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mjc's weekly gaming summary 13-19 Oct

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What's this all about? I take my weekly gaming summary from Raptr and chat about a few of the games I've been playing. Feel free to leave a comment and share what games you've been playing this past week!

Grand Theft Auto V

If I had to guess, I'd say I'm about half way through the main story. Unfortunately, I continue to get sidetracked by silly distractions. The image to left is a perfect example. I've been trying to nail the perfect landing on one of the many jumps, and my last attempt got me stuck on the top of this sign. Oh well, between performing perverted things with Trevor and walking Chop as Franklin, I'll let Michael continue trying this jump.

Company of Heroes 2

According to Steam, it took me 41 hours, but I finally wrapped up COH2. It was awhile before I warmed to this one, despite being a huge fan of the original. The first issue I had was the poor performance on my pretty recent Alienware machine, while the second issue was with the ordinary campaign story. It managed to pick up towards the end, but it was still a bit lacking. Not too bad, but far from great.


Another completed game this week - rain! Now I loved Journey, and I loved Unfinished Swan, but Rain ... meh. I thought it looked great and I really enjoyed the puzzles, but it lacked the emotion that it so desperately trying to convey. There were also a few annoyances in gameplay, such as falling what appeared to be 1m (~3 feet for the uncivilised) and dying, despite the NPC leaping down 10 times the distance. Anyway, it's still a decent game and worth a look.

That's all for this week, but before I go, I'll leave you with my favourite screenshot of the week. This was one of the special X-ray moves that I performed on Johnny Cage. Instead, it looks like Jax is eating him :P