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E3 2013 - The Great Show

Here we go...Microsoft vs. Sony...Everybody was very excited to see what these two giants come up with this year...

Frankly...I'm disappointed! Microsoft re-unveiled the Xbox One, threw some games at us - nothing special, mostly sequels - and told us to spend 500 bucks on something some of us already have. No used games witch means you pay for something, you own it but it's not exactly yours. 24h check-in which is #$%^ and overall a 360 on steroids in a shiny new box. And what about the Kinect? Not one feature, no game, no clip, nothing even remotely close to reveal the great possibilities this piece of hardware can provide. And I could do this all day! This press conference is actually for the game designers! They are the ones that are supposed to take the credit for this because the only thing new here, were the old new games.

But...let's not forget about Sony and the "wonderful" reveal of the PS4. I know, I know there are some people out there who were very impressed but you want to know what I think? The only thing better about the Sony is that they didn't made Microsoft's mistakes mentioned above. Other than that it's the same old thing but this time it's a PS3 on steroids in a polished PS2 box. Let's not let the presentation to chance because Sony amazed me this year...with the same depressing, poor animated, 90 's look blue Japanese sens of design, old traditional Sony, straight lines, 2 year old painted presentation! When I started to write this I wanted to go all the way three-page on this years E3 press conferences but it's just a turn-off so I'm wrapping it up...but I just have to mention the Ubisoft chick with the sex jokes that had to be there this year too...Guys! Is it too expensive to bring someone that could really raise a crowd?!


air mail

:) A few weeks ago I was informed by our lovely community manager, Jody Robinson, that I've won a T-shirt because I took part at a box art hunt activity! Well I just got it. It took 6318 miles (approx.) and a few weeks but now I'm happy to brag with it. :)


A way to show what you like!

I had a vision the other day...

I was thinking - what if I personalize all my T-shirts?! So I did just that! At first I didn't know what to begin with but soon it came to my mind! YES Assassin's Creed and Ubisoft! And GAMESPOT...I haven't forgotten you! :)