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mjc's GOTY Selections - Because I Said So Part 4 - 2013

Because I Said So is the only game of the year awards you should care about...because I said so.

Part 1 - Most disappointing, favourite unplayed and favourite old game for 2013

Part 2 - Most annoying passenger, worst barber and best cannibal moment for 2013

Part 3 - Platform awards for 2013

Now for the one you've been waiting for, my GOTY for 2013. It should come as no surprise, because it should be everyone's GOTY...because I said so.

IN THIRD SPOT - Attack of the Friday Monsters! A Tokyo Tale

Those unexpected pleasures are always the best. I first noticed in on the 3DS eShop and decided to throw down the few dollars they were asking. It was a short, but sweet interactive story. I recommend it to all!

RUNNER UP - Beyond: Two Souls

There's very few games that my wife will sit through and watch while I play. This was one of them and she enjoyed it so much that I wasn't allowed to play it unless she was there. Luckily, I enjoyed it just as much!

THE WINNER - Persona 4 Golden

Despite sinking 100 hours into Persona 4 Golden, it never felt like a chore and it left me wanting more. It was one of those games that I had to keep picking up and I could play for 1 minute or 1 hour and still have a blast. Yet another GOTY winner on the Vita for me!

That's it from me. Thanks for those who read and commented. Be sure to share your favourite game of the year as well, but remember only my choices count ... because I said so!