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FIFA 07 was exactly like 06, 09 was exactly like 08, 11 was exactly like 10 and now FIFA 13 is of course just like 12, this is my opinion after playing a few matches.

The thing Game Developers/designers cant understand (or they do, but they want extra money by any means ) is that games nowadays is not what they used to be 10 years ago, then we used to have huge jumps in the technology between every year and another, plus we didnt have networks and internet to enable us to download updates and expansions to games, so we needed new versions of a game every year (plus games took a lot less time to finish up) but now it seems like we are approaching a technological wall, taking a huge jump (or step) takes years now.

Nowadays it's different, it takes years to finish making a decent game, take for example Final Fantasy on the PS1, those days we had a new Final Fantasy game almost every year FF7 (1997) FF8 (1999), FF9 (2000) FF10 (2001) , FF11 (2002)....... THEN FF12 (2006) !! then FF13 (2009), its harder to develop a decent game now because a lot of work must be put into design and graphics and so on...

I can give countless examples of this, but I think my point is clear.

So why make a new FIFA game every year if it's just gona be a little different than the previous one? you want money? just release it as an expansion pack! and sell it for 20 dollars... the problem is that they wont stop going in this direction as long as we are buying -_- damn it. 

The game is built on the same FIFA12 engine, so if you really think it's any different you may be retarded. Of course they are gona say we added (advanced attack and 1st touch control and bla bla bla) those are just small tweaks to previous game, they could have been fixed in FIFA12 by simply releasing a patch.

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Thanks! I'll post up more pics later Insha'Allah.
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No dude, the sealed games are only in the 1st picture the one that says "Sealed", the games in the picture your asking about are not all sealed, I just keep allot of my games in these slips to protect them from getting scratched or whatever, that way they will always be in mint condition, some of them I when I buy the game I open it from up and slip the game out when I wana play it then slip it back in, also keeps the game cover protected plus it looks nice :)
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Just Some Random New pics 



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2 more pics.....   


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Thought I'd share with you pics of some of the games I recently got my hands on, all still factory sealed, dunno yet If I'm gona keep them and play them or just sell them... anyway check em out and drop your thoughts...



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Also forgot to post this....


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Thanks guys.
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 Not everything i got, but check em out anyway 

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