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Spider-man: Shattered Dimensions!

Well Spider-man: Shattered Dimensions came out today and it is allot of fun, to me its the best spider-man game ever made, if you like/love your friendly neighborhood Spider-man you should go pic it up:D I will not review it for about until next week so expect my review on a Friday till then, if you have seen the launch trailer for Spider-man: Shattered Dimensions.




Holy crap this is Awesome i just got back from seeing inception and it was Awesome!!! if you haven't seen this yet you better go see it! You might think meh but if you say "man you have problems" go see it it makes my number 1!

and to back up the Epic action it had an amazing story so 10/10 5/5 stars:D

Batman Arkham City FINELY and The Book of Eli

Yeah finely my Gameinformer got here:D it was one of my favorite issues it was gameinformer describing a Awesome Demo i hope the Demo will show at E3 next year it sounded Awesome!

And yesterday i saw the Book of Eli it was really good i would give it a 9.3 the Action was good the Story was Great, I would recommend you seeing it.

:D moonknght24(i just felt like putting my name there:P)

well i have been tagged.

well sence i have been tagged here are ten thing about me:D

1 im a big Marvel geek and proud of it.

2 I have a cat named Kitty, a dog named Max, and a bird named Nikki.

3 i have always wanted to go to a comic-con.

4 i perfer the PS3.

5 my favorite band is Thousand foot kruch.

6 I live in TX

7 at times im random

8 my favorite comic Hero of all time is Spider-man.

9 I am a christian and am 100% proud of it!

10 i want to have jobwhere your allowed to carry a gun.

and thats all im going to put down:D ill tagg some people later.