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Male of the Month

Now everyone knows me for doing Female of the month, and that was a big success. So i decided to do Male of the Month, yeah yeah i know its kinda weird for me to do it. but hey a saying goes, behind great woman comes a great man with her. so this month I'm starting it and gonna continue it till who know when. If you wanna see someone up there that you think deserve it let me know im willing to put them up there in the future.

So beginning this month male of the month is someone that just funny, crazy, and loves to fight like no tomorrow. You know, you love him. Kenpachi Zaraki.

Even in battle he smiles like theres a sunny day.

My my it seems ive been gone too long now!

*sips on a cup of skae as i smile and look around*

Well it seems ive been away from you all for so lobng, ive been to busy in my life making a living that i havent came on at all. im sorry and i apologize for the upteenth time.. I hope you find it in your heart to forgive me dears. Ladu kukaku shiba The firework expert has returned

Wait why the Hell i sound like a kind hearted woman, you all know im a crazy firebomb. so why you let me say it all like that.... Anyway I'm back and i intended to stay around now since things got better get ready for some fun

*sips the whole bottle of sake*

Favorite anime or video game fighter

Okay i just thought of this one in the middle of the day. since the last one failed epicly i decided to do this one if this dont work then ppl dont be afarid to help me out. i dont bite. Basically its simple just give me any fighter that either from anime or game and at the end of the month ill give the answer. inbox your answer or post them here. either way ill still get them...

Back at last

just gonna say im back. i missed my family on here and at home its just been so much going to europe i dont know what to say. any ideas on a weekly countdown?

new female of the month

okay this month was kinda lazy like on picking but dont get mad at me for it, its not my fault. blame my lil bro, but this month im giviing it to

nico robin of the straw hat crew

the new female of the week and my return

okay i know i havent been on for what seem like ages but come on lil old momo had to do alot of thing buts she back for good and ready to play again get ready again.

i know this is getting old to some ppl but i wanna do one more before just quting it all together this months female of the month belongs the first deadly female bad ass killer, rubi malone

A new weekly women of the month countdown.

i decided to make a new countdown for woman of the month, this time i want you to help me decide as well, so if you got a person you want i'll put it up here but for the first i got the first lady and it will be............. drumrool plz

The Legendary Street fighter Chun-LI

long time no see.

hey everyone what's up. i know i been away for almost seem forever and gotta say miss you guys. i been busy alot and have to get things going for me and the lil bro and like i said nice seeing you guys again.

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