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Self Confidence......

So l'll be talking about a problem that alot of people are facting, or maybe not alot or maybe l'm just saying that because.......well l dunno know, anyway that problem is Self Confidence, u know when you're for example like having a presentation and all of a sudden you forgot your lines and u goo like "aaaaaaaaa wellll you seee...." or when you're in a exam doing great and there' s this one question that gets u thinking like" which one god damn it", and ofcourse there's the part when you're talking to a beautiful young lady which probably goes something like thhis " aaaaaa yeah aaaaaa" and you dunno what to say or u're voice goes low and u look down on the floor dunno what to say, and lets not forget the part when like u two sitting not talking and there's no discussion opened or anything which ofcourse leads to awkward, Yep thats me but there's something that l'm really good at....Gaming, seriously when it comes to games l forget everything and just play, forget everything and just play :), l'm pretty sure that happens to all of us, anyway when l play Games l have this confidence telling me " come on you can do it" l know it sounds funny but its true even when it sounds rediculous, l mean this confidence gave me the courage to beat Dead Space 2 on Hardcore mode (for all of you people who never played Dead Space 2 before, Hardcore mode is the hardest difficulty and u're able to save game 3 times only and there is no checkpoint, so to sum things up if u die u'll start from the saving point).

But at the end all l have to say is if you want to be good at something, u need to show it some courage, fath, u need to show it that you're willing to do what it takes and that you're ready for anything, l'm trying my best to do that, and l hope l succeed, thats all l have to say, if you have anything you would like to share plz leave a commont. Later ;D

A little about myself

About me

Hey l'm about to write a little bio about myself, lol l usually never do this u know write alittle about myself but well after they made gamespot alittle like twitter which is cool l started making freinds so l thought why not talk a little about myself u know intro myself, My name is mostafa from egypt, l'm 18 years old and l'm in collage, l love playing video games including Ps3 and pokemon in the Nintendo anyway l play soccer, swimming, and gym and yes gym not a sports l get that a lot LOL anyway my Psn account is tshifa and anyone is free to add me and my youtube account is mostafa94100, so yeah thats it, thats all l have to say XD