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You have several options:

1. Return your Xbox One from the retailer you purchased it from.

2. Go buy a PS4, Wii U, or build yourself a gaming PC

3. Quit playing games all together, if it isn't fun for you anymore.

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I highly doubt the PS4 will dominate like the PS2, considering how well entrenched they let Microsoft in the console business with the 360. Sure the Xbox One is lagging in sales, but it's selling pretty well despite all the controversy. It's only a matter of time before the Xbox One will claw back market share, especially in the US.

Which is a good thing, not a bad thing. Competition breeds choice.

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I can't wait until September 30th.... loved the demo, and loved the first Forza Horizon.

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Who cares. Games are becoming more expensive to make than ever, I am satisfied with the current systems.

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The PS3 had a slow start in terms of games, and built up a great library of games. I can't believe how inpatient people are, how many generations of gaming have you been through?

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No its barely been a year.

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Who cares he didn't buy your PS4.

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No, I still play my 360 more than my Xbox One. But that will definitely change this holiday season.

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Highly unlikely considering how intertwined the world economy is among the industrial powers. It would practically be suicide, and take into account the nuclear powers.

If anything you'd see proxy wars between the world powers. The private military industry has grown, and with the U.S outsourcing wars to countries such as Somalia for example where the CIA is funding Somali warlords for it's targeted killing program.

The war industry has changed in the 21st century significantly.

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And this is a surprise to anyone? Xbox has been dead in Japan for quite sometime.