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Im HELLA ready for gaming!!

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So it was my birthday recently and I got Dead Rising 2... although it IS a funny and hilarious game I decided there were a few games i was more interested in playing so off to game spot I went. For the exchange of DR2 I paid in full for the Fallout New Vegas preorder, put $5 down on the Assassins Creed Brotherhood for PS3 and $5 down on the Cataclysm expansion.. IM FREAKIN READY!!! And whether u like these games or not, we can all agree that have lots of game on preorder is pretty exciting :)

Left 4 Dead

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I just picked Left 4 Dead on Steam.. it was half off.. and holy crap this game is sick tight.. Everyone should kill zombies at least once in their lives.. WOOT!

Table Top RPGs

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I am VERY new the the table top gaming world.. i have only played a little bit of Dark Heresy and i was sold.. Now I'm just looking to learn what I can and possibly find some people to show me the ropes of table top gaming. Where do I start? Do I need an experienced GM or is there books or something that could help a beginner win it? What game is good for beginners? Anything would help..

Killzone 2

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Alright.. some how i need to come up with some money so i can get a ps3.. killzone 2 looks freakin awesome. I have been out of the platform gaming loop for a while and it looks like thats the game thats gunna bring me back. I guess Im gunna have to mug an old lady for $600..

360 or PS3?

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I am thinking of getting a new system but I'm not sure which is right nor me... most of the games I like on the PS3 and 360 came out on both systems.. can someone list some good games that only came out or are gunna come out on one or the other. what are the pros and cons of each? All I know is i dont want a Wii.

Halo 3 Legendary Edition

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So i just won theHalo 3 Legendary Edition with the healmet and what not... i had 2 tickets for this raffel i was in and what do ya know.. i won.. problem is that i dont own an XBOX 360... so i guess its goin on craigslist.

Giants WIN!!!!

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Yup, the "undefeated" Patriots LOST!! BOOYA!!! I new the Giants were gunna pull through. GO GIANTS!!!!!!!!

My first video!!!!

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now that i am level 10 in gamespot i was able to upload my first video.. it has nothing to do with videogames, but oh well.. go check it out. Me and my girlfriend made it for a school project she had.

80s Night

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Just got back from 80s night at the Fez... IT WAS AWESOME!!!! I can't hear anything...

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