I got 30 games.

I got 30 PS3 games, most of which are pretty good. I'm a stud. Oh, not to mention I also have 29 downloaded games and 10 downloaded PSone titles. Now if only I had the time to play the all. Recently, I've been finding myself playing more PSP than anything else, as it's easier to pick up and play in my somewhat busy life.

That last game is Street Fighter 4, it's kinda hard to read.

Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection wins.

I hate how half of my entries have been about Sonic games recently, but it seems that's just what's on my mind. I'm really not a Ginormous Sonic fan, but whatever.

Anyways, this game DOES NOT DISAPPOINT. Sega has made numerous attempts in giving Sega/Sonic fans some really good bang for their buck, in releasing collections over the past 6 or so years. Here's a little history from my perspective:

2003: Sonic Mega Collection comes out for the Nintendo Gamecube. While it was a decnt attempt in releasing their first collection, it was missing something: Substance. The game was based on 90's Sonic games, but fell short in offering all of the titles they could have on that tiny GC disc.

2004: Sonic Mega Collection Plus is released for the PS2 and XBOX. Not only did this collection add 6 extra games, but also two better controllers. Playing with a GC controller was just complete torture the year before. [seriously, what was Nintendo thinking when creating that controller? Who in the heck was responsible in quality control that said "yeah, that'll do"? The 64 controller would have worked fine for the cube if they ditched the C buttons and adde an analog stick]. Anyways, the content was on point, but the quality of the ports absolutely sucked, especially on HD displays. Unfortunately, back in 2004 no one was worried about how the ports would look on future displays. You couldn't beat it with a launch pricepoint of $29.99 though. It quickly became a greatest hits title thefollowing year.

2005: Sonic Gems Collection was Nintendo's way of compensating for the lack of content in the 2003 release of mega collection. in this $30 package, you got 3 rare, but fairly good titles in the Sonic Franchise. Sonic CD was the main event here, as it has been revered as one of the best title's Sonic Team has ever produced.

2006: Sega Genesis Collection - Here we go, now Sega was getting serious. 28 titles, upgraded ports, and not limited to just the Sonic Franchise. Oh yeah, you even had the ability to play in progressive scan, which made it a huge plus for those using an HD display. You even had the option to pick it up for PSP if you wanted it for on the go. The prices were even better, with the PS2 at $20,and the PSP at $30. As for content, it was jampacked to the brim with some of Sega's most memorable titles, including the golden axe/vectorman/phantasy Star series. But wait......something was missing when I popped that game in my Streets of Rage? No Altred Beast? Only Sonic 1 & 2? What were they thinking? Why would they put such asanine tiles like Super Thunder Blade, Decap Attack, Sword of Vermillion, and Ecco Jr over such ****cs as Streets of Rage 1 and 2? But whatever, for the price you paid, the collection was still pretty solid.

2009: Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection delivers, and it delivers all too well. Perfection, and tenatively my game of the year for 2009 as of now. As many of you know, this game was release yesterday for the PS3 & 360, and absolutely rocks. Sega actually took their time in forming this magnificant collection, wasn't rushed out (unlike Sonic Unleashed), and achieves AAA status. Why you may ask? Lets break it down without a review: 1 - It provides the perfect blend between Sonic games and other great Genesis classics 2 - All of the missing titles from the 2006 collection are here 3 - Re-rendered graphics for HD displays up to 720p------wait, my tv is saying 1080p?!?! The PS3 version plays in 720p or 1080p! Extremely crisp graphics, with the option to turn on game smoothing for better clarity (not just PS3 smoothing) 4 - great unlockables, not just trash interviews. Nine full-length unlockable games! 5 - Substance: over 40 titles in one package, most of which are good? that's a new record. 6 - The most important one of all. This game offers something a PS3 should be able to do at anytime for retro-active BC systems - it allows you to change the display to your own personal preference. No longer are you limited to just 4:3 or 16:9. Now you can manually find that perfect balance in between the two displays, and once you do, the system automatically remembers that display when you go to play the specific Genesis game again!

So there you have it. If you have any interest in the ol 16bit days, go out and buy this masterpiece immediately!

PSP 3000 upgrade comtemplation

I'm seriously debating as to whether or not I am going to pick up a 3000 series. Why doesn't Sony promote these in store, and instead leave the outdated 1000 series in all of the displays? Are they hiding the screen problem from public attention as much as possible? I have a 1000 series in perfectly good working condition, but now I feel like I'm missing out on a good deal of upgrades to the system that occured over the past 2 years or so. Anyways, I'm just not sure whether or not I want to take a chance on this one. I'm going to give it another few weeks before I make my decision in blowing $170.

28 PS3 games, and counting!

Well today marks my 28th PS3 title, and it's none other than [Drumroll] ...... Motorstorm: Pacific Rift! I waited until the last moment of the Target $39 sale Saturday night, used a $25 Target giftcard I got from my Grand Parents, and took my good-ol time deciding between Shaun White and Motorstorm. While I didn't quite care for the orignial Motorstorm, I did enjoy the demo for Pacific Rift, which helped for me to make my decision. Shaun White has seriously been getting torn up in all of it's reviews, so I'm pretty sure I made a good choice.

Oh yeah, on top of the 28 Disc-based games, I also have 26 full-length downloaded titles, not including the 8 PSone downloads. Thasawholelottagames!

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