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Just A Quickie

So basically I've been absent from coming on here for about two months now, oops. I don't think I've missed much, but I dunno how often I'll be on here these days. I kept getting banned from Grasscity (like four times) and gave up, so I guess I also stopped coming here instinctively as well. I've gotten more into reddit recently, but the main reason for that is that it isn't blocked at school. :P

In the past two months I've basically just been working and stressing out over school. I get to worry about college apps and all that good stuff this year, but I got most of that done. I wrote some slammin' essays, applied everywhere I wanted (7 schools in Texas and a very unlikely school in Colorado) and right now I'm three for three. I heard back from (and got into) University of Texas - San Antonio, Texas Tech and Texas State (which I visited this weekend, it was pretty cool). However the one I really want to get into is UT Austin, since it'd be nice to stay here and go to a really nice school. It's just really hard to get into, they've gotten extremely competitive within the last few years and I'm hoping that my parents alumni status and the fact that I'm mexican help a lot (yay affirmative action).

And work sucks. For anyone that doesn't know I work at a place called Panera, apparently there's a bunch in the country because most people I've told online knew what it was. The managers and everyone in general is chill, but the work itself can be a total pain. I usually don't have much energy or motivation when I go there (I normally close on weekdays after going to school) and it's pure chaos for us when it gets really busy, plus we keep getting understaffed. Whenever we hire a new group of people, a bunch of old ones like to leave at the same time. I told the store I wanted to work 15ish hours a week since I have school and all, but two weeks ago I had to do 35. >_> Money is money though, but I just want my free time back. :cry:

And last but certainly not least, I've gotten some pretty nice items with the money. The only thing is I've pretty much been blowing paychecks since I started working there in mid July, but I finally have most of what I really wanted. My most noteworthy purchases are a bubbler from a friend for $100, a DaVinci vaporizer for $140 on amazon and a 32" 1080p Samsung TV. The new TV is more recent, since I was trying to wait for Black Friday to get a really good deal on one. The Tuesday before though, I saw an amazing deal on what nearly satisfied my needs (no PC input, but I'll get an HDMI graphics card eventually). I moved my xbox in my room and now my PS3 doesn't look completely awful like it did on my old TV, so I'll surely be playing my consoles much more now. I'll probably have to tone it down for the next three-ish weeks since finals are coming up, but I usually find some time to play when I can. I need more people to play with though, so you guys should add me.

Xbox Live (and Steam): irjesusthe2nd
PSN: awall621

I've been playing L4D2 on there mostly and got all the DLC (even though it's free on the PC, I wanted to play it splitscreen really badly) plus I just bought Skyrim, but I'm down to play most games with my friends. I don't have many PS3 games to be honest, but I was able to get Battlefield 3 and Assassin's Creed 3 for it on black friday. And to reiterate, I don't know how often I'll be on here since it's kind of in the back of my head now, but if you wanna chat I'm usually on steam or message me on LIVE. I've been using the 360 more and haven't really played my PS3 since I got the new TV, but lemme know if you have one of the few games I do so we could play together. I'm also on reddit if you guys want to message me there (same as PSN), it's my go to thing when I get bored in class and sometimes don't look at steam for a few days since I've been very busy/distracted by the TV.

I have a huge pile of homework to get done and this has been distracting me for too long, so I'll get back to it. You all should add me though if you can, I'd love to play some rounds of L4D2 or whatever you're up for (as long as I have it). Also, if you do add me, please don't forget to tell me who you are (unless it's insanely obvious).

I Need A New Place To Blog At

I've had various ideas for stuff to write, but gamespot is lame. Censoring everything I say and being lame, it's like the TAMKFan of blogging. So if anyone has a good website that'll host a cool blog I'm all up for it. I was thinking blogspot.

I'm not really doing it to get a bunch of views, I really want to vent out some junk and it'll be something to do when I get super bored. All I truly want is a comment so I can know at least someone viewed it, and so it'll make me feel important.

Also I moved my computer to my room so I'm getting more gaming done. But I put my computer to sleep since it's noisey so I'm not online 24/7, but maybe when I get my sound proof case (need money and new power supply first) I'll be on FOREVER. Also gamespot sucks.

New Story!

Alright, as you can see my blog to TAMKFan was deleted. This comes to me as no surprise, as TAMKFan probably read it and was a sore loser. What I can't believe, however, is that MY REVIEW FOR LIMBO WAS DELETED!

I put so much time and thought into this review and now it's gone. GONE. Disruptive posting?! Have I ever, EVER been disruptive? The answer is NO! Now I can't even look at my moderation history and post it on another website that WON'T DELETE MY REVIEW!

Also I wrote a new story. It's different but exceptional.


My mouth is numb. I wish they used nitrous. This one time my friend had nitrous and I became a robot dinosaur.

My Friend Died Today

Yesterday my friend was skate boarding in his neighborhood and fell badly. I don't know exact details, but most people say he fell 20 feet and cracked his skull wide open. He went into a coma and has been in the ICU since then on life support, and even if he makes it out he won't be the same at all. His parents made the decision to pull the plug. :(

I visited him today while he was still on support. I'm not one to show emotions, but today was the first time I've cried in years. It was one of the hardest things I've ever done, it's still hard to accept that he's gone. We were suppose to hang out on Friday and smoke some weed, but now I'll never be able to do that. He was suppose to get his car at the end of the month too.

He was an amazing friend. People all over facebook are making statuses dedicated to him, even some saying they didn't even know him. He was an amazing kid who was hilarious and I've never had one bad experience with him. I'd only known him for about three years, but he was the one person I felt I could spend days with.

R.I.P. Heath Eiland, you were an amazing friend.

Happy Zombie Jesus Day!

Today I got this Rockstar energy drink and it was grape flavored. And it tasted like someone mixed grapes mushed up with feet and diarrhea.

But also happy EASTER to all! I didn't go EASTER egg hunting today, which was disappointing, but I found Singularity for $10 at Sears.

In other news the interwebs on my PS3 works but PSN IS DOWN! I did however find out that this game is available on the Japanese PSN and it looks pretty trippy.

I don't want to do the dishes.

Happy 4/20 Everyone!

I hope everyone has a wonderful time celebrating Hitler's birthday.

irjesusthe2nd: Happy 4/20!
FirstPersonSTFU: Yeah
FirstPersonSTFU: That has to do with the Terminator right?
irjesusthe2nd: Uh
irjesusthe2nd: I don't know if that's a joke or not
irjesusthe2nd: Is it?
FirstPersonSTFU: no
FirstPersonSTFU: it's not
FirstPersonSTFU: ooooooooh
FirstPersonSTFU: okay
FirstPersonSTFU: well
FirstPersonSTFU: I don't smoke
irjesusthe2nd: It's also Hitler's birthday. Happy Hitler's birthday!
FirstPersonSTFU: yay?
FirstPersonSTFU: um... oh!
FirstPersonSTFU: Do you have a Bills hat?

Sometimes Things Are TOO BORING

So, out of boredom today, for the first time in forever I went on Off-Topic. The first topic I see? "How is your relationship with your mother?"


Then I notice a lot of people bragging about their Gamespot emblems and writing about writing about a blog. No, that wasn't a typo, people would write about their future intentions on making a blog. Then they all suck up to the staff here and praise them for how great they are.

Is it me, or is this just REALLY boring stuff to talk about?