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  • moldyspud wrote a review of WildStar.
    User Rating 5
    It's okay... don't believe the weird hype

    First of all, this game doesn't even compare to WoW on any level. WoW has much more polished gameplay experience with mountains of content and if you never played WoW I would recommend it over this. B...

  • moldyspud wrote a review of Watch Dogs.
    User Rating 6
    Okay, but nothing special

    It's another GTA clone without the humour, and a Saints Row clone as well with tons of features that are not polished. Side missions are a chore, things like psychedelic fall or whatever it's called ...

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    Dear Developers: These Games Suck!

    I'm no stranger on writing about how games have been declining, since 2008 I've blogged about how games have been getting worse and worse. I saw it long before that even, but here we are now. 2014 and...

  • moldyspud rated Path of Exile (Open Beta) a score of 6.
  • moldyspud wrote a review of inFamous Collection.
    User Rating 7
    Good for it's time, too many collectibles.

    The most important thing about Infamous is the story! Great story, and good gameplay make it fun. The more you play the more powerful you get. Unfortunately, you have to collect things around the city...

  • moldyspud wrote a review of Killzone 3.
    User Rating 6
    Slightly better than Killzone 2 control wise, a step back in story.

    I'm not sure who makes these games, but they have a really bad habit of being lame with huge production. I mean the game looks great for the technology they used, and they managed to be better at tar...

  • moldyspud wrote a review of Killzone 2.
    User Rating 5
    Not worth playing at all

    Owning the Killzone trilogy is not cool. The first game is a horrible joke, the second is a much better production but still has some of the worst controls I've ever used. The story is only slightly m...

  • moldyspud wrote a review of Killzone.
    User Rating 4
    One of the worst games ever

    I don't know if it's just the aiming is chore, or the same line said over and over by the helghast... but this game royally sucks. It's easy to see the evolution or the SLOW evolution of FPS playing ...

  • moldyspud wrote a review of Grand Theft Auto V.
    User Rating 10
    A perfect game

    It's rare that a game comes along and it's worth 60$, at least for me. I have very high standards in gaming, and I think everyone else should too. GTAV spares no expense on the mechanics, ideas, and ...