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mjc's weekly gaming summary 17 - 23 Nov

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What's this all about? I take my weekly gaming summary from Raptr and chat about a few of the games I've been playing. Feel free to leave a comment and share what games you've been playing this past week!

Xbox One

This week was all about the Xbox One. I pre-ordered my console from a local store, Harvey Norman. Unfortunately, this turned out to be a bad idea. They lost my pre-order details, forgot my free Fifa 14 code and gave me a standard pack and not the Day One pack I paid for. After some phone calls and three return visits to the store, I've managed to secure my Fifa code and a Day One controller, but not the Day One achievement unlock - I'll live.

As for the games, I purchased Battlefield 4 on disc and the the combo breaker pack for Killer Instinct. Battlefield is pretty meh, but I'm enjoying Killer Instinct. I managed to pull off my first Ultra Combo in only a few minutes. It's a great game and a worthy successor to SNES version I played so much. There's little else out that I'm interested in, so I'm keen to see what's released in the near future.

That's all for now, but before I go I'll leave you with a clip I recorded with the Xbox One's new DVR feature. Just be warned, there's some swears!


Zorine moderator staffmoderator

I can't believe Harvey Norman ripped you off like that. Those bumbling idiots! I guess it goes to show, going to a dedicated game retailer does pay off. Did you have no choice but to go with HN because they're the only store close to you (or similar)?

Interesting that you liked Killer Instinct. I did not play the original SNES version and found it to be too floaty compared to fighters I usually play, so am not fond of it. Do you think the game pulls its audience primarily for its nostalgic value?

mjc moderator moderator

@Zorine I went with HN as can get a good deal on their gift cards using my frequent flyer points! If it wasn't for that, I'd probably go with EB or Dick Smith. 

Nostalgia does play a big part with Killer Instinct for me, but I also like perfecting the long chain combos. Pulling off a 20+ hit combo can be really satisfying.