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moonknght24's Best of E3

Best Graphics--Gears of War 3 & Crysis 2

Most Disappointing Absence--Batman Arkham Asylum 2

Best E3 Trailer-- Assassins Creed: Brotherhood

Best E3 Stage Demo-- Dead Space 2

Best Action/Adventure game-- Assassins Creed Brotherhood & Dead Space 2

Best Racing Game-- Gran Turismo 5

Best RPG-- Fable 3

Best Shooter-- Gears of War 3& Killzone 3

Best PS3 Game-- Killzone 3 & Assassins Creed Brotherhood

Best Xbox 360 Game-- Gears of War 3 & Dead Space 2

Best Game of E3-- Dead Space 2 & Gears of War 3

best E3 Conference

this years E3 Conference's where awesome but my favorite 2 are the EA andSony's Conference's they where my fave what was yours.

but my favorite's game that they showd was assassins creed Brotherhood, Medal of Honor, Dead Space 2, and Ghost Recon Future Soldier!

what I really want to see at E3

Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions


Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood

AC: Brotherhood wallpaper

Gears of War 3

GOW3 logo

Batman: Arkham Asylum II

no pic

Call of Duty: Black Ops

no pic


no pic

inFamous 2

Cole Mcgrath

GR: Future Soldier