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October is EPIC!

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Why you might ask... her is a list of EPIC thing thathappend in October

1. Batman Arkham City

2. Dark Souls

3. The Avengers Trailer

4. Live Action Skyrim trailer

5. Captain America on Blu-Ray my first Collector's Eddition(Batman Arkham City)

7. finaly got to drink a "Monster", I just never thought of getting one. it tasts good.

8. Took Batman Arkham City week off.

9. got tickets for Vacation next month.

10. got the Batman Arkham City Batarang Controller.

11. The Walking Dead Season 1 & 2

12. saw "The Fighter", that movie was amazing, WATCH IT!

13. New Psych Season, So far a realy GREAT season.

14. Started to watch "Dollhouse" neet show so far.

and thats all I can think of right now, hope you had an EPIC month as well. BTW! Sorry if I didnt post Battlefield 3 here, I didnt get it, But I will later.