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Trailer Haven!

The Dark Knight Rises Trailer and The Hobbit Trailer all in two days... Awesome!

I was SO excited to see BOTH of these trailers, but I wanted to see TDKR one more, and Nolan did not dissapoint, The Dark Knight Rises trailer is one of the best trailers I have ever seen, I HAD CHILLS FOR TREE MINUTES!

Trailer Here:

And Now for The Hobbit Trailer. Have You ever read a book, then some time later, they make a movie off of it, and then the trailer come ouit and you get really happy because you "KNOW" everything that happed in it. Well thats what happed with me when I watched The Hobbit trailer, I loved the book SO much and I now REALLY want to see the movie.

Trailer Here:

My 2 most anticipated Movies of 2012.