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for serious gamers only. no exceptions

I left a really bad run on some important game concepts that most gamers don't understand.  Only read this if you would like some insight into the future of ray-tracing and blue ray as well as their overall effect on the PS3.

ok... going to die... again

yeah... i going again... can't take it much longer... but i can say school starts soon, which means more time to post here (yeah, the only thing dial up is good for, making excuses) :D  anyway i beat dirge of cerberus... big disappointment.  i finished the main storyline on my own, in two days and i'm already half way through my second play through on very hard mode :(  i just cant beat the extra missions, they're somewhat hard and i can't find all the memory capsules to get the unlockables :cry:

I'm Back! Weeee

Yes, I'm back and intend to recover a bit :D  So I'm hoping I didn't miss to much here and now i'm realizing I need to change my banner... :(

Continuing Absense... Sorry :P

Before you continue check this out...
Kitler told me, yes it's amazing...

Yeah, I know, I've been busy lately. Anyway my lineup of porjects are being taken care of...
1) Tile engine, ouline complete... I just don't want to start the h#77 of coding it... :cry:
2) PS2 bonding... beautiful...
3) C++/Allegro studies are progressing, I still need to keep working on Refrences and Overloading... :)
4) FFX-2 (Yes, I'm actually playing that... :P) I'm going for that 100% "Perfect " ending even though it's supposed to suck, playing on a new game plus i've shot from about 85 to 87 percent in chapters 1 through 3... :? Oh well...

NEW PROJECT: Before I visit my friend I want to complete a small project... Make one of those electronic pet games, yeah like tomagachi or however you spelt that... anyway that would be using allegro...

Sometime before school... finish my summer homework. It's sad, really sad but I have seven weeks left :D

SAT scores are in for me as well...
"Critical Reading" 590 75% "National Percentile"
"Math" 670 89% "National Percentile"
Multiple Choice 49 (range 20-80)
Essay 8 (range 2-12)

Yeah, I know I like to show off like that... :P I'm a jerk :D... not a rich jerk though :cry: sad part is that's 89th NP and I took the test in the 10th grade.... I'm just becoming a fricken junior :lol: S-A-D but my writing score sucked... :? Nah :P

EDIT: Forgot my new avvie... :P

EDIT...AGAIN!: Can someone help me... My avvie wont change :(

Temporary Absence

OK so maybe it's more than "temporary," but I will be sorting out some stuff and will pretty much be inactive for a while.  I will be spending the next week or so taking care of my hobbies (I'm working on a graphical engine for my game) and would like to get reaquainted with my PS2 after a long school year (btw i'm in the top 10% of my class... :D).  I will return!

Fun Day, Good Food

Yeah, I love food, and i was hungry, so i cooked... Teri-i-don't-know -how-to-spell beef with tomatoes, green pepers, carrots, and rice... It was tastey...

<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="Free Image Hosting at" /></a>

My cat couldn't quite eat it... i'd put up the img, but somethings not working...

i've been havin fun

The GIMP is a crazy fun tool... i've never made animations before, anyway I'm going to upgrade my banner (yes the last was paint, no graphics gale...) and i have a little treat for the dedicated, i'm gonna call it... i don't know...

i don't know...

click it, i dare you

Edit: crap, it doesn't fit, well i'll post it in the great Rpg's union (it's in my unions, duh :wink: ) i hope nobody freaks out about the end

Yes, I do blog a lot

Does anyone know where this fuzz comes from around the parts of my banner?  It's really annoying and I want to remove it soon.  Otherwise I have a new banner for myself...  I should have a background on it though... oh well.  I'll see you around :P