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GOTY and more

I posted this on Fuse so nothing new.

My Game of the Year is BATMAN ARKHAM CITY!

Batman Arkham City IGN Box art

What? did you think I was going to give it to anything els? Yes Skyrim was Great and the best RPG I have ever played. But EVERY OTHER CRITIC has given it GOTY, So I was a little sad, that and I just love playing Batman more than Skyrim.(and I'm a fanboy... psssst that has nothing to to with it)

Best RPG



Best Shooter

Gears of War 3 Screenshot

Gears of War 3. Its not MW3, not Battlefield 3, but GEARS OF WAR 3!

and best Action

Batman Arkham City!

Batman Arkham City 5

Thats my "Best of 2011" hope you liked it. Thats all.