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The end!... or is it...?

I don't blog in here for a year or 2, not really sure. I don't really add any games to the game list either, nor post on union's forums... Well, I've been pretty inactive, heh?

Due to that, I've decided to change my account to Shiizuki, and if ya want you'll find me there.

There's an up-to-date game list there, and a couple of reviews, and I'll try to blog as soon as I can.

Well, that's pretty much it.

Good gaming, fellow GameSpotters!

I'm back + random stuff + Charactar Battle Quarter Final 1 (FINALLY!)

It has been a while i don't blog, but this is due to health problems and lack of net time... :cry:

Well, today i'll try to make a longer blog. I hope i succeed! =D

I'll start to give my opinion about the top 10 video games, of course all for PS2 since it's the only platform I have o_O

1. Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3

2. Naruto Shippuuden: Narutimate Accel

3. Okami

4. Kingdom Hearts II

5. Rogue Galaxy

6. Soul Calibur III

7. DragonBall Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3

8. Bully

9. Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening

10. Virtua Fighter 4: Evolution

In the comments, post your list as well! =D


I'm in Christmas holidays since December 14th, but due to that flu i caught in the week before i had to skip swimming practice... AGAIN. Also, I think I'm gonna get a PSP for Christmas! ...remote chance though...

If so, is there any game you guys think I should buy? Thanks in advance.

btw my christmas break kinda sucks. I've been stuck at home the whole week :cry:


I jumped a few levels =D the other day i was lvl 15, now i'm a Gitaroo Man! (umm... woman in this case O_o)

I hope GlitchSpot doesn't do much damage during the holidays...


I got 3 grades below 50% in some tests: Biology, Chemistry and Maths. DAMN THOSE!!!! What should I do! My parents will kill me!!!!

I'll get a 17 out of 20 in English though... BUT I WANT MORE!!!!!!!


Lately, I've been watching some anime...




I've been thinking in watching something else too, but there are so many great ones! Can someone help me choose some?


I just love Persona 3. It's the best game ever!

School during the day, tower during the night. Your job is to conceal your school and social life with fighting during the Dark Hour against incredibly strong Shadows. A tough job that, without a doubt, pays off.

As you saw above, this game took my first place as best game. This RPG can actually be compared to, for example, Kingdom Hearts or Final fantasy (IMO).


The graphycs are somewhat 'childish', but it has a magnificent storyline and extremely rewarding gameplay.

The player's decisions directly affect the main character's life, and having more friends (Social Links) guarantees more power to the main character.

Here you have the power called Persona (duh O_o). That power is only available to those who have the potential, and those who have the potential are rare and are the ones who are awake during the Dark Hour, a time hidden between a day and the next.

There was an 'expansion', called Persona 3 FES, that only came out in Japan. WHY!!!!!! It had the option of choosing Aegis' storyline, and for those who don't know (spoilers) Aegis is an anti-shadow robot that looks just like an ordinary school girl, and she has her own free will! And for some reason wants to stay by the main character's side forever and ever xD

Anyway, I highly recommend this RPG. Whoever plays it won't be disappointed.


Now... I'd like to request a banner, sig and avatar, i need it... I don't know how to do them :?

The main themes would be FMA, Persona 3, Naruto, .hack//G.U. and Bleach...

I deeply thank u in advance.


I finally got Narutimate Accel 2 and...


Accel 1 is better...

I finished RPG mode and didn't unlock Sasuke! How insane is that!

I don't like Naruto 4 tails very much... I didn't manage to pwn Orochimaru like I used to o_O

and those double char ougis... What's up with that!


Joke of the day:

"The Holocaust was an obscene period in our nation's history. I mean this century's history. But we all lived in this century. I didn't live in this century."

...Governor George W. Bush, 9/15/95


Finally, the quarter final will begin!

btw Vergil pwned everyone in the last round.

Here we go again:

1. Solid Snake

Solid Snake

2. Jin Kazama

Jin Kazama

3. Dante


4. Goku


5. Gohan


I vote for Gohan!

BTW Join the Glitches Fans union! Many off-topics and glitch talking! Yesh, there's a glitchspot topic in there too o_O

Char Battle Round 16! A massive fight!!!!!!

Last winner was Crash!

Now, on for to the last preliminary!!!!!!

Also, this is probably the best fight ever, because of the quality and number of chars!!!

1. Ein (Hayate)


2. Toan


3. Maximillian

No Image :S

4. Vergil


5. Goten


6. Guan Ping

Guan Ping

7. Sanada Yukimura


8. Vincent Valentine


9. Adell


10. Hero


11. Nowe


12. Sora


I vote for Hayate!!!!

Character Battle Round 13

Needless to say, Edge Vanhite pwned everyone in the last battle.


1. Trunks


2. Sanji


3. Gaara


4. Tyson


5. Jade


6. Hitsugaya Toushiro


7. Ryu


My vote goes for Toushiro!!!

Character Battle Round 13 - Preliminaries

Last winner was Balmung

Now, it's time for the 1st of the final 4 rounds of the prelims.

1. Spike


2. Asterix


3. Klein Kiesling


4. Felt Blanchimont


5. Edge Vanhite


I know Asterix will win, but I vote for Edge.

BTW, I apologize for the small images :(

Character Battle Round 10 - Preliminaries

Quarter Final 1: Solid Snake vs. Jin Kazama vs. Goku vs. Dante vs. Gohan

Quarter Final 2: Uzumaki Naruto vs. Uchiha Sasuke vs. Miles "Tails" Prower vs. Ryu Hayabusa

Quarter Final 3: Clank vs. ???? vs. ???? vs. ????

Quarter Final 4: Unknown


1. Knuckles the Echidna


2. Sub-Zero


3. Kyo Kusanagi


4. Master Chief


5. Yuna


6. Link


I vote for kyo!

Character Battle Round 9 - Preliminaries

Quarter Final 1: Solid Snake vs. Jin Kazama vs. Goku vs. Dante vs. Gohan

Quarter Final 2: Uzumaki Naruto vs. Uchiha Sasuke vs. Miles "Tails" Prower vs. Ryu Hayabusa

Quarter Final 4: Unknown

Quarter Final 3: Unknown


1. Laharl


2. Clank


3. Ken Masters


4. Yuki


5. Blinky


6. Iori Yagami