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What is your opinion abot Call of Duty or any FPS in general?

I like FPS games. In fact i have more FPS games than any other games in my collection. One example is the ultra popular Call of Duty series. It started back in 2003 with Call of Duty. It is still going on right now with a release every year. Many people hate them for doing that, but end up getting the game anyway. FPS games are great fun, but are getting stale by the year. Borderlands 2, the most recent FPS game i have played, is a breath of fresh air. Even though it is a FPS, it is a ton of fun. One reason is the loot. You get loot for killing enemies, opening chests, and more. I'm not saying that FPS games are going anytime soon, but the genre does need to do something to keep us entertained.

Binary Domain review

Binary Domain is a third person shooter by the team behind the Yakuza series. Binary Domain was released on February 28, 2012 here in North America. You play as Sgt. Dan Marshall, the head of a Rust crew, to arrest Yoji Amada and bring him in for questioning. The reason why they are trying to capture him is they think that he is the one creating Hollow Children which are robots that look, talk, and even think they are human. The story is something out of a sci fi movie such as terminator. But, i found it a breath of fresh air from playing FPS like Call of Duty. Transitions from cutscene to gameplay is smooth. The actually shooting itself is your standard third person shooter. The new feature is that you can use your headsets to give commands to your teammates from which you can choose for most of the time. I haven't tried this feature since i normally use headsets for anything other that Call of Duty ro Battlefield, but i have heard that it does work, but it can be unresponsive at times. There is also a trust feature where you can build your trust which each of your teammates. This can affect how they can act during a battle. Such as if you have low trust and you tell your teammates to cover you they won't listen and if you have high trust they will listen. This also affects the ending and yes there are multiple endings. Graphic wise this is a great looking game. Character models are detailed and the environment looks nice. There is multiplayer, but barely anyone plays multiplayer. It is still a nice little distraction if you can find anyone. This is a great game and i think it is the most underrated game of the year so far. And also, the robots are actually fun to shoot that is why this is the first game that i have started to play the campaign again to find out about the other endings. This is a great game and should be played by everyone especially if you are a sci fi fan.

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My Gaming History

This is my first blog for Gamespot. Why don't i tell you my gaming history? My first gaming console was the original Playstation. I played tons of games, mostly racing. I actually ended up overheating it and broke it. Then a Game Boy Advance. It wasn't that much fun, but i still had a great time with it. I actually still have it. I rarely play it and if i do it will probably be Pokemon. Then the PS2. I played it from day to night. I remember playing some old Call of Duty's and other games. I broke my first one, but luckily i got another one. Then my PSP. I still have it today and it is still fun, but i which there were better games. Then my PS3. It is a great console. I played it everyday. I played my first ever online matches on it. It is a first generation from 2009 and it is still going. So that is my gaming history. See you next time!