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Banned. >=o

I just got a messag saying that I'm banned from the forums for going off topic! >=o But I can't even post on GS anymore. :( I'm forced to use >: 0 wtf curse the people that reported me. >:0

DEMONSLAYER: Tie said she's gonna miss you, so make a Gaia. =;

POLKA: I LOVEEE YOU! >: o I blame you for me being banned. xD rofl jk LOL!! You're the awesomeness! : )

TO MATT; YOU LAME EXCUSE OF A PERSON! :) You are an idiot, and untill you realize that you're not God, you're just gonna have nothing but trouble in your life.:) I also think you're really gay but wont adimitt it, and I think that you are one of the Brownly sisters. :)

Omf I think I'll be banned for real soon. >: O Anyway, I LOVE YOU ALL FOR REAL! YOU MADE THIS SITE PARTLY WORTH COMING TOO! : D

You are the apple to my pie. : )

Hello my wonderful little For Tax year 2008 Premier Investments n Rental Property! :D :| How are you guys doing on this hot day? Well, omg I haven't made a blog in forever! >: O I don't know why either. :| I think it's just laziness and school. >_> cute-2.gif Slapping Pigs image by c0829Anyhow, YAY 20 something more days till school is over. :| I can't wait. XD cute-2.gif Slapping Pigs image by c0829Anywho, I was going to write about something but now I have forgotten. x.x SO how have you guys been lately? =D Ooh happy belated MOTHERS DAY! : D And any other holidays I forgot to blog about. *_*

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YAY!! >=o *Does a happy dance*

thbibi.gif floating cute monster image by plup5600 Hello my wonderful little, Outlook's Mail module and instant messaging keeping you in touch with your personal and business contacts! :| thbibi.gif floating cute monster image by plup5600 Omg, it's been a long time sense I have made a blog. :| Or it seems like it. =; Anyway, omg my mom went to a funneral in St.Louis, and she called us at 5:00 Am saying that they had an earth quake, and she was like totally calm about it. O.o I was like :| okaaay. x.x Because like she said when she was younger there was a lot of earth quakes so she is use to it. =| thbibi.gif floating cute monster image by plup5600 Anywho, I'M FINALLY LEVEL 25 ( or is it 26? :| ) ON GS!!!! *Runs around naked* =o woooo hoooo!! :D Okay, well that is about it. xD Ohh yeah, school is ALMOST OVER!! YAY!! I can't wait. =) But it seems like this school year has gone by faster then normal. :] Which is awesome. =)) ^_^ Oh yeah T_T Tie tagged me, and An tagged me. T_T So I guess I better post like 5 things about me. :|

1. I'm a girl. :o

2. I have bras. :o

3. I love heels. :o

4. I'm done. :o

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My baby!! SOMEONE FIND MY BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =((

Hello my wonderful little LAN Ports Power Connectors! :| How are you guys doing on this beautiful day? :D Well, it seems like I haven't been here in like forever!! :| I've missed you guys so much!! :] APRIL FOOLS. :| ANyway, bleh, nothing really new has happened except that I cut my hair once again, and joined my church choir! ^_^ Which is just awesome! :] Lets dad was actually thinking of getting meh a cell phone!! *jumps* I never had anyone to really call before but now I actually do. ^.^ Chee! Oh yeah, so back to what the blog was suppose to be about =(( TIE IS BANNED! :evil: Because of some people that she hasn't even been mean to but posted a comment saying that they are able to make their own choices. And they banned her : Like seriously wth. And yesterday my other friend was banned =| *sigh* >: O Their fake little selfs are gonna pay :] MWHAHWAHHA!! XD


IS THE MOST AWESOMENESS GAME I HAVE EVER PLAYED!! I loveeeeeeeeee IT LONG TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!

SNOW!!! Yaaay!!

Hello my wonderful little cupcakes full of pretty stuff! :| How are ya'll doing today? Well, it's been forever since I made blog >:0 I've been so busy lately >_< cloud.gif cloud image by branny_branstarBut anyway, today is my sisters birthday :O Her name is Marty. :| Well, her real name is Marcia but we like to call her Marty instead. :D :| cloud.gif cloud image by branny_branstarAnywho, well it has been raining so much here :O And omg I couldn't get any sleep because the rain was very heavy and the thunder was so loud >:0 Anyway, OMG IT'S SNOWING! Wooo! And hailing outside! >: ) It's awesome XD Alright, I can't think of anything else to say. :| LOVE YA'LL!!

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Will you....BE BE BE BE BE BE BE BE BE BE Valentine. :| Wait...

cute.gif cute image by wheeler021 Hello my wonderful little R3# show crypto ipsec transform-set transform set :50. :| How are you guys doing on this cloudy day? =o Well, today was long!! :| And I had a bad sleep last night! >: ( It totally sucked, I woke up like 8 times :| And then stayed up for about 10 minutes each time and then went to sleep x.x 86danglersmagiagifs.gif picture by SunlightwaySchool was pretty easy today! Except I have to write like a 4 page papper on something. -_-* But it should be fun =D And then I have to write like 4 book reports T_T I soo don't like writing those things. :|86danglersmagiagifs.gif picture by Sunlightway cute.gif cute image by wheeler021 And hmm lets see, idk what else :| Ooh yeah! TONIGTH IS SHABBAT! Wooooo *runs around* yay!!! It starts at 5:56 and ends tomorrow at 6:52 Pm. >: ) So don't conplain! >:0 All right! LOVE YA'LL!! cute.gif cute image by wheeler021

LoVe dAy!!! ~_^ WOOO HOO! MAKE CHILDREN! &gt;:0

hearts-10.gif hearts image by brock_07Hello my wonderful little 802.11g/2.4GHz Wireless Routers! :| How are you guys doing on this bewitching day?hearts-10.gif hearts image by brock_07 OMG! I'm so exicted!! :D Today is one of my favorite day's of the whole year! hearts-10.gif hearts image by brock_07=o ~*Valentines~*Day*~ *sigh* It's so sweet to see all the guys running and getting last minute gifts for their lovers. =)) hearts-10.gif hearts image by brock_07It's so sweet!! ^_^

lineheart.gif heart line image by FxRoxyChckI feel bad for my mom though. :( She had this really nice dinner and everything planned for my dad, but he got sick like two days ago and now they can't go out =( She was so exicted >_> I'm ticked...he can't take her out but he can still go to work?...:| >: ( lineheart.gif heart line image by FxRoxyChckI always wondered where Valentines day came from, so I asked my mom and she told me this.. hearts-10.gif hearts image by brock_07Supposedly Valentine was a dude in prisone who fell in love with his jailor's daughter. Before he was put to death he sent the first 'valentine' himself when he wrote her a letter and signed it 'Your Valentine'. :| That's really sad =/ Alright, have a wonderful day! LOVE YA'LL!!

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