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Resigning at Work

Does any one have the same problem with Managers at work.

Ive been working at a fast food restuanrane for five years, and have worked only at weekends (part time), every now and then i probley work 1 or 2 days in the week, kinda if they need some body in.

But this last year, a female restaurant manager came in and starts changing everything, new rules, new ways in working, reducing staff so its more pressure on a individual for only £4.85 an hour, and we are running around doing everything.

We have had 6 resturants managers  in the last five years, but they always have a kind heart, all ways treating people with respect and allowing us to have abit of fun, as long as customers still get their food.

Myself is a very hard working person, very friendly and like to have a laugh and help out others that need help. Very good at team working skills. Always on time are even really early, example: a good 15 to 20 minutes early sometimes.

Now we have this NEW female manager, shes so mardy, shouts at everyone, makes everyone stressed, makes the whole enviroment horrible to work in, and then we all moan at each other all beacuse of her.

One firday, recently, apprently i was meant to be working, i honestly did not know anything about this.

I turned up on Saturday like normaly, on the open, she arrives 15 minuites late and then rushes parts me and then gives me an evil face through out the whole morning and still at this time, i did not know what was wrong.

Normaly i dont have to check the roater beacuse i only work Saturday 8am till 4pm, and Sunday 9am till 2pm.

She didnt phone me or even warn me to say i should have came in. So really it wasnt my fault.

Now at the end of Saturday, she really shouted at me and made me feel small, i dont have to put up with people like her, she does this to everyone, makes everyone feel like crap, and its not clever and its not nice and it shows shes not a good resturtant manager if she cant cope.

The area manager wont even listen to you, so theres no point in trying to speak to him.

So now I QUIT.......

Time to move on, and shes expecting me to work this friday and weekend, but im not going to do her any more favours after the way she treated me last weekend.

And its my Birthday this Friday

She want me to work my birthday, normaly i might think about it, but working with her and all shes going to do is shout at me and treat me like scum, well im not going to waste my energy no more with her.

So she can look else where.

Thing is, we had a total of 25 staff, because of her, its gone down to 8 people. Will be 7 when i go, which is now, because im not going back.


On a mission on buying a Car

Ive spent mostly all day to day, looking for second hand cars and comparing different insurance companys, and the best ive come up with is:

Churchill. (Insurance for cars)

I looked up different cars, for example.

First car i checked out was a Vauxhall Corsa, 1.1 3dr Red.

Costing £500

Insurance: Churchill Quote: £865.00

Seems very good....

Others like Norwich Union....Quote me happy. £1500.00

:evil: THIS DOES NOT QUOTE ME HAPPY.!!!! :evil:

Now ive seen a 1996 N Reg PEUGEOT 106 1.1i XN Graduate Cat 

Cost: £690

Insurance: Churchill: £868.35

My kinda car.. Ideal for my first car....

What Cars would any one else recommend ?

Welcome EVERYBODY. Morts Back, Online.

For the last TWO months, ive not been online as you all know, and my union had came to a hault.

Now im back, and will be making massive improvemtns once again. 8)

College became very busy, as we had to start handing in all these assignements, and we had at least 9 assignments to hand in for the last week, and we had to work really quickly on getting them completed, so i couldnt come on GAMESPOT not even for a second, at the end of the day, college will get me some where in life, where as GS dosent get me anywhere apart from gaining lots of friends and knowledge.

I'm all so please to let you all know, ive been driving for a year now, and taking lessons, ive been improving all the time, and i let you all know ages ago, I passed my Theory first time.

Well now, ive taken my driving test and also passed first time.

All i need now is a set of new wheels to get me on the road.

Any ideas what car i should be buying for my first car?

Please feel free to let me know what you had as your first car and how much it cost you? - including the insurance.

:P  :P  :P

Damn College

For the last few weeks, ive had to focus on all my college assignments, as we have only got until June the 12th to get all the assignment completed and handed in by that date.

I still currently have 8 assignments todo which isnt good, last year i was able to complete all my assignment by the end of May, which meant i could chill out through june, but this year was alot harder, and now all the teachers are moaning say we must hand it all in.

Ive not been able to play any PC/PS2 games for a while now, let alone wonder around here on GS.

Though when its all over, i will be able to celebrate and enjoy summer as college will be over with. :lol:

Only a 2 year course, but ive been at college now for 5 years, and getting board of constant homework. :x

I now want to get in to a full time job in the computer area.

Networking, system support, web-design, Office, etc.

Any way, have a fun week, must crack on with work.:cry:

Advent Children Finaly strikes


Monday, 24th April

Advent children is finaly available on DVD in stores from today.

Even though ive already seen the japenese version, it was all english subtitles, so at least this time i will be able to listen to it in english..

Contains 2 disk,

Disc One:
Feature Film.
Reminiscence of Final Fantasy VII (Story Digest).

Disc Two:
Distance: The Making of Advent Children.
Venice Film Festival Footage.
Sneak Peak of Upcoming Final Fantasy VII Games.
Final Fantasy VII Advent Children: Trailers.
Deleted Scenes.

Virgin Megastore Prices (UK)

£13.99 - £19.99 dvd


Glad you've all had a great Easter.

Sorry ive not been visiting GS much, but i will now try my best to post more and visit other unions and blogs.

Have a nice day.

Easter Term

Finally we break up from college to have 2 weeks to relax a little. Apart from all this course work that i have to do.

I know easter is not yet, not until Sunday, but i might be a little busy from now and up to Sunday, so i thought i would post a blog early and wish you all a


Here is a few Easter Eggs from me....


Don't eat them all at once.

We will be having a family get together, and share all the easter eggs with everone.

Whats your Plans for easter?

New Spec Upgrade for PC


After buying this game, i tryed to play it on my PC with the minimum spec required.

I had 512mb memory, with the Geforce FX 5600. -128mb

The game its self was very demanding on the graphics, and could not keep up, so i had to play the game on the lowest settings, and the screen res on 800x600, this made the game look rubbish to play on, and the movements were very slow.

So i had to do something about it.

I went to the bank to check how much cash i had, It was about average.

I then vistes my favorite website were i purchase items from, for the PC.

I had to buy my self a new Graphics card and more memory, just to play that game.

I decide to buy the best graghics card going currently at the moment, which is:

Geforce 7800 GS, 8x AGP 256MB DDR3

And 1GB memory stick.

Was very expensive, cost me: £280.56

But i tell you know.

It was very much worth it..

The game looks very incrdible, te detail on the game looks so real. Ive only played 2 hours worth of the game at the moment.

But if anyone is looking for a good and the most intreseting RPG GAME EVER.

Then look no further, buy this game.

One of the most decient games going, including the final fantasy series.

I know it sounds a little silly to keep upgrading my PC just because of a certain game.

But if anyone loves game, then you wound do anything just to play it.

And in my case, i had to buy some NEW hardware for the game.

Geforce 7800 GS

Has anyone else brought some NEW items for there PC, just to play a certain game.

Name the game and the upgrade made?


Elderscroll Game

After playing the other three Elderscroll games.

  • Morrowind
  • Tribunal
  • Bloodmoon

I enjoyed the game a hell of a lot, and now the Oblivion comes out, to punish us all to hell.

The game will be out on friday in leicester UK.

Ive put my name down for the collection editon.

Who else has played this game before and what do you think about the game and gameplay.?


Currently ive been accepting alot of Unions, but now i find myself too busy with college course work, and at this present time, i can't keep track of every Union that is going.

So ive limited my Unions from 18 down to 5.

They are:

I will be posting messages in the above Unions.

But when i have more time, then i will continue accepting more Unions again.

Have a fun Week.....8)

The Flu

Due to the weather conditions, i think most people are catching a cold. First of all my Sister felt Ill, then my dad felt a bit ill.

And today, ive not been able to go into work as i feel poorly myself.

Though i was at work on Saturday, coughing and sneezing and they did not send me home, and i also work in a restuarant in the kitchen, so really i should have been sent home.

Also in the last week, i have been very busy so ive not been able to post much to anyone, but as soon as im better again, i will be back with lots off inspriation for banners, tags, sigs and joining in with all the topics in the fourms.

How has everyone else been, any one eles been under the weather?

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