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@killua_zoldyck: I would wait til E3, see what both sides offer. Should be a good one. But heck if your a PS dude, I don't see why you wouldn't enjoy it now or down the road.

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If I had to say a valuable lesson in life, one of them is stop living for everybody else, and live your life the way you want it too. Grow some thick skin, and pursue what makes you happy, we don't have much time.

Another thing-- the more you know, the more you don't know. There is always something new you can learn.

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2006-2011 was a good time for me personally. Damn the days fly by. I enjoyed everything about that time span well just about everything.

I finished high school, college was a fun and stressful experience-- I also liked the music, movies, and games during that time span. I met my wife in 2009, Memorable memories with friends, and family.

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@agash28: Yeah I have had games that brought me back to gaming. Try out new genres as well, you will be surprised how many good games are out there!

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I have gone through those phases several times(I am 28). I quit playing games during college, I burned myself out needless to say. I probably didn't play for a good three years, I even went through that phase in certain parts of High School.

I think its pretty normal to get burned out, just like with any hobbie. I've found myself always going back at some point. Sometimes we all need a break regardless of the hobbies.

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I like my games digital, but just my preferance. I've been downloading most of my games since 2012, just more convient for me.

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Mine hurt for a week or two, mostly playing FM5, your hands will get use to it. My hands felt much better after a few weeks.

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Halo, MechAssault, Ninja Gaiden, KOTOR, and Panzer Dragoon. I played a lot of Crimson Skies as well. Good days, I wish they'd make another Crimson Skies, and MechAssault.

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Humans have and will always abuse power. Just the nature of the beast.

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None of the above. You have one crack at it, treasure it, go after what makes you happy. I've found much more happiness in my life when I quit believing in religion.

But that's just me. We all have our beliefs, and nothing is wrong with being affiliated with a religion, its your choice.