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Hey, it's that guy who left.

Hey people who remember me, firstly thanks for reading this.

I had this crazy idea, it being 2am that I should check out gamespot.

Then I thought hey, lets log in.

And after lots of that kind of thing I found my blog.

I miss the days of posting at certain times everyday, and it made my day better.

Then the busy years came along... The years in which I have been and am continuing to strive for academic excellence :)

I want to be a lawyer, and as many of you probably know, it's not easy, especially in New Zealand.

Anyway, I really just wanted to stop by and talk to people about what they've done, and don't worry, i'm still a regular gamer :3

I've really transitioned between soooo many genres over the last 5 years, going from a solid Nintendo gamer to a Sony/Uncharted/COD fanboy and now recently... I've been playing a tonne of League of Legends and Guild Wars 2! SO it has been a massive expansion of my gaming and I know that I will continue to explore the many genres of gaming that amaze me and you all so much!

So mainly, comment XD I wanna know how everyone's been, because I miss you guys :)

A little update

So.. you may remember in my last blog, that I would try not to let my blogs have 3 month gaps.... I'm sorry :lol:

3 months just slipped by, again :P

So I have been pretty good these past months, and i've been doing a lot of gaming in my free time.

Since my last update I have bought GTA IV, which I haven't played too much yet but it is a very good game so far. I finished and Plaitnumed Sly 2, to go along with my platinum for Sly 1, and started playing the 3rd one the other day. I am having a load of fun playing through the series, a very good purchase indeed; at a good price. I highly recommend it if you own a PS3.

I also purchased InFAMOUS 2, which I haven't actually played yet, even though I got it nearly a month ago :P I still have to finish inFamous 1, and I can't do that until I have finished the Sly Trilogy. I just having been playing through all of Sucker Punch's games chronologically, I thought it was a good idea :P

The reason why I got the game so quickly was because by pre-ordering it, I recieved a code for early access to the Uncharted 3 Beta :D And i've been playing that for the last few days, and it's pretty awesome. :D

Life in general has been pretty good, i'm nearly halfway through my school year and I get a 2 week break in... 2 weeks :P I recently found myself a girlfriend, who is just amazing :P And my grades are slipping a bit, put i'll pick them up again

That's all for now I guess

Thanks for reading :D


It's been a while...

Today I realised that my last blog post was 3 months ago :P I haven't really had much reason for one I guess, not much has happened to me really.

I bought Crysis 2 last week, it's an amazing game. The detail is phenominal and the gameplay is just plain fun. I highly recommend it for FPS fans ;)

I am continuing on my quest to get to 15th prestige on Black Ops. I just reached 9th prestige and i'm still going fairly smoothly.

One week left til my first break of the year :D This term's gone by pretty quickly, and it's been ok.

I guess that's all, but i'll start making more blogs I guess :P Before another 3 months slips by anyway...

Thanks for Reading

moleblob :)

Going away for 3 more days....

I had completely forgotten about this, and I apologise in advance. My Aunt and Uncle are over here from Australia and i'm going to a place to hours from where I am for 3 days. I was only reminded yesterday night about this and we're leaving in a couple of hours :P

I'll be back late on the 23rd and don't worry, this is my last holiday :P

Thanks for reading


Ima back!

I am now officially back from my holiday! :D I just got back from my last stop in Tokyo a couple of days ago and although the trip was amazing it's very nice to be back. Tokyo was really cool and we went to the Disneyland there for a couple of days which is always awesome.

I look forward to catching up with everyone :)

Thanks for reading.


Everything turned out alright!

I didn't end up spending christmas on a plane! :D

Basically, our airline found on space on a plane leaving on the 23rd and arriving in London on Christmas Eve. It was a really great christmas which I spent with a lot of differents parts of my family and I loved it.

I received a $30 PSNetwork card to add to my 3 games and some other things. I also went out yesterday and bought Batman: Arkham Asylum, FIFA 10 and Infamous all for 26£ thanks to the massive sales! That's a hella good price by the way, so I had to get them :P

So i'm now in Devon, which took 5 hours to drive to from london :? and i'll be here for the next week and a bit. Then I go back to London for 3 days and then i'm off to tokyo!! :D

I hope you all had a great Christmas and see ya later!:)

In the air on christmas day...

Firstly, if you haven't read my previous blog which I posted an hour ago, read it now ;)

So, it turns out that my flight has definately been cancelled and the only flight we can find getting to london leaves on the 25th of December AKA CHRISTMAS DAY :cry: We leave at the start of Christmas and arrive on boxing day in England because of the time difference. My parents are really annoyyed because my Aunt leaves the day after we arrive and we don't get much time to see some of my family. My grandparents are both in the 80's and we don't know if we will have any other chances to see them again.

Looks like i'll be missing christmas....

Enjoy your christmas everyone, because atleast you get one... ;)

Posting this from San Francisco

I'm at the internet cafe in my hotel right now so i'll make this short :P

San Fransisco is amazing, everything about it (except the weather :P)

I've been for... 2 days, or maybe 3 :P and so far it's been awesome. I've seen a lot of the city and experienced a lot of western American customs.

I'm supposed to be heading of to London tomorrow but I just found out my flights been cancelled :( Some of you may know that Heathow Airport has been closed some days because of the snow in England. It's open know and I don't know why the flight has been cancelled but we are trying to book a different flight in the meantime...

So I kinda have to go but once again Merry Christmas to everyone! :D

I may get to make another blog in London but I don't know so I may not be back for a while...

See ya later!

I'm off so Merry Christmas! :)

Ok, i'll keep this short because i'm leaving in less than 2 hours :shock:

Hopefully most of you know that i'm going on a big holiday but if you don't, well, I am :PI leave today to go to San Francisco, then to England, then to Tokyo and finally back to New Zealand. I get back on January 15th, which is a while a way and i'll miss all of you guys :(

I would appreciate it if people could look after my current roles in unions until I return :)

Also, I know I haven't been very active, and I can promise that as soon I get back that I will be as active as i've ever been.

Oh and by the way, I got to open most of my christmas presents early :D So far I have Gran Turismo 5, AC: Brotherhood, a couple of music albums and some other stuff. I am quite sure that I will be getting the Sly Racoon Trilogy on Christmas and some other things.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year everyone! :D

Busy, busy and busy...

Some of you, or most of you may have noticed that I haven't been so active for the last week. It's all because of exams. I have my end of year exams next week and I have been studying and will keep studying hard for them. I don't have much free time, and when I do, I spend it mostly on my new game, Black Ops. I will be active again after next week and I will try to make up for lost time :)

I'm sorry for the inconvenience, and i'll try to post when I can but I am really busy with everything. It's my first year of when the exams start to get very important, and it's weird studying properly for the first time, but i'm used to it now. It's just annoying because I have the constant temptation of Black Ops distracting me :P

Thanks for your time, and wish me luck :P