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HMMM....Gamespot or IGN???

I wonder what people out there thing about which site does better game reviews...Gamespot or IGN? I like them both...I give a slight edge to Gamespot. I feel IGN over rates a lot of game...but sometimes I feel Gamespot is way too harsh in some reviews.

Skyrim...over rated? Dark Souls much better?

I used to think Skyrim was the best game ever. But after playing it for a LONG's way over rated. Once your up at a high level (Regardless of what difficulty you have it on) with 20 AI in front of you, it's too easy. One hit kill after another, seems that the caves and certain places look the same with different names. There's no "Real" ending, and Bethesda is screwing up on DLC and keeps patching the game. On the other side there's Dark Souls, YES I know they are 2 completely different games!! BUT..they are 2 VERY popular RPG games. Dark Souls has better combat, better Boss fights and WAY harder to beat! Skyrim is much bigger, you feel like you are more in an open world, much more going on..but it gets boring after a while. DS is much darker, quieter, but that's the point..hence "Dark" Souls. So why do..or did these games get compared so much? And which one is truly better?