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I just realized

My RSS reader stopped reading my GS tracked user blog posts. If I haven't been commenting on your blogs recently, it's because this technical issue made me not realize your blog had been updated. Last time it updated was June 17th. Didn't notice it because all my other feeds still work. Thanks Gamespot. :roll:

12 months of Blog (Condensed)

Some people have complained that I haven’t updated my blog in a while. Well, it’ll be a year this week, so I have to agree. I was getting sick of seeing that blog title on my page anyway, as I still visit this site on a daily basis. I was originally writing a recap of the entire year since my last blog. But it got over 2 pages long and only covered 2 months, so in an attempt to save me time and to avoid any tl;dr comments, here is a shortened version made with a run on sentence for each month. May 2007: almost lost 3 toes, foot bled for 2 weeks, couldn’t walk therefore couldn’t look for a job, people on the streets taking pictures of me, even driving up to my house and taking a pic of me in my living room still don’t know why. June 2007: Got very sick, couldn’t even open a bottle of tropicana or sleep for 2 hours or stay awake for 2 hours, got a job in a town with a population of under 50, had to give up killzone liberation online because the job was in an area with no high speed internet, I dropped out of the top 10 on the North American leaderboard, started work, supposed to be 35 hours a week, but was working up to 50 each week. Internet use dropped because I was reduced to dial up. July 2007: Still having pains from when I was sick and chest pains begin daily, I’ve had chest pains since grade 7 and am now in my second year of university so I was not worried about it at first, but it was never that constant, went to see The White Stripes preform at Mile One Centre (I still think the name should not have been changed from Mile One Stadium),got rushed to emergency twice, had a blood clot, and almost had a stroke, gave up coffee and changed my diet, continued working 50 hours a week, I buy a PS3. August 2007: Final few weeks of my contract, worked enough overtime to finish a week early and return home, but that didn’t happen, instead I got every second day off, which was crap because by this point I wanted to go home, started playing runescape because I could actually play online with dial up and some friends play it, finally got to come home. September 2007: School begins, I go to see The Tragically Hip at Mile One Centre, 10th row seats, not as good as when I saw them front row 2 years previous, play lots of Warhawk. October 2007: More school, more warhawk. November 2007: More school, less warhawk, but still some, and Uncharted Drakes Fortune. December 2007: Exams begin, got in a street fight with a bouncer on my way home from an exam, concussion and black eye make it hard to study for final 2 exams, christmas comes and goes, I get back into runescape, and my brother in law and sister start playing as well. Finished Final Fantasy 12 with all sky pirates den figures, meaning bestiary complete, all marks and optional bosses killed, also got all characters to lvl 99. January 2008: School begins again. February 2008: Tried getting back into warhawk, but just could not find the time because school had lots of group meetings, found more reasons to not go to Memorial University of Newfoundland, I really hate that place. Continue to walk to and from school despite the fact that it’s 2 km away and there are no sidewalks during winter. March 2008: Pretty much same as January and February. April 2008: Final exams again, finished on the 17th, am now on summer break, played more warhawk, bought rock band, should start looking for a job as well as a new university for the fall, but GTA IV comes out in a few hours, so that will probably wait till next month. And finally, developed a fear of cameras. I get chest pains whenever somebody takes my picture now, because of the random people or person (entirely possible it was the same person 3 or 4 times) taking pictures of me last May and June. So thats it. A recap of 1 year condensed to under 1 page.

Almost Completed

We've all done it. We have played a game until the point where it will be completed in just a few more hours. But then we stop. We say to ourselves I'll finish that off tomorrow. Tomorrow never comes. The next day we come up with reasons to not play it. "I've played it a lot lately, and it won't take long to finish anyway." "It's not worth playing right now, I have too much time, It'll be done and I will still have spare time." The game never gets finished.

Just look at my now playing list. Every game on that list I haven't beaten. Up until last week 4 out of my 5 PSP games were on that list. And I'm so close to finishing them all. I had one more Unique Stunt Jump in Vice City Stories. I have one more skin to unlock in Lumines, I have two more races to complete in Ridge Racer, and I have one more goal to do in Tony Hawk's Underground 2 Remix.

My PS2 isn't much better. There are 3 Timmy's to hunt down in Driv3r. Just going through the final cutscene in Half Life, but it won't load. I could finish Final Fantasy XII if I wanted to, but I'm doing side quests. There is 1% left on Gran Turismo 3.

On the PC there is Red Alert, which I have 1 mission left for the allies. Need For Speed: Porche Unleased has a few more races, Need For Speed: Hot Persuit 2 would be done, but I leant it to a friend a year ago, and I think the PS2 version is better, so I don't really want to play it.

There are even PS1 games that I am almost done. In Final Fantast Origins all I had left was the final boss of FF2, but I'm not strong enough to beat him yet and I've sold the weapon that is his only weakness. I could beat him if I had that. Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 has just a few gaps and then complete the Career with the character unlocked by completing the gaps. GTA2 is also close to completion, but the PC version is better, so I'd rather play that.

I intend to complete most of these. I have 3 games I haven't even started yet because I'm trying to finish off some of this list before I end up adding more to it. The PC ones will probably stay there for a while, as I have a Mac now, but the PSP ones and the PS2 ones will be done before I start those 3 games.

Wierd Day

I expected today to be like every other day. Get up, drink coffee, walk to school, play pool, walk back. So at the end of my first class the teacher starts giving back our last assignment. She's calling out names and one of them is a name I recognize. It's a guy I went to private school with a decade ago. We're both doing Computer Science majors now. Then at mt next class (which is also my last class of the day. I set up my scheduele to end at noon on fridays) The teach starts returning our midterms. Another name I recognize, from the same private school I went to back from 94-97. How wierd is that? Two people I haven't talked to in 10 years, and I end up meating them both on the same day.

I also didn't expect to buy a new chair today. Last weak mine fell apart. Dad's in town for an apointment so he can drive me around to different stores to look for a new one. I was hoping to find one in the range of $100-$150. I spent more on my new chair than I did on buying my PS2 or my PSP. I certainly didn't think when I woke up this morning that I would be spending that much on a chair. But it's really comfortable. I'm glad I ignored the price, because I will spend a lot of time in that chair. Check it out here.

Slacking off at school

I haven't been posting much recently.  I kind of need to start studting because exams are in 2 weeks.  Also, I got Vice City Stories and Final Fantasy XII.  Therefore, no time for GS.  I actually need to go through all my RSS feeds as well.  There is over 200 updates since the last time I checked.  I haven't been on the computer a lot recently because of the studying and the  games (mainly games).  I even put 37 hours into FFXII on the long weekend, and will probably put 6 or 7 more on today.

 The University had no power on the weekend so half of the buildings were still without power or too cold.  My lab this morning was cancelled because of it.  That would have been good to know before I missed the bus and walked to school.  After I found out the lab was canceled I decided to play some pool then go home because in my other 2 classes today were pointless.  In one we are watching a movie that I have seen before and in the other the teacher doesn't know how to teach, so I skip it at least once a week.  It's a good thing my lab was canceled because I didn't do the assignment that you hand in at the begining of the lab.

 Also, the university screwed me over.  Back in the spring, academic advisors go to the high schools and tell the students what courses they need to take to get into the program the want.  So, I took the courses they told me to.  Unfortunately, they told me to take Computer Science 1700, when what I need for my double degree is Computer Science 1710.  Now I don't have the prerequisite for another 2 courses I need, and I had to take a slack class that I don't need.  So, I have to take some courses this summer to catch up.

19 Days Later, I Get the Internet Back

I finaly have it back, and not a moment too soon.  Midterms are next week and all the notes are online.  I'll finally be able to study, as well as visit GS again.  Actually, I got it back on Friday, about 10 minutes before I left to go to my parents house for the Thanksgiving Weekend, so I didn't have time to post then.  I got a pile of Email and PMs to look through, so I probably won't post a lot today, but I'll be able to post on a regular basis again.  While I had no internet I got to finish off a few of my unfinished games, as well as start some that I had but never played.  I also bought Rugby 2005, but don't really have time to play it.

Tis the season for...

Concerts.  With the start of University, concerts are everywhere, and cheap.  Next Tuesday for only $12 I can see The Trews.  I'm not a huge fan of The Trews, but I might go because it is only $12.  Then on Friday my second favorite band, The Joel Plaskett Emergency, are playing in a club on campus for only $5.  Then, on Monday for only $51, Hootie and The Blowfish are playing Mile One Stadium.  I will probably only go to 2 of these concerts, but I might go to all 3.  Despite the fact that tickets have been on sale for over a month, there are still good seats available for Hootie and The Blowfish.  My ticket to Pearl Jam last September was in row XX (The second last row on the floor) and you can still get seats in row F, and I got that ticket only 2 hours after tickets went on sale, so row F is a really good seat if you compare the two.  I am also waiting for an anouncement on The Tragically Hip's new tour.  Their new albulm, World Container, comes out October 17, and there should be a tour along with the new albulm.

A few Union related things

I am now the leader of the Games With Guns Union. It should be a double AWOL union, but thanks to the glitch it is Active Duty still. We need at least 2 new officers, and the rest of the union needs to start posting on the board. I have added a few new general topics, such as PC shooter discussion and Console shooter discussion. If you are not a member feel free to join. There are over 100 members already.

Also, I am helping form a PC Builders and Off Topic Union. Once that forms feel free to join that as well.

Also, join GTA Legends, The Black Hole Union, and The CFL Union.

Lowering my activity

In case you have not seen it posted in the unions that I am in, I am moving out of my parents house.  I won't be able to take their PC with me, so I am stuck without a computer.  I will try to post with my PSP, but I won't be on much.  So basically my activity in unions and on the boards will be almost non-existant, until I get my own PC.  That will probably be in September.
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