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Exam results

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Well they came out ages ago but they wer not posted!

I got:

Maths: A


Sociology: A


Business: B

English lit: B

English lang: B

Physics: C

French: D (my prediction was correct...)

Overall I am happy (apart from physics)

I got into the school I wanted, and so far I love it there. :D

Angry at GS

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On the forums I said a review was not good. Guess what happened

Reason for moderation: Clear insults of other users
Action Taken: Delete Msg - You lost points for this moderation.

Is it just me or is this website a shadow of what it once was. Kane and Lynch anyone?$

Rock Band

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This is my second night of owning Rock Band now and I shall so a little analysis of it.

Drums - I play the real drums and this was the part of RB i was most excited about playing and to begin with I loved it. However when I moved onto hard some flaws became obvious. The bass pedal is too high and stiff, making your leg sore in the middle of a song and the layout is not very good. It is fun, just frustrating.

Guitar - If you have played any Guitar Hero game then you know what to expect, however it is a lot easier. That is not a bad thing as im sure a lot of people were annoyed at how hard GH games are. I did not fall into this catergory though, so I am not very impressed!

Vocals - Singstar with rock songs. Not sure how else I could put it.

This may have sounded like a negative review, but I still love the game. I am not sure why but I do, but I do There are so many faults that could have been rectified but apart from there is a solid game in RockBand. It is just fun, which a lot of games nowdays seem to be lacking in.

8/10 - Too expensive, too many faults, too much fun

5 exams down...

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Well as the title suggests I have so far done 5 exams and tbh, I am pretty happy. I know I will not be getting straight As or even straight Bs but I have tried my best and that is all I can do.

I said last blog post that I would wait for GTA, but I could not. I have it and I am disapointed to say the least. It is stripped of most of the things tha made it enjoyable in the past. The most I would give it is 7/10, but I am yet to complete it so I cannot say.

Another disapointment happened when RockBand did not arrive today. Well that is not completly true, everything apart from the game did. Americans may not be aware that the game and guitar/drums/mic come sepeartly (and cost nearly double your price!!) soI am sitting here with everything to play it, but unable to...

This has given me time to go through GH2 again and I forgot how much i loved it! Much better tracklisting that GH3.

You may be wondering why I am gaming instead of revision, but I have a week off exams so I am having a few days off.

Nothing else has happened so I shall end my blog here. Hope everyone else doing exams is doing well and is happy with themselves. Remeber , its not what everyone else gets, its if your grades are what you are capable of!


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Well I have my GCSE examinations comming up very soon. (3 weeks!)

Needless to say I am very worried about this. I am not planning to become a doctor or a job in which i would need them (I want to become a policeman,) but I am trying to get the best results possible.

I cant stand French, the teacher hates me and I hate her, but this is the only GCSE i think I am going to fail. With my predicted grades I can get into the school I want to next, but to get these I need to work hard.

I am delaying my purchase of GTA 4 untill June 17th (when my exams end.)

It seems weird that the most important exams of my life are comming up in 3 weeks. Peoples lives depend upon these exams and it is a very stressful time. Is it right that our childhood is dominated by stress and expectations?

But that is not the most important thing right now, revision is. So wish me luck for the exams please!!

Back In Action

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Hello Everybody!

I have not been in in years, and the simple reason is because I was banned until now. Im not sure what made Gamespot change its mind, but I am very happy. I will not go into details as to why I was banned but I will say it was not my fault!

Anyway I have read my last blog at it was two years ago, but not much has changed. I still like the same music and I live in the same area. However I am now 16 with GCSEs coming up, not SATS (sorry to americans who do not know what I am talking about, they are important exams to people in England, not sure about the rest of the UK)

I shall try and update this blog with important things and what not, but this is just to say hello and that I am not dead.


All about me ( well the basics)

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This is my first blog and i dont really know what to put in it but here goes;

Im just an average 14 year old kid. I love Guns N' Roses (new band even better than old !!!!!!!). I hate smoking and moths......they just creep me out

My favourite bands are Guns N' Roses (as you may be able to tell from my comments before), Trivium, Slipknot, Fall out boy, Foo fighters, Ok Go, My chemical romance, Wolf Mother, Muse and also many others along those lines. If anyone has any sugestions then please put it in comments and i will check them out

My fave food is pizza and fave drink is coffee (many people call me an addict but im not...........honestly..........)

Now onto my life.

i live in Birmingham and it is very boring really, nothing at all happens where i live and it takes age to get anywhere.

Im getting tired so im gonna go now but i will be posting more, even tho this wasnt very interesting i had to get it out of the way

ta ta